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Honey, I'm Home...and I know who Mom & Dad are

Someone else is claiming to be the rightful High Priest of the Church of Satan. It must be Monday. On Wednesday folks generally claim there is no Church of Satan. On Sundays, as we all know, Christians claim that everyone in law enforcement and professional baking are high ranking members of the Church of Satan. So it goes.

Why the latest craziness, I don't know. I have only passing acquaintance with the claimant dujour and last I saw he was much more interested in chatting with my breasts than indulging in any religio-philosophical discussion. At the time I think he was one of the Merovingian descendants laying claim to the bloodline of Christ. One might think that would be mutually exclusive from pre-eminence in the Church of Satan.....I mean, really....Jesus Christ's direct descendant as the Black Pope? Fuck, we'll get Ron Howard to direct.

Actually most of what I know about this dude I know from Peter Gilmore's mouth. When asked about his friend Peter was always ki…