Monday, March 13, 2017

Just Because...(Blues sung from the middle of the road)

Recently a post has been making the rounds that reminds me of the old Egyptian negative confession, but is about what the person agreeing with it (myself included)states they  "will not work together" about.  You can find this all over, but I have a link to where I signed it under my mundane name

For me this isn't enough.  It states plainly what makes me angry and why I am upset, but it doesn't tell the whole story.

Lately whenever a liberal non-Trumpian makes a point against a Trump executive order there is a philosophical leap made that makes no fucking sense but somehow manages to justify the continued hatred of liberals.  I don't appreciate my well thought out positions being used to imply things I neither feel nor say.  So here is my contribution:

Just because.............

Just because I am against the executive order banning certain Muslim states from entering our country doesn't mean that I am somehow supportive of extreme Islamic terrorism.

Just because I believe that terrorism is caused by Extreme Islam (and ALL religious extremists of every sort, equally dangerous) doesn't mean I support or will allow Islamophobia to become part of the American landscape.

Just because I support Syrian refugees doesn't mean I want open borders.

Just because I want strong borders doesn't mean I am anti legal-immigration or against America continuing its proud tradition of providing sanctuary for those in the cross hairs of war through no fault of their own.

Just because I am against a border wall from Mexico doesn't mean I want open borders or open immigration.

Just because I support immigration from Mexico doesn't mean I want an open door policy that extends to social services.

Just because I do not support social services for illegal immigrant adults doesn't mean that I think illegal children should be denied basic healthcare.

Just because I believe that certain police have committed acts influenced by racism doesn't mean I believe all white men are racist.

Just because I don't believe all white men are racists doesn't mean I don't think racism exists.

Just because I want to be sure felons and the mentally ill have to wait 5 minutes before obtaining firearms doesn't mean I want to damage or eradicate the 2nd amendment.

Just because I support the 2nd Amendment doesn't mean I support no restrictions on who can carry firearms.

Just because I pay strict attention to the sources of the news presented to me doesn't mean I believe most outlets are promoting fake news.

Just because I believe that "fake news" is a propaganda method utilized to make Americans not trust their free press doesn't mean I don't know that every reporter/network/paper has a bias to consider.

Just because Nazis used the word "Socialist" in their name doesn't mean I think all socialism is evil.

Just because I support Universal Healthcare and access to education doesn't mean I want to live in an exclusively socialist state.

Just because I care about the environment doesn't mean I hate employment.

Just because it makes no sense to destroy the earth, air, and water in the name of jobs doesn't mean I don't believe in new education and technologies to re-integrate workers who's jobs are obsolete.

Just because I am addicted to cosmetics and handbags doesn't mean I am not a feminist.

Just because I am a feminist doesn't mean I have any ill will towards men.

Just because I am against poaching, hunting endangered species, puppy mills and treating animals badly in any way doesn't mean that I don't support those who hunt for their food (unless endangered or primate,)  eat responsibly farmed meat, purchase purebred dogs from responsible home breeders, or visit AZA accredited zoos.

Just because I support the eating of responsibly farmed meat doesn't mean I don't want to end cruel practices against animals used for our food.

Just because a few women have faked sexual assaults doesn't mean I automatically disregard a woman's claim of being sexually assaulted.

Just because a woman has been sexually assaulted doesn't mean men are inherently rapists.

Just because a microscopic amount of women have needed to have late term abortions doesn't mean that I support late term abortion on the whole.

Just because I don't support late term abortion for anything other than a woman's health doesn't mean I don't 100% support a woman's right to choose in the first trimester.

Just because I don't know/use all the new pronouns for LGBT community doesn't mean I don't support their rights.

Just because I support LGBT rights doesn't mean I support hatred against those who are having trouble understanding a new vernacular and it being used as an accusation of bigotry.

Just because I despise traditional religion doesn't mean I despise individual members of said religions.

Just because I support an individuals freedom of religion doesn't mean I support the religion itself.

Just because Extreme Islam is currently a focus doesn't mean I have forgotten Jim Jones & the People's Temple, Aum Shinriyko, the Inquisition or every other extreme religion's contribution to destruction, both outward and self.

Just because I support the Death Penalty in the worst cases doesn't mean I don't believe every conceivable avenue should be explored to make sure only the guilty meet this fate.

Just because I support treating people, even criminals, fairly, doesn't mean I don't think monsters who violate the social contract shouldn't be dispatched with as little care for their comfort as the demonstrated to their victims.

Just because I believe adults should be free to do whatever they want sexually with other consenting adults doesn't mean that I don't think child rapists/molesters shouldn't face the death penalty.

Just because a seemingly successful business man tells you that only they can make America great again doesn't mean that AMERICA WASN'T  ALREADY GREAT!

Just because I know there are a hundred more issues that I am probably forgetting doesn't mean I don't invite others to add theirs on the comments and if I can agree I will add them to this piece.

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Kenaz Filan said...

Everybody seems to have forgotten the Fallacy of the Excluded Middle. There's no room for disagreement, debate or ceding a point because the other guy is actually onto something. Anybody who doesn't toe the party line is either a HATEFUL NAZI FASCIST HOMOPHOBIC ISLAMOPHOBIC TRANSPHOBIC RACIST or a WHINY SJW LIBTARD SNOWFLAKE. The idea is no longer to prove your contention by data, statistics and logic: instead it is a contest to see who can scream the loudest and who can express the most (self-) righteous outrage. This isn't just silly, it's extremely dangerous. In such an environment conflict is inevitable and arguments will inevitably be settled by violence.

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