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This One Is MineWherein the Wicked Witch Confesses To a Relationship with Loveand a Real Hatred of Cancer


There is a myth that Satanists are capable of only hate.

It is a myth based on the Abrahamic sanctimony and arrogance that insists only an imaginary being can bestow the ability to love.

Nature via evolution, bestowed the ability to love.  Were it not so no one would endure the complete pain in the ass children are.  We are genetically programmed to love our offspring, and I would venture a guess that we Satanists, because we refuse to suppress hate and all other emotions, are even more deeply loving than most.  Our love isn't for everyone because we were told it should be.  Our love is discriminating, and as result, true.

I love all my children.  I have 5.  They are all adult, the youngest due to turn 25 next month.  I have 3 grandchildren and a stepson who I love, as well.  It is completely fair to say I'd run into a burning building, take a bullet, or cream the …

6th Annual WWotY Award Nominees

The 6th Annual Wicked Witch of the Year Award Presented by  Radio Free Satan's  Confessions of a Wicked Witch  & Magistra Ygraine

These are the 13 Nominee Finalists  Award Announced on Valentines Day, 2020
Renee AndersonSara Josephine ClarkeZoe FrostTania GalitelloJosie GallowsLizzie HendrixLauren HippenstielCimminnee HoltLola MontezHydra MorningstarJulia Perrotta Ophelia RainKaren Steuer
AnnouncementsWherein the Wicked Witch Confesses to an Uncomfortable Mix of Apathy & Outrage, with no Energy to be Found, Resulting in a List, Instead of Meaningful Writing.

1.  Surprising absolutely no one, I could not complete the years stated schedule for Radio Free Satan's Confessions of a Wicked Witch.  I want to thank a tornado and life threatening illnesses for that, although, fair disclosure, it probably would have gone tits up, anyway.  I make no promises, but I still may pull this off by years end, if I pull my head from my ass.
2.  Please use this list, as well as the items shared by members on social media to find unique gifts for the holidays:
3.  I am gearing up for the 6th Annual Wicked Witch of the Year Award, and will begin accepting nominations.  I remind all that nominees must be a member in good standing in the Church of Satan.  The nominee should have some demonstrable accomplishment, which she credits some part of, to h…

A Public Response to a Personal Question

When Not Busy Casting the Bones & Stirring the CauldronI am Busy Being An AmericanWherein the Wicked Witch Admits that it Isn't Politics She Loves but  Her Country
Usual Disclaimer Type Stuff:  While I usually write about things from my perspective as a Satanic Witch, and that being who I am it could hardly be filtered anyway, like much of the country, politics are on my mind.  I must then repeat, The Church of Satan does not, ever, take a position on political policies, parties, candidates, or legislative issues.  They are the only church I am aware of, and I'd be happy to be proven wrong, that upholds the Jeffersonian ideal of true separation of church and state.  Therefore our members are utterly free to pursue, or not, whatever position they feel best represents their needs and principles.  Now, one would think that sort of open-minded, generous view would be seen as the opposite of the cult like preaching of politics from the pulpit that seems the norm on Sunday, these…