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Satanic Friends in Low Places

This story is just disgusting all the way around.

First, this:

The story of a fucked up kid killing a fucked up man and a fucked up newspaper supporting fucked up friends and allowing our religion to get shit on for it.



As a previous Brooklyn resident, a native New Yorker, and a spokesperson for the Church of Satan I disturbed that you'd use the headline chosen to tell the story of a viscious and disturbed teenager and the death of a perverted junkie pederast.
Given all that tawdry proven information one must wonder why you'd choose "Satanism" as an angle to draw readers.? Are your readers so jaded that pedophilia, internet seduction, drug abuse and brutal murder aren't quite interesting enough?
As a teenager Katehis was ineligable to join the Church of Satan. His actions further demonstrate that he was not considered a Satanist by any current legitmate or academic or phi…