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Halloween is secular, dummy! Satanism has lost it's monopoly on a nifty holiday, but that is ok.

The following is an article written for the Examiner website for Orlando's Alternative Religions page.
Many of you will be surprised/disgusted/dubious of the touchy-feely joy joy PC-ness of the piece. You might think I do not mean what I am writing. I do, however. I may not agree with the liberal/white light view of diversity but as a pragmatist I realize diversity IS. I cannot stop or change it, so I might as well find a way to make it palatable. I believe various religions can share their secular portions of their faiths in order to find common ground and create a more harmonious existence for all. I cannot stop the influences around me, but I can find a way to incorporate them in a way that brings me personal joy. Anyway:
Halloween for Christians, Christmas for Satanists, and peace for AmericansAlternative Religions ExaminerYgraine Gidney-Mitchell We are a diverse people, we like to say. We a multicultural, multiracial, multi and trans gendered and....well, you get it. …