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On Rattles, Adaptation, and Kindness Wherein the Wicked Witch Confesses to Being Kind
Because the Status Quo is to Be Cruel *Usual Disclaimer that the Church of Satan has an intentional policy of not having a specific political position on any-damn-thing, meaning my statements regarding the current Administration are mine, alone.

Below you'll find a post by a CoS Priestess, Reverend Gardner,  who apparently woke up this morning, just like me, so utterly appalled at what is going on in the Country that she had to 'write it out.'  My piece is a little different, but I remain confident that the message is the same--
Want to live a happy, productive life?  Don't be a mean asshole, and try to understand where others are coming from.  If that needs to be put in a Satanic context kindly look up the Satanic Sins of Solipsism, and regarding Past Orthodoxies.
A few days back on twitter I read a post where a black woman was trying to explain the Megyn Kelly blackface thing.  Kell…


POWERLESS Wherein the Wicked Witch Confesses to Being a Coward     In recent months I have been told how pointless being concerned about politics is.  I have heard thinking people say things I disagree with on an idealistic and principled level.  I have heard friends say things that have hurt, albeit unintentionally.  Despite maintaining an even fairness in responses and maintaining the guidelines of my beloved Church of Satan, I never felt I was compromising my values or ethics.      In the last 48 hours I have felt, for the first time in my life, like those who told me it doesn't matter, were right.  I feel defeated.  Kavanaugh is just the symptom.  His winning a seat on the Court, to me, and to anyone who values a woman's right to control her body, is tragic, but not emotionally or legally insurmountable.  It would normally be the kind of challenge I would relish.  I'd don a cape, swoop in and die on the hill for my belief, a la Anne Frank, that people are basically go…