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Satanism VS. TS (Heretical Devil Worshipers)

It has been a busy media month in Satanism, so I have been fairly busy doing that thing I do. Between the ridiculous situation in Durham, and the noise filtering from Chicago regarding a custody battle, I am seeing a few trends I'd like to address.

The thing is, while researching answers and issues, I discovered a veritable treasure trove of old and new stuff from devil worshipers---some of it even attacking me and my stance on their existence, which is I suppose understandable. After all, my stance is that they don't deserve to exist, but exist they do. They have even become euphemistically savvy! They no longer refer to themselves as devil worshipers or even Satanists (for which we Satanists can be truly grateful,) but now: Theistic Satanists. It is just like the creationists calling their beliefs Intelligent Design.

These devil worshipers of course can call themselves anything they want. There is no legal monopoly on words, even if there should be. I can hope all I wan…

Progressive Bigotry

This gem from The Eureka Reporter in California:

IRS recognizes Church of Satan as a religionBy Dave Stancliff Published: Jul 19 2008, 10:45 PM Category: Opinion

Let’s get one thing straight right now.I’m not that old. When I made my appearance in this world in 1950, Satan wasn’t considered a good guy. Back then he was recognized by Christians as a fallen angel and someone you didn’t want to run into in a dark alley — and who would prod you with a pitchfork if you were bad and went to hell.Basic religions were a simple enough subject back then. Somehow, 57 years later the subject of religion has taken on a direction that no baby boomer would have dreamed of. Did you know that the Internal Revenue Service recognizes the Church of Satan as a religion?What triggered me to this odd fact was a July 9 article in The Chicago Tribune. The headline read, “In Satanist’s custody battle, law may play devil’s advocate.” Proving truth is stranger than fiction, an Indiana court is looking at a case wher…