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Hypocrites, Secularists, & Biases
Oh My! Wherein the Wicked Witch Confesses Shame at Being Surprised that Humans Suck...and might even find she has one more fight left in her
Let's start with the obvious.  Of course I am biased, as a member of the clergy of Church of Satan ,against the Temple of Satan.  I admit it, I am proud of it, and despite of it, I can look at their actions through a secular lense.  I can do that through the wonders of critical thinking, instilled in me as a child raised by atheists.  I personally hold, and in my role as Magistra put forth, that they are not Satanists by my definition, by the definitions provided in Satanic Canon, and as evidenced by their actions--but forget that part of me.  To this blog my feelings of their lacking in the Satanism department is irrelevant, and for this purpose the same complaints would hold against any and all religions that violate, or attempt to violate, the establishment clause (aka Separation of Church and State.)

The Year of Sin, begins............

Confessions of a Wicked Witch on Radio Free SatanPriestess Heather Height and Magistra Ygraine discuss the deadly sin of lust and the Satanic sin of Solipsism.

Hail to Thee, Les Hernandez

To a Skylark

Percy Bysshe Shelley
Hail to thee, blithe Spirit!  Bird thou never wert,  That from Heaven, or near it,  Pourest thy full heart  In profuse strains of unpremeditated art. 
Higher still and higher  From the earth thou springest  Like a cloud of fire;  The blue deep thou wingest,  And singing still dost soar, and soaring ever singest. 
In the golden lightning  Of the sunken sun,  O'er which clouds are bright'ning,  Thou dost float and run;  Like an unbodied joy whose race is just begun. 
The pale purple even  Melts around thy flight;  Like a star of Heaven,  In the broad day-light  Thou art unseen, but yet I hear thy shrill delight, 
Keen as are the arrows  Of that silver sphere,  Whose intense lamp narrows  In the white dawn clear  Until we hardly see, we feel that it is there. 
All the earth and air  With thy voice is loud,  As, when night is bare,  From one lonely cloud  The moon rains out her beams, and Heaven is overflow'd. 
What thou art we know not;  What …
www.radiofreesatan.comConfessions of a Wicked Witch Are Thrilled to Announce that Heather Heightis the 
Wicked Witch of the Year
Social media kind of blurs time lines in the real world.
 I know I knew my Wicked Witch of the Year before I actually met her.
 I also know I met her at a major CoS function, but I can’t remember which one.
 I DO know that the first time we ever had more than a few pleasant words
was in the dining room of Black House Central, at the 50th Anniversary Celebration.
 Once face to face, it took less than 2 minutes to see we were kindred spirits.

No, it isn’t her amazing talents, from stand-up to pin-up. No, it isn’t just her whip quick wit. No, it isn’t that we share an ancient stereotype--the sarcastic, big-busted, ever ready with a bawdy joke, and still one of the guys, redhead, and I am playing favorites with a younger version of myself. And, NO, it isn’t because she is married to one of my very favorite people, and most trusted friends, on the whole planet.
It is bec…