Monday, February 23, 2009

New Article on KNOL

Hey, guys.

I want to provide thie following link from the "Knol" website and ask that, if you enjoy it, you leave a comment there. And here, if you want...and anywhere........

I often forget that sometimes my audience is new and hasn't anybackground in Satanism. This article was written for those just starting their journey.


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Hail, Satan!

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Thursday, February 19, 2009

SHOP AT HOME DEPOT and keep a devil worshiper on food stamps!

Hardware Chain demands responsibility from a Joy of Satan member (leading Ygraine to wish them a hearty “good luck!”)

First, read this nonsense:
Devil Worshiper Indulges in Victim Mentality

Well, I am doing a little jig! Anything that potentially upsets a Joy of Satan retard makes my fucking day! According to the sheep leader of this organization:

They do this to one of us, they do this to ALL of us. In retaliation, we ask that our people do not do business with Home Depot in any way. There are many other stores out there that sell the same line of items.

It appears that those Joy of Satan retards are unaware of , or do not support the rights of corporations to run their businesses as they see fit. Apparently they believe employees use of a computer belonging to a company and the internet paid for by that company has no boundaries and that an employee should have free rein to use that which is not theirs to their damaged little heart’s content.


Unless the company is breaking a legitimate law said company is allowed to place whatever restrictions it wants to on it’s employees. Home Depot has every right in the world, regardless of reason, to say “Hey, you work for US, and we don’t want you using our internet account and our computers to play at religion, or surf porn, or find coupons. You can do that shit at home.!”

Points of Interest:

1. Face it, anything that fucks with Joy of Satan makes me giddy.
2. Boycotting IS a legitimate and possibly the only truly effective method of protest, but somehow I think Home Depot won’t be missing the whopping .89 cents these cheap bastards might drop for some super glue.
3. In this economy anyone who quits a job over something that they can do at home is a moron.
4. This sort of victim cry about discrimination HURTS those who have a genuine case. When everyone jumps on the victim bandwagon legitimate victims get lost in the fray.
5. So, um, where is Satan and his demons to help this poor afflicted soul? Joy of Satan says “We know Satan and his Demons are real beings. “ So why didn’t the blood-letting, the “meditations<“ and the whole soul selling thing keep Mr. Whiney in a job?

In happy conclusion, if nothing else, Joy of Satan is so busy being anti-Semitic devil worshipers that they neglect to remind their members that nothing beats lesser magic for surviving day to day. Relinquishing your responsibility to Satan is no different than doing the same to God.

Neither will help you earn a dime.

Yet, despite all evidence to the contrary, Joy of Satan still follows the Christian way of doing things, as demonstrated by the following from bigot and psychotic Maxine Deitrich:

Given my excess of responsibility, I have left the issue in the hands of Satan. Satan told High Priest Salem Burke "What they do to my own, they do to me." He knows who these people are. It is only a matter of time.

Change Satan for God and there is no difference whatsoever.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Honey, I'm Home

It truly is wonderful to be back at home and beginning to recover. As some of you know my surgery wasn't quite the whopping success I'd hoped for, but i do seem to be on the right track now.

So, if you'll bear with me just a tad longer we'll launch The Culture Cauldron and kick some heretical ass in process!

Much Love,

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