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Never A Dull Moment: The Good Old Days Weren't Always Good and Tomorrow Ain't as Bad as it Seems.......................................................

I have been so lucky. For a over decade I decided to lay fairly low and as a result I was wrapped in the loving and strong arms of The Church of Satan. In addition to allowing me to stay despite my highly embarrassing presence, they elevated me and allowed me to continue the public relations work that means so much to me, and on my terms, as well.  I made them a target for humiliation and they made me feel like I wasn't a pariah but a valued member.  How could I ever be anything but grateful?

     A few years back I was doing research and felt strongly that I could substantiate my position that the Church of Satan was the first actual Satanic church in history.  Naturally there was no idea that others outside the CoS would agree, but that did not change the position.  Very simply since prior to the formation of the Church of Satan there had never been, in all of history, a voluntary group of people who had joined for ritual and dogma who called themselves Satanists, Satanism the…

Podcast: Confessions of a Wicked Witch

Confessions of a Wicked Witch on RFS!

Follow the above link to hear the Wicked Witch before someone drops a house on her!

I'm Back Just in Time to Hate Someone New!!!!!!!

As a member of the Church of Satan’s Priesthood and host of Radio Free Satan’s Confessions of a Wicked Witch, Iwant to help people understand the difference between real Satanists (The Church of Satan) and fakes and phonies looking for media attention (Temples of Satan/Joy of Satan.)
Ten Ways the Public can Identify Fake Satanists who want to be on TV: 1.Fake Satanists are what real Satanists label “Shit-Disturbers.”Real Satanists are too busy living in the here and now and worshiping their own precious lives to bother Christians about such silliness as holiday decor.2.Fake Satanists look for the scum of the Earth to build their ranks.Real Satanists wanting to be an Active Member of the Church of Satan must fill out a long questionnaire and pay a one time fee of $200.003.Fake Satanists quote The Satanic Bible and other works by Satanism founder Anton Szandor LaVey and then insult him and his memory by claiming they are the new or better way. Real Satanists study those works, apply the…