Thursday, December 14, 2017

Satanic Panic Info and Rebuttal Project

Burying The Panic

Wherein the Wicked Witch Confesses to being Baited by Christian Trolls butRises to Pursue a Quest 

     This entry is a bit different in that it should be added to over time.  
       This ignorant bitch Batshit Cuntbag has made me aware that the falsified, perjured, and fictional accounts of the Satanic Panic have not been expunged or corrected  in the information repositories in our country.  They sit on servers, or in public libraries, waiting for the perpetually stupid to find and cite them, feeling validated by the document's location.  After all, the joy of the Internet is you can always find another ignorant asshole to parrot your existing prejudices and feelings.
        I have never participated in book banning, or burning, or any hold on the First Amendment.  I won't now.  I will, however, seek to have these seemingly archaic books, files, documents and records adjusted so those without critical reasoning skills (see Ms. Cuntbag, above,) will not be under the impression that our government supports the proven false information they contain.  Yes, I know, housing information is not the same as supporting or perpetuating said information BUT if this past year has proven anything to me it is that we are a nation of  fucking troglodytes who couldn't find a logical thought with both hands and a flashlight.
            There are only two kinds of "afterlife."  The first is whether you are remembered in any way by any one.  The second is your DNA lying within your progeny and their progeny and so forth.  My hereafter will not be marred by the lies of those who sought to make a fortune by projecting their own sick and twisted fantasies onto those who did no wrong.

     Ms. Cuntbag keeps referencing a pamphlet made by the some of the worst Satanic Panic aggressors.  It was submitted to DoJ for a seminar that I myself was invited to speak at involving Juvenile Justice and Cults.  I prepared a report, too, ended up pregnant and didn't attend.  The point is that the invitees were whoever was doing the talk show circuit back then, and everyone had an agenda they put forth in their report.  The report was then filed in the National Criminal Justice Reference Service.  The DoJ makes it crystal clear that the NCJRS is a "clearinghouse" for information and that inclusion of the information is not to be presumed accurate.

     DoJ Disclaimer

      So I have written them the following:
   My name is Ygraine Osborn-Mitchell and I am a member of the clergy in The Church of Satan, a recognized religious organization formed in 1966. I recently became aware that your website includes information so outdated and libelous that it poses a danger to citizens like myself and my family.
     The link below leads to over 50 documents regarding the legal religion of Satanism and it's alleged connection to topics that relate to crime.  Many of these abstracts and articles are from the social period known as "The Satanic Panic," a dangerous hysteric phenomena most obvious from the mid 1970's to the mid 1990's.  During this period the attacks, accusations, trials of perfectly innocent (and mostly not Satanic) people was rampant and many lives were ruined so that the perpetrators of this myth could continue to sell books, make paid speaking appearances, become salaried "experts." and promote quack science, all in the name of offering "salvation."
        The issue began to clear, first with the FBI's Kenneth Lanning's report on (the lack of) SRA, and later when the absurdity of these claims ran headlong into the real people hurt by these falsehoods.
       Yet, today, I am confronted by bigots and fanatics who have used your resource to find the old, debunked myths and present them as a government endorsed facts.  Worse, still, with ref #140554, which was a product of discredited "experts", it appears as if this "training manual" was actually created and utilized by the Department of Justice.
      I ran similar searches as the below on terms like "Judaism," "Christianity," and several other religions, all of which have had negative mythologies perpetuated by those in different religions.  Strangely, unlike the seemingly verified document that led someone to ask me if I ate feces and drank urine, I find none of these other prejudicial stereotypes utilized and presented for law enforcement to ponder over.
       I do not ask that these files be removed.They stand as a testament to those who were destroyed by the cruelty of fear and prejudice.I ask that they be prefaced with a link to the Lanning Report (
Kenneth V. Lanning, "Investigator's Guide to Allegations of 'Ritual' Child Abuse", Behavioral Science Unit, National Center for the Analysis of Violent Crime, Federal Bureau of Investigation, FBI Academy, Quantico, Virginia 22135 (1992))
and/or a link to the Church of Satan FAQ Satanism FACTS
op at the very least a notation that the information is out of date and that there is no evidence to support the actions purported in these articles .
     It is simply unacceptable that in a country where the vast majority of violent and sexual crime is committed by Christians that the tax dollars of Satanists should be used to confirm the untrue prejudices of those who would and have harmed us.
     I look forward to hearing back from you.

Ygraine Gidney-Mitchell, Magistra, Church of Satan

     As I continue my quest I invite you to submit items that have stayed too long at the fair. Use the comments section to submit anything you feel might need updating.  Mind you,  I am PROUD that most Satanists don't give a single fuck about this shit.  I admire them.  I wish I could be like them.  Sadly my genetic imperative demands activism, to make my parents proud and to make my descendants safe.

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