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Avoiding Precedence

NOT one for the books!

Before my most recent lumbar relapse the big Satanism issue was the putz described above who wants to sue because he is a pussy. The article above and the exchange from a message board below sum up my view. I hope you find it enjoyable.
The following, with minor variations based on type of media, type of article, the response I have sent to over 40 various news and blog outlets:

As an authorized spokesperson and member of the clergy of the Church of Satan I am writing to respond to the articles about the inmate suing the prison in order to be allowed to practice “Satanism.” It is important to note that the Church of Satan prohibits all illegal activity.
In this particular and specific case the criminal deserves no assistance from the Church of Satan, and it is highly unlikely that the organization will support his alleged rights. If he is looking for forgiveness and welcome he’d do better by the Christian religions that practice mercy---we don’t.
As far as…