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Just Because...(Blues sung from the middle of the road)

Recently a post has been making the rounds that reminds me of the old Egyptian negative confession, but is about what the person agreeing with it (myself included)states they  "will not work together" about.  You can find this all over, but I have a link to where I signed it under my mundane name

For me this isn't enough.  It states plainly what makes me angry and why I am upset, but it doesn't tell the whole story.

Lately whenever a liberal non-Trumpian makes a point against a Trump executive order there is a philosophical leap made that makes no fucking sense but somehow manages to justify the continued hatred of liberals.  I don't appreciate my well thought out positions being used to imply things I neither feel nor say.  So here is my contribution:

Just because.............

Just because I am against the executive order banning certain Muslim states from entering our country doesn't mean that …