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The Worst of the Worst: Joy Of Satan

Five minutes ago as I was finishing up the research to write this blog, my beloved Magister Mitchell asked me what was wrong with Joy of Satan Ministries? Out of my mouth popped " Well, if you read everything I have ever written about what is wrong with non-CoS Satanism and put it all in one place, BINGO! You'd have Joy of Satan Ministries." I wish I had been exaggerating.

It is the policy of The Church of Satan to not name offending organizations because it often gives these losers a sort of reverse validation. To even know that they are being noticed by us makes them giddy with the sort of joy only willing victims can revel in. This group is such an object lesson, such a textbook description of everything wrong that I can find no way around addressing them by name and addressing them completely. Joy of Satan is a spiritual devil worshiping sect heavy on anti-Semites and white supremacy (except for Native Americans, 'go figure,) which advocates recruitment of…

Christians Against Cartoon: Agreement Across the Aisle

I came across this:

This is possibly the best stuff from evangelicals since Ted Haggard.

It certainly is more of the same sort of paranoia associated with the D & D freak-out/satanic panic of the 80's.

But what I am guessing is that the providers/writers of this page don't know is how much I, as a Satanic Mom, agree with their ultimate position---that a lot of these cartoons are horrible for children and sending messages that are against my religion.

Can you imagine?

Of course it is the utter lack of understanding of Satanism that fuels the web site's contention. Because Christians are generally low on imagination they assume anything bad is Satanic, anything they disagree with, likewise. Therefore they equate Communism as Satanic.

While the Church of Satan purposely takes no position on politics, the Satanic philosophy of individualism, self-divinity, self-responsibility, and meritocracy pretty much negates any communist leanings.


Jeez, Louise!

I used to be really big on cultural relativity. I mean it seemed perfectly reasonable that different places and cultures would have different values and that it was presumptuous of us nasty Westerners to expect others to be like us.

I have grown up.

In many ways, food, know, shit that doesn't really matter, relativity is cool. It is also cool as an explanation, if not so cool for an excuse.

BUT JEEZ LOUISE! What is wrong with people??!!

Jamaica and South Africa obviously need to get a fucking Barnes & Noble and get with the reading!

Look, we don't need to educate people about Satanism in that goody-goody. kumbaya sort of way so that we Satanists are understood. We need to educate Christian clergy to stop creating Devil Worshipers!

I am completely serious. If these articles are any indication it seems that heavy metal, or Marilyn Manson is n…

RFS Presents: The Culture Cauldron with Lady Ygraine

Coming soon to Radio Free Satan:

One part eye of newt, two parts The Satanic Bible, a pinch of decadence and a dash of whimsy…bring to a boil, bubble, toil and trouble, then VIOLA! The Culture Cauldron with Lady Ygraine.. Join Church of Satan Magistra and infamous witch Lady Ygraine as she explores the Satanic lifestyle through travel, dining, music, film, fashion, media and all things that demonstrate the Satanic aesthetic in the day to day lives of today's Satanists. The Culture Cauldron brings discussions, reviews, interviews and useful information for Satanists to achieve and maintain their total environments, as well as exploring a veritable who is who in Satanism! Get ready faithful RFS listeners, because Ygraine is already in the kitchen, and it won't be long before the cauldron is up to a boil.........."

Misinformation Never Stops

A response to this claptrap:

Betty Freauf and NewsWithViews.comNovember 4, 2008Dear Mrs. Freauf,I am a member of the Priesthood and an official spokesperson for The Church of Satan ( which you mention in today's article Two Steps Forward, One Step Back.Our Church is mentioned here:
The unconstitutional 16th Amendment which was not ratified sufficiently by the states created the present-day income tax structure opening the way for Uncle Sam to pilfer in still greater amounts. It was a busy year indeed for malevolent conspirators who hoped to eventually rule the world. One of the first things the IRS did was offer the 501c3 tax exemption to foundations and to churches of all stripes from the Biblically based to the Church of Satan. Of course, they weren’t worried about the Church of Satan because the IRS was an age…