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Sunday, May 3, 2009

Memory Lane...not again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Three days ago I read something that made me feel the need to double check all available media to ascertain if it indeed is 2009. I checked newspapers, TV listings, copyright dates—anything to ensure that some person was indeed publishing, this year, month, week, an article about Satanism that could have come directly from the height of the Satanic Panic, and was doing it without the slightest bit of irony.

I got a hold of this from the wonderful Catherine Beyer of Alternative Religions writing about The Satanism Scapegoat . The article seems to be from 2006, but you'd swear 1995 or 1996or 2009 BCE for that matter. Regardless it is making new rounds now and should be squashed like the cyber bug it is.

Obviously if this had come from a Christian church/pastor/organization I would not even bother to have checked. I/we (the CoS and all legit members of alternative/Pagan/Occult religions) expect that sort of religious propaganda from institutions who are dependent on the antiquated and untrue notion that Satanists are dangerous and that Satanic cults exist and do all sorts of reprehensible things—which thus far have only been proven to have been committed by Christian I might add---that lie is their bread and butter and expecting them to suddenly tell the truth is unrealistic. This man, however,

“Jim Kouri, CPP, the fifth Vice President and Public Information Officer of the National Association of Chiefs of Police, has served on the National Drug Task Force and trained police and security officers throughout the country. Contact:

has no excuse for publishing such blatant falsehoods. He is utterly capable of obtaining criminal statistics, reading them, and repeating them.

Worse still is that he is in a position that grants him a sort of automatic authority, and that lay people have absolutely no reason to presume he is telling anything other than the truth. Kids---this is how the Satanic Panic started.

So I am going to, point by point, rip a part this shameless demand for the masses to hate and discriminate against their fellow man. It is simply inexcusable that a man in Kouri's position would allow bigotry to replace truth, and it cannot be allowed to stand unchallenged! Please note that my response writing is in color and italicized.

Here is the location of the article in question:

Kouri's Examiner Article

Satanic or ritualistic crime and murder

Fifteen year old Elyse Marie Pahler was "sacrificed to Satan" by three San Luis Obispo, CA teen-agers in one of the most grisly murders on record.

The suspects Roger Casey, Jacob Delashmutt and Joseph Fiorella -- all teenagers -- took Elyse to a hidden location about a quarter-mile from her home, fed her drugs, raped her, tied a belt around her neck "to make it easier to stab her", and offered her up as the "ultimate sin against God".

Elyse knew her killers from the school bus. Delashmutt, Fiorella and Elyse attended Arroyo Grande High School in San Luis Obispo, 195 miles northwest of Los Angeles. Delashmutt was expelled from the school in September of 1995; Fiorella left in February 1996 to be home-schooled. Casey attended a nearby school. The three stabbed the girl to death at at an alleged "Satanic altar". The boys "selected and stalked" Elyse believing that a virgin sacrifice would earn them a "ticket to Hell".

Elyse disappeared July 22, 1995 and had been reported missing until Casey came forward and led authorities to her body on March 14, 1996. The girl left her house voluntarily the night she died, although it wasn't clear where she was headed or at what point she encountered her killers. If the teenagers are tried as adults and the jury finds special circumstances, they face up to life in prison without the possibility of parole. If tried as juveniles, they face up to about 7 years in juvenile detention. < >

Some experts believe the Pahler murder proves their allegations that Satanic and ritualistic crimes are a very real problem in US society.

It should shock no one that Kouri uses a crime over a decade old in order to begin a piece to validate the reality of SRA (Satanic Ritual Abuse.) By the mid-90's most people had become aware that the Satanic Panic was little more than a witch hunt , begun in the early 1980's, designed to fund a newly developed cottage industry that catered to psychologists/counselors with religious inclinations, as well as a new kind of ministry/minister who specialized in re-programming victims of cults, etc....

By 1992 in the realm of the educated, the FBI's report by Kenneth Lanning had sufficiently debunked the notion of organized criminal Satanic cults. Further study into FMS (False Memory Syndrome) as well as watching hundreds of innocent people being destroyed left most mainstream Americans with the nasty feeling that they had dodged the bullet that would have made them accessories to one of the most unjust witch hunts in history.

In spite of mankind's advances in the arts and sciences, there remains a number of people who have not been able to -- or refuse to -- shake-off the practices of pagan rituals, some of which date back thousands of years. Included within the broad spectrum of paganism are so-called Satanic cults which are suspect in a number of bizarre crimes throughout the United States.

Kids, I sit here in dropped jaw amazement that anyone wanting to be taken seriously could write such a thing .

Mr. Kouri would no doubt be equally offended if he heard a bunch of genuine Satanists sit around complaining “ Ya know, we can send a man to the moon and still the majority of Americans have not been able to—or refuse to—shake off the two thousand year notions of virgin births and resurrections, and the advocation for discrimination that come with these archaic religious practices!”

From this point on we can

a) accept that Kouri is an unbelievable hypocrite,

b) has no sense of humor, irony, or comprehension of the First Ammendment.

According to investigative journalist and author Maury Terry, there exists a network of Satan-worshiping cults with members crisscrossing our nation. Terry, whose research takes him to just about every state of the union, participated in a special regional police conference in Ohio, co-sponsored by the American Federation of Police and the National Association of Chiefs of Police.

Terry is a journalist who has done extensive work on The Process Church. It is an easily verifiable fact that The Process has nothing whatsoever to do with modern Satanism, Anton LaVey, The Satanic Bible or The Church of Satan. The most important and obvious distinctions are that the Process practices worship of both Jesus and the Devil. Satanists worship no one, are atheists, and certainly, even within the realm of metaphor, have no time for Jesus. Moreover the Process advocates illegal activity and drug use. The Church of Satan prohibits any illegal activity, including drug ab/use.

So, while Terry may be an expert on The Process he has no such qualifications regarding Satanism and by utilizing the term (s) Satanic/Satanism to apply to the Process he ends up lying about an entire religion and it's adherents. Once a journalist makes those sorts of mistakes everything they write becomes suspect.

His expertise on the subject of ritualistic violence is a tremendous resource for the news media and law enforcement. This writer attended the conference as a result of violent incidents occurring in northern Manhattan -- my jurisdiction at the time; incidents involving animal sacrifices including the killing and mutilation of cats, dogs, chickens, and even a lamb stolen from a petting zoo.

Satanism prohibits sacrifice. ALL living sacrifice. What Kouri describes here is obviously Afro-Caribbean Paganism, such as Santeria and Brujeria, with perhaps a touch of Christian Devil Worship/Heresy.

Satanic Dogma regarding Animal Sacrifice? According to the 11 Satanic Rules of the Earth Satanists can not kill animals unless they are attacked or for food. It is as much a part of the Satanic canon as any of the Ten Commandments are for Christians.

The world of the Satanic cultist is filled with ritualistic violence, perverse sexual activity and abuse, Heavy Metal music and the use of illegal drugs such as marijuana, amphetamines (crank, speed, meth, crystal), psylocybin (an hallucinogenic drug similar to LSD), heroin and other others. This is a world which, even in the beginning of the 21st Century, continues to attract a large number of young people who follow the precepts of Anton LaVey's Satanic Bible, a volume that has millions of copies in print today.

\This is just outrageous! It is evident that Kouri opted not to read the very work he is condemning because if he had he would know that everything in this paragraph is FORBIDDEN to the Satanist!

Heavy Metal may be enjoyed by some individual Satanists, but the founder of our religion, Anton LaVey despised it and as a result it is never used in rituals or gatherings of Satanists. Because we advocate personal responsibility we avoid drugs because it reduces inhibitions to a point that negates personal control.

Kouri is evidently one of those people who think it is ok to lie for the greater good, unaware that when you cry wolf too often NO ONE will believe you when a wolf actually appears.

And then, suddenly, the guy wants to clarify---way too little, way too late, and still wrong...........

It must be made clear to anyone investigating ritualistic crimes: what constitutes a Satanic cult? And what are the differences between these cults and Religious Satanists

Religious Satanists are members of a group which are well organized and structured with a hierarchy. A perfect example is Chicago's Temple of Set: a church that is recognized as a religion by the US and Illinois governments. They enjoy the same tax-exempt status as mainstream religious institutions. Surprisingly, the High Priest of the Temple of Set, Michael Aquino, was a Lieutenant Colonel in the in the US Army Reserves even while practicing his religion.

The ToS is no longer under the helm of it's founder, Aquino, and it has always been an international organization, not exclusively based in Chicago. More importantly the members identify themselves not as Satanists but as SETIANS. And why should anyone be surprised that in a country where the military is used to protect the Constitution which ensures freedom of religion, members of the military may practice their religion?

He is outspoken about his beliefs and has appeared on nationwide television (The Oprah Winfrey Show, for instance) to explain his faith and his church's practices. As far as police agencies are concerned, members of the Temple of Set have never violated the law when practicing their worship and liturgical rites including the Black Mass.

It would seem obvious that the first religious organization in the history of the world to identify itself as Satanic might get a mention, here. In 1966 Anton LaVey founded the Church of Satan. He created a religion that supported the notion that while mankind had outgrown it's need for God, it still required the ritual, dogma, and fellowship offered by religion.

Like any legitimate religion, Satanism has a written dogma, a canon of work that clearly delineates the belief structure and the rules and regulations for those practicing the religion:

The foundation works are by Anton LaVey:

The Satanic Bible, The Nine Satanic Statements, The 11 Satanic Rules of the Earth, Five Point Pentagonal Revisionism, The Satanic Rituals, The Satanic Witch, The Devil's Notebook, and Satan Speaks!

The historical works are by Blanche Barton:

The Church of Satan, The Secret Life of a Satanist.

The expansion of our religion is continued with The Satanic Scriptures by Peter Gilmore, and the publication of many of our clergy/hierarchy (See James Sass, Nemo, Matt Paradise, Michael Rose, well as the art and music produced by our membership) demonstrate the application of Satanism.

Kouri ignores this for one very simple yet obvious reason: IT DISPROVES EVERY THING HE CONTENDS!

The facts are simple. Kouri has either not done his homework and is writing ignorantly about a topic he has done little research on, or he has read all the above, understood that it disputes his whole premise, and decided that he will bet on his reader's ignorance.

'swell. Folks, he either is betting you are morons or bigots. “Flattering.

On the other hand, Satanic cults are self-styled Satanists who are sometimes involved in activity that strongly resembles college-fraternity hazing; and, as with college campus hazing, these practitioners may become extremely cruel and vicious, temporarily losing control. Their behavior mirrors the emotionally-charged, mindless behavior exhibited by angry mobs and rioters, with little or no thought to the consequences of their acts.

When substance abuse is added to the mix of these improvised rituals -- accentuated by loud, pulsating music coupled with the euphoric excitement of primal lust -- these frenzied pseudo-Satanists may indulge in behavior closely resembling the activities of a Jeffrey Dahmer or a Richard Ramirez (California's Hillside Strangler), two frightening serial-killers who openly displayed an unhealthy obsession with the occult. In several cases where the practitioners completely lost control, hapless victims fell prey to their bloodthirsty rituals and would suffer the pain of a helpless sacrificial lamb.

As everyone is the alternative religious world knows, there are crazy people on planet Earth. 'thanks for the tip.

Oh, and Kouri---the Hillside Stranglers were Buono and Bianchi. Ramirez was the Night Stalker. Are you sure you were really a cop?

On a less sarcastic note there is definitely truth to the notion that if you add the mix of religiosity, in any form, to crazy and then top it with drugs you have a guaranteed recipe for disaster.

Although rare, reports from police departments across the country reveal that the Satanic cults may begin their worship service with the understanding that an animal or even a human being will be killed and used as a sacrifice to whomever these cult members worship.
PLEASE NAME ONE BOOK OR ONE RECORD THAT SHOWS THIS TO BE SO. IDENTIFY THE “WORSHIP SERVICE?” . Murder is rare, but it is a possibility, especially when drugs such as crack, PCP and LSD are part of these dramatic events that are created by leaders and worshipers alike. PLEASE NAME OR IDENTIFY A LEGITIMATE SATANIC LEADER WHO IS KNOWN TO USE PCP OR LSD? Crack and the other substances are known to make some users extremely violent, fearless and/or dangerously paranoid and psychotic. Again, murders committed by groups of Satan worshipers are rare, but police officers and detectives investigating a crime scene or missing persons report should consider this avenue of investigation if evidence of the person's involvement with cults comes to light.

Given the fact that the USA is home to a population that is close to 80% Christian, it would follow that 80% of most murder victims are Christian. Likewise 80% of the murderers must be Christian, as well. Why do we not investigate things from a religious perspective 80% of the time?

According to Ed Briggs, crime reporter for the Richmond Times-Dispatch , Satanic cults seduce teenagers and young adults with sex and drugs and the promise of power over others. ONLY IF YOU LISTEN TO CHRISTIANIZED INTERPRETATIONS OF SATANISM. IN TRUE SATANISM WE TEACH THAT YOU ALONE ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR YOUR OWN LIFE. THERE IS NO DEVIL TO BLAME, NO GOD TO THANK, NO HUMAN WHO CAN INTERFERE. YOU AND YOU ALONE HAVE POWER OVER YOURSELF!Also, involvement in this religion is the ultimate in rebellion against parental control, especially if the parents are religious Christians, Jews, Muslims, or part of any mainstream religious organization including Religious Satanism which is recognized by the federal government as a legitimate religion deserving of all privileges enjoyed by Christian, Jewish, Muslim, etc. churches and temples. THIS IMPLIES THAT WE SOMEHOW SHOULD NOT BE. WHY? If 80% of all crime is committed by Christians, perhaps it is CHRISTIANITY that should be deprived of civil rights.

As with their rebellion against parents and parental control, Satanic cult members thrive on their rebellious behavior against society in general. The cultist's perfidy is a source of pleasure for him or her, especially the teenager who may have been forced to attend mainline church services each week..

The Church of Satan rejects all under aged applicants. Unlike Christian propaganda we don't want rebellious teens or to interfere with the parenting of other people's kids.

I am a middle aged mother of 5 and a grandmother. I teach newly identified Satanists that nothing is as passe and boring as teenage rebellion.

Then, according to Briggs, an award-winning newsman, there are times when ritualistic abuse is used to break down a young person's resistance. The unwilling recruit may be repeatedly raped or sodomized or worse -- acts of bestiality are performed.

Please note that no case is cited here.

It disgusts me that these types, Kouri, Briggs and the king of the filthy mind, Bib Larson, always end up pulling out the bestiality card. It is like some sort of vicarious thrill and it says so much more about them than abouy any legit Satanist.

Kouri also neglects to mention that Briggs is A PAID Christian religion writer.:

"I would never have thought that anyone would have done this for me," said Briggs, 66 who plans to accept the honor at RNA's awards banquet Oct.1, in Miami Beach. "I am not deserving."

Briggs will be the first recipient to receive a $1,000 award funded by Religion News Service in honor of former longtime RNS Editor David Anderson.

How many Satanic practitioners are there in the US?

"The adherents of this violent [quasi-]religion number over 300,000, " claims Lieutenant Larry Jones of the Boise, ID Police Department.

Google Sandi Gallant , Jerry Simandl and Larry Jones and Satanism. It will be difficult to find people with less credibility …......

"The kids become involved in sacrificial rituals, violent song lyrics, Satanic symbolism, suicide notes or recordings, all enhanced with illegal, mind-altering drugs, which play a major role [in the drama of a Black Mass]. And the added secrecy of the cult members makes estimating their numbers impossible." says Detective Jerry Simandl, a veteran of the Chicago Police Department and assigned to the Gang Crime Task Force.

Are there any estimates based on other information or police intelligence? The San Francisco Police Department's Sandi Gallant can only estimate that " ... at most 1% of Heavy-Metal music fans become seriously involved in the occult."

It should be to pointed out that when Det. Gallant talks about Heavy-Metal music, she isn't referring to bands such as Guns & Roses, Metallica and other popular musicians, but to the sub-category of HM music known as Black Metal, played by bands that are truly underground with a limited audience. However, even the tamer, well-known Metal bands such as Blue Oyster Cult occasionally enter the domain of the Black Arts (witchcraft). Several years ago, two Long Island, NY teenagers committed suicide listening to the Blue Oyster Cult hit song Don't Fear the Reaper.

So we have to ask why Kouri would use these people to support this contentions regarding Satanism today, aware that in just a few short minutes anyone can look them up and find they have been discredited for the money hungry bigots they are?

Readers should be warned that not all practitioners of Satanism are violent savages whose thirst for blood is insatiable. Those living the lifestyle of Satan-worshipers rarely commit murder and rape during their religious rituals. In fact. sadly, more people have been murdered in the name of Christianity, Judaism, Islam, etc. than in the name of Satan.

Sadly? We should be HAPPY if more people were Satanically murdered?


However, there have been cases in which Satanism, the occult or involvement in the once popular game of Dungeons & Dragons proved fatal for the unsuspecting victim. One example of the total revolt against authority and parental control, and embracement of evil is a case in Bergen County, New Jersey: Thomas Sullivan, a 14 year-old Boy Scout repeatedly and methodically stabbed his mother to death before turning the weapon on himself, taking his own life. Investigation revealed an unhealthy obsession with Satan, Black Metal music, drugs and a morbid fascination with death. In this case, the actor was a loner whose Satanism was a personal and private matter, based almost entirely on what he saw on television or motion pictures.

The truth will always be that as long as the mainstream gets it's information on Satanism either from our direct adversaries (the Christian churches,) or from Hollywood there will always be the creation of the thing that scares us all all—Christians and Satanists alike: The Christian Heretical Devil Worshiper. The devil worshiper is inherently Christian. He believes in the Christianized God and he believes in the Christian version of the devil. He opts to side with the more interesting, more glamorous, more sexual Devil/Satan. Yet he still “worships” the Christian way. He sees the devil as a magical being before whom he kneels and begs and expects prizes for his loyalty.

He has been fed these lies—the lies about sacrifice and perversion, and they stimulate him and he applies them to his Christianized version of Satanism. He is the ultimate self-fulfilling prophecy.

If only he had read The Satanic Bible. At worse he would have said “This shit is boring---all this responsibility just so I can still have to do all the work?, “ and at best he would embrace a religion where the individual takes personal responsibility and is a problem to no one.

What he would not have done is hurt anyone or himself under the aegis of religion.

During the course of these so-called religious rituals, drug use is usually rampant and heightens the frenzy and blood-lust of the cultists. According to Pat Pulling, a criminologist Who lectures police departments on the occult and Satanism, rituals may include:

Google Pat Pulling!!!!!!! JESUS! I am now convinced Kouri looked up every villian of the Satanic Panic and quoted them!

I would like to see the Satanic Book this information comes from:

- Victim is placed in a coffin or make-shift coffin.
- Paraphernalia and symbols such are pentagrams, 666 symbols, inverted crosses, etc.
- Heavy feeding of drugs, especially hallucinogens.
- Kidnapping victims.
- Sexual abuse aimed at confusing a recruit and destroying his/her moral foundation.
- Incestuous sex acts (family is involved in the cult).
- Animal or (rarely) human sacrifice.
- Cannibalism.
- Cremation (destruction of victim along with evidence).

Not a single one of these things comes from either The Satanic Bible (The only book Kouri names in this entire clusterfuck of an article,)or The Satanic Rituals

There is considerable ritual abuse during Satanic ceremonies. Indoctrination of the young is the purpose of much of this abuse. Ritual abuse is defined as repeated physical, emotional, mental and spiritual assaults combined with a systematic use of symbols, ceremonies and images designed to turn a person against himself and society. Drugs, again, are utilized during this process of systematic degradation.

A dramatic and arguably frightening part of Satanic religious practices is the so-called Black Mass. It is a rite dating back to the 14th Century Europe and a large part of the Satanic revival of 19th Century France. The ceremony, as practiced by self-styled, makeshift Satanic groups -- as opposed to, say, the Temple of Set, a legitimate religious organization -- is derived from the Roman Catholic or Episcopal mass with Satan the object of worship and praise. There are reports that in some cult-masses, the altar is the nude body of a young woman and the gold chalice may contain a bizarre and nauseating mixture of blood, urine and turnips. There are groups who add an hallucinogenic drug such as psylosybin or methamphetamines.

During the Black Mass, at least as it's performed by self-styled Satanic groups, animal sacrifices are commonplace and sexual experimentation follows large doses of illegal drugs. Although there have been reports of human sacrifices, especially infanticide, these incidents are extremely rare. Those claiming they are not rare but routine say that the infants used in the monstrous ceremony is one that has been conceived and raised just for the purpose of ritual murder. These police officers -- Sandi Gallant among them -- say that birth records of these babies do not exist since the children are born using midwife who's a member of the group or even a physician-member. Children born into a cult are called

Congrats, Kouri. If someone came to us, The Church of Satan for information about the Black Mass (Le Messe Noire) they would find a cathartic ritual designed to psychologically terminate the last vestiges of damaging Christianity from the Satanist's psyche. 'Lots of pomp and circumstance, a wee bit of nudity. For adults only, the Black Mass is actually performed very rarely, and is harmless.

Instead, you have given those desperate for religious drama under the guise of historical credibility a prescription for the validation of their mental illness. 'good job.

You've also endorsed the most un-American of legal ideals---the notion of no evidence becoming evidence. I ask again, are you sure you were ever really a cop?

Who is drawn to this religion? Who gets involved in demonic activity? Well, a profile was developed by Pat Pulling, the leading expert in this area of psychology. The profile is similar in structure to those developed by the Federal Bureau of Investigation's Behavioral Science Unit. In fact, the creator of the Criminal Profiling System, Special Agent Robert Ressler, during his interviews with over 100 serial-killers and unusually violent criminals, found elements of the occult in the psyche of a few of these killers. Most notable is the Son of Sam, David Berkowitz, although his involvement in the occult was all but totally ignored. (I interviewed the man who coined the term serial killer, Robert Ressler, in the book Crime Talk still available at
Please note that Ressler rarely writes about Satanism as he himself believes in both God and Satan and feels it would be inappropriate. Pat Pulling died in 1997 and was discredited because her war against the role playing game Dungeons & Dragons proved to be a battle without a cause:

The American Association of Suicidology, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control, and Health & Welfare (Canada) would all eventually conclude that there is no causal link between fantasy gaming and suicide”
The yet to be captured psychopathic murderer known as the Zodiac Killer is another example of a dabbler in the occult creating his own makeshift quasi-religion. However, these two men were loners and not part of any group, although Maury Terry claims there is a connection between Son of Sam and a few groups in this nation's heartland. Pat Pulling, one expert who believes -- as does Maury Terry -- in a transcontinental network, created a Ressler-styled profile for men and women likely to become involved in Satanic cults or a profile for people who are, because of their psychological makeup, susceptible to cult recruiting tactics:

- Adolescents from white, middle-class and upper-middle class homes.
- Above average intelligence but easily bored with schoolwork.
- Over- or under-achievers.
- Creative and curious.
- Some have a history of family abuse or sexual abuse.
- Rebellious teens or those with low self-esteem seeking power over others.

How do young people become involved? (Take Note: the following are opinions of so-called experts.)

- Through so-called Black-Metal music, most successful being Venom. Some of the more popular bands such as Ozzy Osbourne (of Black Sabbath fame) may touch on
Satan and evil, but they are entertainers, not cult recruiters).
- Fantasy role-playing in games such as Dungeons & Dragons. A surprisingly large number of homicides and suicides have been linked to D & D such as the Joseph Vite case in Kenosha, Wisconsin, and the Juan Kimbrough case in Oakland, California. Both were murdered as part of a game of D& D.
- An unhealthy obsession with movies, books and videos about Satanism and the Black Arts (witchcraft).
- Involvement with Satanists at a rock concert or party (college campuses are ripe for recruiters). The promise of sex and drugs is an attractive incentive.
- Involvement with classmates heavily into occult, Satanism or serious fantasy role-playing.

Those of us who speak publicly for The Church of Satan as well as other alternative religions feel that for something to be considered a Satanic Crime

A) There should be previous proof of involvement with the occult /alternative religion/s prior to the criminal act,

B) there should be a religious/magical reason for there to be a ritual,

C)there should be religious elements at the site (candles, ritual tools,)

D) the criminal act itself should have no purpose other than to satisfy a religious mandate.

The point here is that in almost every alleged SRA case we discover that religion is at best, secondary, and in the majority, an after-thought almost designed to place blame on religion/Satanism.

Sean Sellers killed a convenience store clerk with a shot gun during a robbery and then killed his parents in bed while they were sleeping. In my 28 years in the Occult I have yet to see the ritual of the sacrificial convenience store clerk.

Ricky Kasso tortured and murdered a kid who owed him drug money.

In Matamoros—drug debts.

On and on and on....and in the story here, that Kouri started this article with: There is no evidence of any Satanic anything except what the boys say post-crime in an obvious attempt to play that favorite of the irresponsible, everywhere—THE DEVIL MADE ME DO IT!

Investigation and prosecution are very difficult since Satanic crimes are cloaked in secrecy. It is estimated that on a small percentage of these criminal acts are ever exposed and even when the murder case uncovers perps, there is no indication of the crime being religion-inspired.

Because they aren't.

I wish we could ask Kouri what it is that a Satanist wants to commit a crime for? WE do not worship any gods, devils, demons, hobbits, angels, or faeries. To WHOM would we perform a sacrifice to, and what is it we think we'd get from it? Our religious literature is clear. It states plainly that the Satanist is his own god insofar as only he can control his existence.

In addition, the profile of Satanic cult members indicates that they are quite intelligent and therefore adept at hiding pertinent evidence. They may even go as far as manipulating the crime scene in order to throw off investigating detectives. Because illegal drugs are very often part of their modus operandi , these cultists are doubly careful in avoiding the attention of police agencies.

Satanists are amazingly intelligent drug addicts with the skills and experience to hide all this from cops? Now it sounds like cops looking for an excuse for being inept!

Testimony given by victims are insufficient to bring cases to trial and prosecutors and district attorneys are hard to convince. According to Lieutenant Lawrence Haike of the Richmond, VA Police Department's detective bureau, "Short of commission of a crime, ritualistic [perps] are protected under the US Constitution's protection of freedom of religion...and in Satanism freedom of religion is just one step across the line from murder."

What? What? Are you kidding? Short of commision of a crime...WHAT would you like to prosecute them for or get testimony about if not a crime? This is just blatant bigotry.

According to Detective Sandi Gallant of the San Francisco PD, there are many problems with investigation and prosecution of ritualistic crime cases. In her police training program -- offered to police agencies across the country and with a waiting list of over a year -- Detective Gallant offers the following list of case difficulties and legal roadblocks:

In an effort to salvage her laughable career Gallant eventually re-canted all this bullshit.

- Investigators disregard original statements regarding rituals and Satanism; therefore detectives and officers only document the outward appearances of the crime such as sexual abuse.
- No physical evidence is found to substantiate statements given by victims or former cult members.
- Crime scenes are never found.
- Crime scenes are found, but do not fit the descriptions given.
- Crime victims are interviewed together in the presence of parents or legal guardians. They may be ashamed to discuss their victimization in front of them or they are terrified to discuss the case because their parents or guardians are part of the cult.
- The suspects and the news media become aware of the case prematurely.
- Because of the illegal drugs involved, it may be difficult for investigators to believe the statements made by victims or former cultists, especially when drugs such as LSD and psylosybin are involved.
- There is an inability to establish a corpus delecti ("body of the crime"):
- Although murders are reported, no bodies are found (Satanists believe in cremation).
- Even though children claim they saw other children who were kidnapped, no record can be found with the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children or with the FBI.
- The prosecutor wishes to downplay the Satanic or occult nature of the crime in order to avoid problems with witness credibility, etc.
- The statements of victims and witnesses may appear outlandish and the reputation of the accused may appear impeccable.

In conclusion in an effort to re-establish the fear that brought on the Satanic Panic which allowed mediocre law enforcement officers, psychologists and pastors to get rich on the backs of those who simply do not believe what everyone else does, Kouri has re-released this dated and bigoted piece of anti-journalism.

There is a difference however. Thanks to the Kouris, the Pullings, the Gallants, the Larsons—all of them NOW there really are heretics and devil worshipers who do not respect the law. NOW we have “Traditionals,” “Theistics,” and “Spirituals,” who, because they do kneel, they do worship, and they do by all that Christian bullshit, could be really dangerous. They are the direct product of the marriage between bigoted law enforcement and greedy religiosity.

Investigators arriving at the crime scene of a homicide or suicide should remain open-minded with regard to possible ritualism or Satanic connections to the crime. The crime scene should be searched for any evidence linking the crime to occult activity. If such activity is suspected, chances are drugs may be involved.

According to Satanic Cult expert, Maury Terry, "Satanism in some cases is merely a by-product -- the real motivation of cult leaders is drugs and drug distribution."

Finally! Something we can agree on!

Please kids---when confronted by this bullshit, make sure those who created it are credited with it;)


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