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The 6th Annual Wicked Witch of the Year/Nominees & the Winner

Out of the Frying PanWherein the Wicked Witch Avoids Making a Painful Decision by Making the Right One
I confess...
There is something about your adult child having cancer that makes you feel like a total twat for using it as an excuse for failing to live up to your responsibilities.  Using my kids for any purpose is pretty low, but this situation makes the truth of it seem like a lie, and leads to a further spiral into a vat of confusion and guilt.  This is in no way helped by the fact that , knowing myself and knowing I am utterly capable of avoiding something for any number of non-altruistic reasons.
That said, it has been a solid two decades since I last took such a gut shot.  I'm sure over that time I would have thought any number of other things were meaningful and devastating, but my kid being sick has put all that in perspective, in a pretty horrible way.
So, I begged patience from and forgiveness to my Wicked Witch of the Year nominees and of Radio Free Satan .  Naturally,…
This One Is MineWherein the Wicked Witch Confesses To a Relationship with Loveand a Real Hatred of Cancer


There is a myth that Satanists are capable of only hate.

It is a myth based on the Abrahamic sanctimony and arrogance that insists only an imaginary being can bestow the ability to love.

Nature via evolution, bestowed the ability to love.  Were it not so no one would endure the complete pain in the ass children are.  We are genetically programmed to love our offspring, and I would venture a guess that we Satanists, because we refuse to suppress hate and all other emotions, are even more deeply loving than most.  Our love isn't for everyone because we were told it should be.  Our love is discriminating, and as result, true.

I love all my children.  I have 5.  They are all adult, the youngest due to turn 25 next month.  I have 3 grandchildren and a stepson who I love, as well.  It is completely fair to say I'd run into a burning building, take a bullet, or cream the …

6th Annual WWotY Award Nominees

The 6th Annual Wicked Witch of the Year Award Presented by  Radio Free Satan's  Confessions of a Wicked Witch  & Magistra Ygraine

These are the 13 Nominee Finalists  Award Announced on Valentines Day, 2020
Renee AndersonSara Josephine ClarkeZoe FrostTania GalitelloJosie GallowsLizzie HendrixLauren HippenstielCimminnee HoltLola MontezHydra MorningstarJulia Perrotta Ophelia RainKaren Steuer