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The Last Year or So

Greetings, Faithful Friends & Readers, Some of you have noticed my rare appearances on the web and the attached lack of posts and other displays of life. For a year or so, and especially the last six months much has been going on in my real life, and this world, the internet world, just hasn't seemed in the least bit important. I take that as a sign of real mental health on my part. However, I miss so many of you and must face the fact that if I do not reach out from time to time others are equally likely to remain silent and that simply won't do. So...catch up time, then. I suppose two things in particular have had the biggest effect on my life of late---- First, my divorce finally came through last December after fighting for it for 9 years. To the poor guy in the wheelchair at the courthouse, the one whom I screamed "I'm divorced motherfucker!" directly into his face, I owe an apology. To those folks on the streets of Bartow Florida back in December who…