Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Fuck Democracy

Wherein the Wicked Witch Confesses Volunteering for the Role of Kinda Benevolent Dictator

     This year Adam Campbell, of the wonderful Speak of the Devil podcast, presented us with the first Warlock of the Year Award.  He was kind enough to inquire of me whether this would effect me.  I appreciated his concern.  My Witch of the Year Award is about to celebrate it's fourth year, and he followed not a written protocol, but a civil one.  'gotta love that in a guy!  I voted for my choices.
     The last time I did that things didn't work so well, for like, everyone.  I am desperately trying to justify my previously epic support of representative democracy.  I always believed that straight democracy, one man one vote shit, was mob rule.  Considering the mob mentality prevailing  on every notch of the political/social spectrum--I'm not seeing much of a distinction.
      This led me to wonder about my Wicked Witch Award.  I request nominations and seconds from the Satanic public.  I demand the nominees respond to an extensive questionnaire and allow me to publish multiple pictures.  I double check their membership status.  Then I narrow the list down with the assistance of the previous winners.  Then, if no obvious candidate leaps miles above the rest, I beg our High Priestess for her input.  She has never steered me wrong.  When I finally make a decision, it is ultimately mine alone.
     I choose the nominee who has demonstrated her Wicked Witch tactics and power to provable ends.  Merit.  The standards are mine.  They are based on 54 years with a vagina and a brain.
     Note the combination.  One without the other appears to be the current rate of exchange.  We have vagina only harpies destroying damaged victims by pooling them into a social bait ball.  We have tremendously tiny dick men forced to feel their intellectual impotence and responding with pitchforks.  The brain people, evidently not utilizing their genitalia in a healthy way, are so busy side-stepping offending anyone that it is like a giant cerebral macarena.   The "mobs" are taking over, unbalanced and extreme, and the solution is beyond the scope of the voting booth.
     So I choose to maintain my little dictatorship.  I am THE WICKED WITCH.  These are the Wicked Witches worthy of my title:

          Intelligent, focused. glamorous, accomplished women who continue to utilize Satanic principles to further their passions and goals.  Can I get a ""Hail, Satan?"
        We live in an age when our total environments can extend well beyond  living spaces.  Our art, our music, or online creations/personas, all these things are our Satanic expressions of individuality.  The mob might call it "branding."  I call it mine.
     This Wicked Witch confesses that in my lair, I choose.  
     Now if I could only get that electoral college control spell right I, too, can rule the world.

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