Thursday, December 6, 2018

Baby, It's Stupid Outside

Baby, It's Stupid Outside

Wherein the Wicked Witch Confesses to Being Over Youth & Stupidity,

and Embraces Old Age & Treachery.

     Last night, like so many nights, I went to my husband's hosting gig, and heard some truly wonderful singers.  A couple I know, including probably the most versatile and talented male singer I've heard in the area, enjoying the annual 30 seconds of cold we get in Florida, sang the old "Baby, It's Cold Outside," and we all had a nice laugh at the "controversy" of radio stations banning the song.
Later, the wife of said couple, mentioned her teen daughter endorsed the banning of the song because it is "abusive."  
      I know this girl. She is smart as fuck.   I have a daughter slightly older who, also, is what reductionists and assholes might call a "SJW," too.  Both these young women possess what older generations might consider fringe lifestyles or attitudes.  In previous times they would have been shunned, attacked, and forced to adopt strategies that kept their true selves secret to all but those closest to them.  Yet, the issue of free speech versus hate speech has made them utterly blind to their accepting the victimization stance of "it offends me so I need Big Brother to make it stop."
  1. Freedom of Speech is not absolute, BUT banning art because it makes you uncomfortable is, at best, a pussy move, and at worst, eradicates art's most important purpose--to make you think!
  2. Freedom of Speech is not absolute, BUT when you employ the term "hate speech" or "abusive" to art you are stupidly neglecting the concept of the slippery slope.  You might have the power to ban someones speech today, but when the political climate shifts, as it always does, those same people can say the same about YOUR speech/art, tomorrow.  'wiggle your way out of that one, I dare you.
  3. Freedom of Speech is not absolute, BUT, it tells us who is who and what they think.  I, for one, am happy to know that a bunch of alt.right freakazoids are milling around Charlottesville.  I won't be visiting there any time soon.  Likewise Wisconsin, North Carolina & Michigan won't be getting my travel dollars or my purchasing power until they clean up their act.  Why?  Because free speech allowed them to reveal themselves.  I don't want to share an uber with West Virginia's answer to Alex Jones, and because of free speech, I can find out who thinks in a way so contrary to my own values, that I can avoid this.
  4.  Freedom of Speech is not absolute, BUT, it allows a neat little thing called choice.  If you think "Baby, It's Cold Outside" is abusive, change the motherfucking station!  Personally I am offended that Toby Keith even exists, let alone the anthem "Red Solo Cup" is played on the radio.  I can't listen to rape rap, either, but the solution is not banning.  It is changing the channel--not buying songs or from artists who dismay you, or, better yet, open up dialogue to discuss what the issue is, and why certain sentiments pervade.
  5. Freedom of Speech is not absolute, BUT, I am fond of the two age old adages,
You can't scream "fire" in a crowded movie theater...
Your freedom of expression goes as far as your fist connecting with my nose.

     These are nifty ways of saying don't create literally dangerous situations and say whatever the fuck you like but don't touch anyone.  This doesn't mean that people are forced to like or listen.  Bad ideas die not from banning, but from the thought marketplace utilizing choice, and determining if they wish to continue to listen, or walk away/change the channel/not purchase from those who offend, etc... Anything else jeopardizes our liberty, and trust someone who has lived long enough to know, artists, freethinkers, alternative lifestyle enthusiasts, will be the first one's to feel the pain of censorship.
     In short, my pretties, you're waging a war with yourselves that will result in you losing more than your poor little offended hearts can sustain.  Grow a pair, ignore those who offend or fight them utilizing Free Speech!  Stop trying to fuck with the one thing that has separated us from every other country, ever.  You won't like winning, when it means everyone loses.

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