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Fuck DemocracyWherein the Wicked Witch Confesses Volunteering for the Role of Kinda Benevolent Dictator

     This year Adam Campbell, of the wonderful Speak of the Devil podcast, presented us with the first Warlock of the Year Award.  He was kind enough to inquire of me whether this would effect me.  I appreciated his concern.  My Witch of the Year Award is about to celebrate it's fourth year, and he followed not a written protocol, but a civil one.  'gotta love that in a guy!  I voted for my choices.      Voted.        The last time I did that things didn't work so well, for like, everyone.  I am desperately trying to justify my previously epic support of representative democracy.  I always believed that straight democracy, one man one vote shit, was mob rule.  Considering the mob mentality prevailing  on every notch of the political/social spectrum--I'm not seeing much of a distinction.       This led me to wonder about my Wicked Witch Award.  I request nominations and s…