Saturday, October 2, 2010

Honey, I'm Home...and I know who Mom & Dad are

Someone else is claiming to be the rightful High Priest of the Church of Satan. It must be Monday. On Wednesday folks generally claim there is no Church of Satan. On Sundays, as we all know, Christians claim that everyone in law enforcement and professional baking are high ranking members of the Church of Satan. So it goes.

Why the latest craziness, I don't know. I have only passing acquaintance with the claimant du jour and last I saw he was much more interested in chatting with my breasts than indulging in any religio-philosophical discussion. At the time I think he was one of the Merovingian descendants laying claim to the bloodline of Christ. One might think that would be mutually exclusive from pre-eminence in the Church of Satan.....I mean, really....Jesus Christ's direct descendant as the Black Pope? Fuck, we'll get Ron Howard to direct.

Actually most of what I know about this dude I know from Peter Gilmore's mouth. When asked about his friend Peter was always kind and at worst, non-committal. He never put this guy down, or ridiculed the latest flights of fantasy/fancy. He never was anything but supportive, patient, decent and true. That being so I can only assume this person is a disloyal prick who doesn't deserve to have friends as good as he had. I have n doubt that he will miss them one day.

Years ago I had the pleasure of seeing the first public picture of Anton LaVey's baby son, Xerxes on the inside cover of Peter Gilmore's magazine "The Black Flame." Dr. LaVey names Xerxes his heir, and likewise acknowledged Blanche Barton as his authorized High Priestess. He died not long after. It was perfectly right that Magistra Barton would take over. She herself appointed Peter Gilmore. Besides, I knew from personal experience the degree of closeness between Gilmore and Nadramia, LaVey and Barton. There was never the slightest question that all was precisely as it should be and exactly how Dr. LaVey would want it.

Long before I formally joined the Church of Satan I had the pleasure of getting to know "P & P" as many of us refer to them. Perhaps I am telling tales out of school but I am saying nothing here that anyone with a grain of a brain would not find out within a short time of knowing them. Brilliant, but pragmatic. Intellectual, but capable of delightful silliness. Caring, honest, loyal, forthright....all of these words apply but they don't begin to do them justice.

Religious leaders generally have a smarmy sort of "I know something you don't know" mystique going on. Magus Gilmore, instead, has a twinkle in his eye daring you to admit that we all know there is NOTHING out there! He invites you to share the truth, and refuses to sugar coat it or talk down to the lowest common denominator. Magistra Nadramia makes me want to move. I am serious. I want t live next door and pop over for Martini's and to walk the dog. If I say she is down to earth it makes her sound somehow simple or regular---she is neither. She is that rarest of things---a really cool, nice, smart person. She knows how to help you take that weak vessel "hope"in your hand and make it your own action for positive change---she is a witch.

I cannot tell you all how much I owe them both.

But I am gonna. For those who know of the infamous Gidney debacle/divorce/legal nightmare/trauma that was my life---a sort of Lifetime movie a la Kubrick, I have repeatedly said that the CoS was my strongest support system. Well, it runs down hill. If P & P hadn't had the courage to stand by me, humiliation be damned, I would have been Satanic persona non grata. Despite the multitude of flack they took and even now occasionally still take on my behalf their loyalty never wavered. And neither will mine.


Mister 47 said...

Ah, the other side of shit disturbing, if they aren't lumping us in with a bunch of flipparoos, they're trying to overthrow the throne.

This guy seriously took a shit on the floor before throwing himself out the window.

Hail Magus Gilmore!
Hail Magistra Nadramia!

Magister Lang said...

Loyalty is an honourable trait! Neither this person nor others of his ilk ever really had it in a real sense but rather simply a pre-adolescent fanboy sense when it came to Anton Lavey. He was after all the one they clung to and attached their careers to in order to support their NON notoriety. Except in their minds of course.

As Oscar Wilde once said in regards to such types, "Ambition is the last refuge of failure." Each and every one of these failure's claimed to be a High Priest of something or other. Some even claimed the title of Satanist plus direct descendant of Jesus Christ!

Reaction has been like a shoe dropping of in a dull thud on the floor. May that be a dull thud be a lid falling upon a person who's alcohol consumption got the better of him.

All these folks must have been really jealous of 6,6,06 and the inside joke they never got but could have. Sorry for not thinking you all needed your ego stroked so badly.

What a waste of time supporting you all this has been.

Ever forward!

Diabolic Publications said...

Loyalty is something I treasure above and before just about anything else.

I have no time or respect to waste on an ingrate blowhard who will claim to be a descendant of anyone he thinks will get him attention or fame, or stake claim to something which he does not deserve, has not earned and would throw away on a whim. A man who claimed to care for the leadership of the Church of Satan and yet show complete and utter disrespect for those who were, by all accounts, his friend. He is what I like to term, a waste of flesh.

My loyalty will always be to The Church of Satan, the wonderful people who run it and the memory and desires of the man who created it.

ruth666 said...

Well said.

My only comment when I learned of this was to ask, "Who Farted?"

(But that's just me; I'm a Real SO-Phisticate.)

nagasiva said...

hi Magistra Ygraine! what i don't get is whether the Church of Satan is agreeing with Boyd Rice that Anton LaVey actually offered him the HP position at or near the time of his death. is this something you all know about, or is Mr. Rice talking through his power runes?

Unknown said...

I know this going to sound incredible retarded, but are we speaking of Boyd Rice claiming to the heir apparent of the COS?

When did this happen? I thought he was a member in good standing with org?

How stupid am I?

Unknown said...

Wow, pretty damned stupid!

I would have known this, but I have not been to Boyds website in a while.

What a ass! What is he trying to accomplish?

Well I guess when your Tiki bar fails there is always....

Magistra_Y said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Magistra_Y said...

"hi Magistra Ygraine! what i don't get is whether the Church of Satan is agreeing with Boyd Rice that Anton LaVey actually offered him the HP position at or near the time of his death. is this something you all know about, or is Mr. Rice talking through his power runes?"

The CoS is not agreeing with Mr. Rice that anything was offered to him by Dr. LaVey regarding the CoS. The most we can figure is perhaps at dinner or cocktails Dr. LaVey might have jokingly spread out his arms and sarcastically said " day all this could be yours..." but whether he was referring to the guacamole, the wine, or the joy of good company none of us is certain.


Citizen Jonesy said...

I remember reading what Mr. Rice had said a while back. My thoughts now are the same as then: He should put in a burlap sack and beaten with reeds, then have his membership revoked, if it hasn't already.

GutterDandy said...

To whom it may concern,

As it is widely known, Anton Szandor LaVey repeatedly expressed his sincere desire to me that his mantle as leader of the Church of Satan pass to me upon his death. In his estimation, I was the sole person qualified to carry his tradition into a new era. At the time I demurred, explaining that I was a loner and not a team player or a people person.

Now I have changed my mind. After thirteen years of introspection, I have decided to step up to the plate and humbly accept the role bestowed upon me by my close friend and mentor. Why? Because remaining loyal to LaVey's spirit and memory has come at the cost of distancing myself from the organization perpetuating itself in his name.

At one time, the sycophants and functionaries at the forefront of the CoS may have been called apparatchiks or pencil pushers. Today they are bloggers, whose sole arena of combat is the internet. When they employ "satanic" ideals, it's in endless squabbles in cyberspace - rarely in real life or the real world. The LaVey I knew abhorred such types, and frequently told me as much.

I am told that many in the Church of Satan were offended by my book NO, and particularly by my essay on individuality; which they perceived as a potshot taken at them. How very perceptive - it was exactly that! If Anton were alive to read the text, he'd agree wholeheartedly; and laugh his ass off. He often lamented to me that his ideas vis-à-vis individualism were misguided and that he'd in effect "given birth to a monster"; or that such ideas applied to a few rare souls and not to everyone with the price of admission.

Consequently, my first official act as new leader and only truly ordained High Priest of the Church of Satan is to declare that the organization no longer exists. True LaVeyan Satanism only exists insofar as it is manifested in deeds - in life and living. Never in mere words. Elitism is self-defining, it is not a commodity that can be bought or sold for a few hundred dollars, or whatever the going rate is for a little, red membership card.

In the future, LaVey's ideas can only survive in so much as they constitute a living reality, and never as mere platitudes on the printed page or computer screen; and in the future, such ideas must be taken to the next level. They must be recognized as purely foundational. Not an end point, but a starting point. LaVey expressed as much to me when he appointed me Grand Master of The Order of the Trapezoid. Satanism is an initiation into the wisdom of materiality, and the trapezoid represents the mastering of materiality - the pyramid sans its keystone. It is a foundation and a beginning.

In closing, I know my words will find resonance only amongst a rare few. That's as it should be. I am not trying to "take over" the internet orthodoxy currently known as the Church of Satan, nor would I want to. I wouldn't touch it with a bargepole.

I am simply telling you I am Anton LaVey's handpicked replacement as High Priest. Do with that what you will. I will not ask you for money. I will not send you newsletters or post blogs. But I will never steer you wrong, nor ever disgrace the memory of my dear friend and mentor, Anton Szandor LaVey. He lives within each soul that manifests his ideas and worldview. He will remain forever dead to those who are content to pay mere lip service to them. For the former, a new era awaits; for the latter, an old error remains in play. Let the dead bury the dead - life is for the living.

Boyd Rice
High Priest, Church of Satan
Grand Master, Order of the Trapezoid

GutterDandy said...

Let it come down upon their heads now, the pretenders of the Church of Satan who have besmirched His Name, grotesquely reduced Him
to a cop, a neo-Nazi, and a mere prude, all to serve their own pathetic, servile agendas.

Let it rain down upon them, as these final days for the Church of Satan take place. All of those who wish to restore the Name of Satan to its former glory will join together now to finish the work at hand.

Hail those who have bravely stood up and faced the wrath of the Church of Satan, whose roar
has now been reduced to a mere whimper. Hail Boyd Rice, Lord Egan / John Allee, Michael Aquino, Karla LaVey, Zeena LaVey, and all those who have refused to allow the Church of Satan's lies and
distortions to go unchallenged.

Satanism's glory days are about to commence!

Hail the destruction of the Church of Satan, the true enemies of Satan!

Hail Satan!

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