Friday, June 12, 2009

Danny Schertz: Satanist? No! Big, Fat, Gross Pervert? YESSIREEBOB!

I have been involved in an online issue involving a sex offender named Danny Schertz. It seems Mr. Schertz claims to be both a member of the Church of Satan and the Temple of Set. Claims notwithstanding, what he is is a convicted sex offender and therefore human garbage.

As Mr. Schertz is a convicted sex offender I refuse to throw the word "alleged" around, or concern myself with his rights. As far as I am concerned he does not't have any. He forfeited them when he chose to abuse a teenager and pimp her in truck stops( He has been designated as a third tier offender, one most likely to re-offend, and he cannot seem to shut his decidedly large mouth.

Now, if Schertz wasn't insisting that he is what I am, a Satanist, he'd still be society's problem, but not mine in particular. But Schertz, despite all evidence to the contrary, claims to be a member of my church, as well as another alternative religious organization, The Temple of Set, and, as a result, brings shame and continues the misinformation that justifies discrimination to both of these legal religions. He IS my problem. 'good thing I am both unimpressed and unafraid of the likes of Schertz:

The Satanic Bible and the canon of Satanic law are crystalline about sexual abuse. We are against it in any form. Period. There is a responsibility that comes with freedom for the consenting adult, and most sane people of any religion understand that. So, instead of kicking that dead horse, I want to address a comment left by a reader of these articles about Schertz: This is what Jeanie had to say:

"I'm afraid to even comment here, on this subject. Both are abhorrent to me. I don’t want to conjure up any devils or predators by accident. She writes well, I will give her that. But my first thought had nothing to do with sexual predators or even religious (or anti-religious) viewpoints. My issue is with not believing in forgiveness. I think that’s so void and empty. How does one go through life and all its ups and downs without giving (or getting) forgiveness?"

This is a truly important distinction that separates Satanism from traditional religions. Satanists do not believe in forgiveness, at least not automatic or divine or mandatory forgiveness.

It may be fun for the mainstream to lie and claim Satanists sacrifice, or uphold perversions, or worship a literal devil entity, but those myths are untrue and do not actually inform about the Satanic mindset. Our lack of forgiveness does. It speaks volumes about why Satanists aren't Christians, and why Satanists follow their innate, natural inclination to accept Satanism as a formal religion.

When i read Jeanie's comment what happens is I am blown away that she can even get around the sexual offender and his crimes and concern herself with whether I feel forgiveness or if Schertz is offered it. I have a physical response, a revulsion to the very idea that anyone can read about what Schertz has done and want anything less than a cruel and merciless death for him.

The Satanist wants to know why forgiveness is necessary? How does it help society? How does it prevent another crime?

Then the Satanist comprehends that forgiveness is a method by which the harmed rationalize their powerlessness. It allows the victim some method by which to feel they have some control. It is a method of self-deceit....and strangely, this can make some degree of sense to the Satanist. This, to us, would be magic--a method where one changes one's psychological mindset in order to achieve an end, in this case, to feel better.

However, for the Satanist, there are other forms of psychodrama/magic that perform the same function to the victim without granting forgiveness/power to the offender: We curse....and I am not talking about flipping a bird out the window. The benefit of cursing is obvious: It breaks no laws, and the practitioner feels empowered and without guilt or remorse.

The Satanist finds that forgiveness simply allows the weak and cruel license to continue being weak and cruel. We feel that society coddles the criminal, allowing him to thrive, breed more criminals, and continue an anti-Darwinian support of the worst of us. The courts maintain a mythology that sex offenders can be either cured or controlled, and the truly innocent suffer. The churches want us to forgive these animals despite the fact their supposed gods do nothithing to prevent these crimes against women and children--which, if one reads The Holy Bible, should surprise no one. That book hardly defends women and kids, but it sure does demand that we offer forgiveness to those who damage them!*

So, despite the belief that Ozzy Osbourne lyrics and album covers generate an interest in Satanism, it is actually the hypocrisy, the lack of fairness that actually brings members to the Satanic ranks. The people who find that traditional religion's power, filtering into societies laws and the mores of a culture encourage criminality and abuse are the people who read The Satanic Bible and find it's truth apparent any time they open their eyes.

Jeanie concerns herself that a lack of forgiveness might lead to a void and empty life. She need not worry. The Satanist embraces their hatred as much as they embrace their love. Again, contrary to popular belief Satanists are not all about hate, and are probably the most romantic and passionate people alive. The difference is nature. The Satanist does not automatically love their neighbor. The Satanist feels that makes all love cheap and without genuine value . Nor does the Satanist automatically hate, we just hate those who do us wrong or damage the world we love. These emotions are equally important and beneficial and honest. If a Satanist professes love, know that it is real, devoted, and deep. Likewise, should the Satanist profess hate, it is without measure and there will be much atonement required for forgiveness.

In a Satanic world, which Satanists accept will never exist as it will always be a minority religion, embraced only by those who are inherently and innately resonating with a specific and unchangeable belief structure, Schertz would either have been executed or placed on a penal colony for life. He offers nothing, drains much, and is only welcome in the pews where )forgiveness is currency.

*Paul points out in New Testament Romans that "the natural use" of women is to provide men with sex.

If a betrothed virgin is raped in the city and doesn't cry out loud enough, then "the men of the city shall stone her to death." (Deuteronomy

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