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Danny Schertz: Satanist? No! Big, Fat, Gross Pervert? YESSIREEBOB!

I have been involved in an online issue involving a sex offender named Danny Schertz. It seems Mr. Schertz claims to be both a member of the Church of Satan and the Temple of Set. Claims notwithstanding, what he is is a convicted sex offender and therefore human garbage.

As Mr. Schertz is a convicted sex offender I refuse to throw the word "alleged" around, or concern myself with his rights. As far as I am concerned he does not't have any. He forfeited them when he chose to abuse a teenager and pimp her in truck stops( He has been designated as a third tier offender, one most likely to re-offend, and he cannot seem to shut his decidedly large mouth.

Now, if Schertz wasn't insisting that he is what I am, a Satanist, he'd still be society's problem, but not mine in particular. But Schertz, despite all evidence to the contrary, claims to be a member of my church,…