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And the winner is.........................

Hail Magistra Ruth Waytz Radio Free Satan's Confessions of a Wicked Witch Wicked Witch of the Year, 2016-2017

Last but Never Least

Those who know me know I have a special relartionship with guilt. I need to state that this year, this project, has pretty well left me overflowing with guilt. Did I miss any nominee?Can I do them justice?Will they hate me for writing this/not writing that?Will so and so be upset that hers is longer/shorter/funnier/dryer than other so and so?Is there anyway to do this so no feelings get hurt?      I'm about at the end of my rope.  These women are the saving grace.  These witches deserve a prize for just being 30,000 times more interesting than any other women alive.  I love them.  You will too.

Sara Josephine

I’m in tears right now.  It isn’t because I’m babysitting and my granddaughter is sick so I’m tired beyond measure, or because the arthritis in my ankle/foot is so bad that I can’t walk.  It isn’t because I am having a meltdown due to my political beliefs.  It isn’t even because my eldest daughter and her family have been devastated by a house fire that has destroyed almo…

The More I Find Out

the harder it is to choose.
     Each nominee is whispering in my ear as I lie down each night.  Every time I am certain I have a definitive answer, I re-read a questionnaire or, while reading or writing the nominee bio-summary thingy I become more convinced that THIS ONE fuck it.
     The fact is each one of these nominees as well as the two nominees who chose to withdraw are worthy of this "title," and when you consider I made up this title, and I get to choose who gains it, the more important it seems to be to introduce you to these women as individuals.  I am hoping that when you have a need, these women will be foremost in your mind to provide it.
 Do you need more information on Veterans Rights?  Contact Evelyn Eve.
Do you want to understand how to run a large scale festival?  Renee Anderson is your woman!
Hire a stand up comic for your next event?  Heather Height might be available.
    Need a vegan caterer who can do a burlesque striptease while lect…