Friday, October 18, 2013

I'm on Radio Free Satan, I'm on Radio Free Satan, na na na , And You're Not!!!!!!!!!


on Radio Free Satan

 I am so excited.  Bill M. finally got all my hints and produced my show,  If ya'll want comedy watch me try to figure out the technical side of producing a podcast----you would swear I was born with Trisomy 23 and somehow managed to live.  There is actual slobber involved/  Yet Bill came to my rescue and I don't hate our first show, which, for me, is a miracle.  I always hate any performance of my own.
     Less than five years ago the way to reach out was this--a blog.  Today it is a podcast or Internet radio. Technology and communications change so quickly that it is impossible to keep up,  Still, it doesn't take me long to find substantial and good reasons to climb up on my soap box and play Cassandra who had the gift of unwavering perfect prophecy, and the curse that no one would believe her.  I relate to that bitch.  A bunch.
     Africa is now hosting the 1980's Satanic Panic---and they are so much more fun than America ever was!!  Now, please understand that I haven't a racist bone in my body BUT I cannot help but believe that Africans in some parts of Africa are savages.  Truly,  If you eat primates and/or cut off clits, you're a savage.  And, yes, I know it is their culture.  Great.  They have a savage culture.  Anywhoooooo, culture be damned, they have some mighty fine ignorance in the shape of what they perceive Satanism to be......check out these real headlines:

New Book Links Karl Marx to Satanism

Family let down by Satanism killing sentencing

2013-10-11 21:50

Lesbianism, Satanism rock school   (at first I thought this was a school for Lesbian Satanists who played guitar)

     In the countries in Africa that are just starting to really develop this seems to be something akin to growing pains.  People, when confronted by an entirely new world, often seek a scapegoat to put things in a perspective of black and white that they understand.  Of course they actually play Salem circa 1690's.  It ain't the kind of place to go spread the genuine Satanic gospel unless burning to death sounds like fun to you. I mean, shit!  If they will machete to death a middle aged unarmed woman for trying to protect gorillas, or more recently elephants, how do you think I'd go over?  "Hi you fucking Savages, you!    I'm here to tell you that everything you believe and everything those nice white folks with the gruel believe is, wait, water buffalo shit!  And girls, that knife between the legs thing can easily go both ways...I'm just sayin'.    And by the way.  I'm going to curse the living Hell out of each and everyone of you poaching Motherfuckers if it takes every full moon for the rest of my life!  You best hope your name doesn't end up in a paper or online because if it does  I will avenge the smallest monkey to the biggest bull elephant and everything in between.  YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!!!!!!!!!

     I have made it plain on Confessions of a Wicked Witch     that we will be doing some cursing/hexing/black magic/retributive meditations on the show for both myself and my listeners.  I want to curse people who deserve it.  Now, no doubt there are some airy faery types, or so much worse, pseudo intellectual types that will ask me how can I possibly know if someone actually deserves it, how do I have the balls to play God.  I say, who is playing?  I'm pretty sure I can discern righteous from petty AND, face it, Nature will out.   

     No curse can make a person do something their own nature wouldn't permit, anyway.  No hex can make the good, bad or the bad, good.  Nature has no problem with you working through various archetypes or metaphor---it has given us Satan, the one who never kneels and who refuses to forgive!    

     There will be three kinds of curses offered on    Confessions of a Wicked Witch.
  • Cursing or Hexing a public figure.  Now, let's get something straight, the Church of Satan has a strict no political position policy which means I won't be cursing Obama or Boehner.  I won't zap Hilary.  In short, no national, current political figures will be hexed..  However, if the Chief of Police in your town has said there is no such thing a marital rape and he won't arrest anyone for it, well, he better duck.  Capiche?
  •   Cursing or Hexing someone who has done you a specific wrong.  Exes, co-workers, local nutters who piss in your yard, mothers-in-law.  Give me as much information as possible.  I need to feel the indignation to really give it to them. Send it to wickedwitch@radiofresatan.
  • Finally, there is a personal curse that costs money.  Do I look like I miss many meals?  No.  Being a pro Witch pays like shit, so don't be surprised that if you want a personal service it will cost.  
    I also look forward to cursing folks that I despise!  I am so glad you guys will be with me!!!
Hail, Satan!

Magistra Ygraine


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