Saturday, September 20, 2008

Crazy Blond YouTube Chick:Proof there is no devil, or this bitch would be dead

*Please note that I may have confused two different people and amalgamated them into one prior to the first posting of this blog. For my mistake I am completely to blame and completely sorry. I deserve to be trashed for not doing all the proper research prior to posting this. However, any vitriol is explained by these parasites living off the LaVeyan name and allowing people to think The Satanic Bible encourages any sort of spirituality. My confusion simply proves the point of all these rants---If I, who has read the works and lives by them, can be confused, imagine what a newcomer to Satanism would think?

*****Note: Venus Satanas link has been removed as she was NOT the offensive blonde crazy I was writing about. I had promised I would remove it and forgot and that makes me DEAD WRONG, and despite our religious disagreements, I had no right to forget her fair request. I am sorry, Venus.

Why am I so against theistic horseshit?

You mean aside from the validation of sacrifices, murder, irresponsibility, and just plain old being an embarrassment to real Satanists? Check out these links. Don't do it before you eat or you'll lose your appetite. Don't do it after you eat or you'll puke. In fact, plan this for when you're fasting, or attempting bulimia or something.

This disgusting cunt, this advertisement for mandatory abortion has the fucking nerve to label her insane youTube videos as Anton LaVey: From the Grave. Aside from the sheer craziness of that, and the manipulation she is attempting by using the name of a someone to get people to watch a nobody--I think of his son, his longtime companion, and his many friends that are friends of mine who do not deserve to have LaVey's name bandied about by this bus station skank! To paraphrase Lloyd Bentson, "I knew Anton LaVey, you inept whore, and you're no Anton LaVey!"

Check out this schitzoid's website---she actually spells magic with a "k." Apparently the reincarnation of our beloved founder forgot his own position---although I have no doubt that were he still alive he would again remind us that "Those who spell magic with a k, aren't," while using her picture to explain why.

Look folks, and I am sorry for the maybe 3 theistics I have known who weren't total pieces of shit, this has got to stop. When I guested on my dear friend David's Satanism Today show last week we discussed the problems in South Africa, Russia, and right here in our backyard. I am sorry if folks can't see the logical conclusion that worshiping, that even believing in such nonsense is not only absurd and un-Satanic, but genuinely dangerous.

Let's examine the logic.

What does belief in an external deity do?
1. It means that someone other than self has the ultimate control.
2. It means your actions will either please or anger said deity.
3. It means there is a reward/punishment motif throughout life that determines behavior.

What does having an external deity having ultimate control mean to people?
1. It means that the self can take no pride, not take any blame for their actions.
2. It means that irresponsibility can be happily utilized by the lazy and the criminal because if a deity is present and all powerful, surely he can stop or change human action to suit his needs, and the human becomes blameless.
3. It means life is cheap, as the deity has a gazillion little toys (humans) to play with and the individual is nothing more than another doll.

What about reward/punishment?
1. Either "karma" comes into play, and deity becomes a cosmic scorekeeper, cheerfully waiting for the individual to fuck up to thrash him while alive, or.....
2. There is a Heaven and Hell, or some other afterlife making, again, life cheap and meaningless as those who follow the deity are waiting to die to earn their reward, or accept that they are shit, figure they are going to Hell anyway, and continue to sin, or.....
3. They believe in reincarnation, whereby the individual either gets a new life (so why bother with the previous one?,) or regresses to whatever lesser life form the deity wants---like a mosquito or something.

The point, obviously, is that the Satanist KNOWS this is their one life. It is beautiful and valuable because it is unique and there is no more!

The point is there is no time to beg some external deity for favors, because the Satanist is too busy making things happen giving their individual life meaningful for them, to get on their knees and beg!

The point is the Satanist cannot murder or sacrifice, because their is nothing to sacrifice to, no deity to judge them, and life is too valuable to chance running afoul of the laws of man and losing freedom.

We Satanists are a stoic bunch. It is against our nature to give too much credence to these theists because we don't like to waste our personal precious energy on them. BUT we're going to have to.

Their existence is an affront to our philosophy, and by not challenging them, by pretending they don't exist, we are allowing them to use our name, and the name of our beloved and DEAD founder--legitimizing them to the casual human viewer. If you think I am over-estimating their danger to us, think of the stories I have linked on this blog. Every one of these crimes is attributed to "Satanists," and now, with the internet, and freaks and assholes like this walking venereal disease Venus Satanas, the herd can type in that word and find hundreds of these theistic pseudo-Satanic organizations , and only ONE of ours--the ONLY real Satanic church, The Church of Satan

Challenge them at every opportunity. Show them, especially this Marshall Appelwhite in drag, what a little real Satanic magic can do. Self-divinity is our strength and our power. Crush them all with it!



 Vs. said...

That was fabulous! I hope that you are quite happy with your rant. You did such a good job trashing me! You deserve an award for your creative abilities!

Hahah, you are so funny. Simply hilarious. Makes me laugh :D


ps. thanks for the free advertisement!

 Vs. said...

Why dont you surf on over to my Blog and read my reply LOL

Magistra_Y said...

As stated on the edit, I may have mistaken two morons for the price of one....

My mistake, and for the confusion I am genuinely apologetic.

As for my feelings on "theists"--no apology is warranted and I'd sooner douche with Drano than try to make sense of something that 2000 years of "belief" has proven to be dangerous, criminal, and ultimately anti-human.


 Vs. said...

Seems your reputation precedes you, Magistra Ygraine. I found your entire history of you and the COS. The backbiting, the treachery, the egotism, et al..

People who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones.

So, while you were a high priestess of all your Wicca covens you weren't a Theist, or even a pantheist, or polytheist?

As i recall, wicca is a goddess-based religion.

Interesting questions. Looking forward to your reply.

Anonymous said...

Were it possible to give strippers a bad name, she'd have managed it.

Sorry, I had to throw that in there for comic relief.

 Vs. said...

Quite amusing. LOL

 Vs. said...

If you want to see a hot stripper video go check out Szandora LaVey dancing completely topless with hula-hoops on MySpace videos.

Magistra_Y said...

The house I currently live in and have for the past 6 years is made of concrete. I have no fear of that which is already exposed.

No, I wasn't a polytheist or pantheist while a Wiccan HPS. I was exactly what I am now---a user of metaphor and archetype to enrich my human need for ritual. Wicca changed. I didn't. Now that they worship Jesus with tits I am no longer interested. But all that is what? Twenty years back----c'mon. Certainly you can do better. Ignore my points about the danger of belief and what you pieces of shit are doing to the name "Satanism." Get real personal--it is all out there.

And Szandora? Are you fucking kidding? The stupid bitch who couldn't even hold onto the LaVey that no other LaVey wanted? Puh-leeeeeezzzzz.


Anonymous said...

At least Szandora LaVey doesn't pretend to have a brain- she seems content to let everyone know exactly what she is and what she's worth. No pretentiousness there.

Magistra_Y said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Magistra_Y said...

Actually, I may be unfairly judging Ms. Szandora--due to her association with her ex-husband. However, j. Harris made a joke about strippers and VIOLA! A stripper was brought up.

Regardless, if, like her ex, Szandora literally "worships" an entity called "Satan" or, "Brer Rabbit" for that matter, I find her no different than a Christian.

What everyone is failing to see is that Belief is the problem. Worship is the problem.

Until all belief and worship is wiped out of alternative religions they are the same as traditional religions which make relinquishing personal responsibility the first and foremost requirement.

Sorry Szandora--and good for you for getting away from you-know-who.


September 22, 2008 8:37 AM

 Vs. said...

I don't worship anything.

I think Satan is a force of nature. And that all gods were created by humans.

Worshiping a symbolic human creation that represents nature, is quite pointless.

That is why this episode on your blog has been so funny, and entertaining.

Anonymous said...

Then why do you use the term "Spiritual Satanism"? What do you mean by "spiritual"? What does the concept have to do with a rejection of "spiritual beliefs"? You're not making any sense.

 Vs. said...

"Then why do you use the term "Spiritual Satanism"? What do you mean by "spiritual"? What does the concept have to do with a rejection of "spiritual beliefs"? You're not making any sense."

There are several reasons. The main use of the word 'spiritual' to describe satanism is to distinguish theistic forms of satanism from atheist or philosophical satanism.

Spiritual Satanists have spiritual beliefs or practices. I do not include religion in my spiritual practices, nor do i include worship as a form of spiritual expression.

This is compared to literal, symbolic, atheist or philosophical satanists [laveyan] who may not have spiritual practices or beliefs, or they may be expressed through the subconscious or through ritual expression, ie the "intellectual decompression chamber"

In my view, both are very valid and same practices or ways of satanism. Of course, any practice or belief can be taken to an extreme, and this is why i dislike fundamentalism and dogmatism to its core, in any area of the occult, satanism, magic or spirituality.

This is also why I do not like religion.

Satanism is a very philosophic, and symbolic to me.

Magistra_Y said...

Venus has spoken her piece, and while I am in utter disagreement, and of course will say how and why, I give her kudos for doing what most "theistics/spirtituals" can not. She has reasoned argument, she has not intentionally caused a problem for the CoS, and, despite repeated attacks, she has behaved like a lady. I am going to remove her name from the title of my blog. I won't remove the link, because, as I will explain in a minute, that is still a major issue, in particular because the very purpose of my continued work is to eradicate that sort of connection.

If Venus, or anyone else reads all the essays posted on this blog, they will see my ultimate purpose.

I contend that there is only one form of valid Satanism.

My contention is backed by history, as there was never a religion called "Satanism" prior to LaVey naming his church, and no group had ever before named themselves, or individuals within a group as "Satanists."

My contention is backed secondarily by cohesive dogma. The Satanic Bible, The Rules of the Earth, The Statements and Sins, the rest of the LaVey canon, and the works of Barton & Gilmore demonstrate to the world, potential and current adherents, academics and law enforcement, a strictly defined body of religious work that can be utilized to identify whether an individual is a Satanist. This becomes very important when SRA scares arise. The ability to say, "No this crime wasn't Satanic because it says in The Satanic Bible......," or, "The perp certainly wasn't a Satanist because no Satanist would violate...." Certainly one can see why the name should be attached to the Bible bearing it! Even the Catholic Church had exclusivity for 1300 years or so--and while the CoS has no problem with non-member Satanists, we have a huge problem with those who use our name, but re-arrange our Dogma to fit themselves.

Obviously I go on endlessly about this in the other essays on this blog site.

It should perhaps be noted that because I have been accepted as an expert in the subject by a number of jurisdictions for the purpose of testimony and teaching at law enforcement academies and seminars, that I have seen, up close and personal, why this is so important.

Even today on the news we see some Christian nutbag screwing children and claiming it is a religious expression. Now, because Christianity is so defined, he has automatically been accused of running a cult---Christianity will bear no blame for this horror show. We have yet to enjoy such automatic grace because we are NOT seen as so well defined, or seen as being defined by those who violate The Satanic Bible and our dogma. It is my goal, my deepest wish, to change that.

 Vs. said...

"Now, because Christianity is so defined, he has automatically been accused of running a cult---Christianity will bear no blame for this horror show. We have yet to enjoy such automatic grace because we are NOT seen as so well defined, or seen as being defined by those who violate The Satanic Bible and our dogma. It is my goal, my deepest wish, to change that."

I agree with your statement, and i also stand by the words of the Satanic Bible. I believe that the SB should be a standard for Satanism. There are many others who think so as well.

[Reference the essay: 'Who Serves Satan? A Demographic and Ideological Profile' by James R. Lewis] This is an interesting essay which is focused on the demographics of Satanism today, along with the importance of the SB as a document to Satanists.

Anyone who has ever asked me how to get into satanism, I tell them to read the SB first. I really dont have respect for those who haven't read the SB and claim to be a satanist.

I also agree, 100% that there was no satanism before the SB or the COS/LaVey. Those who claim that satanism has some kind of ancient history have no historical proof beyond christian religious propaganda and literature. That is not satanism, that was scare tactics. Just like the SRA Satanic Panic and the false beliefs about cult killings. No proof, all lies.

on a darker note:
Desteni, that blond chick who claims to 'channel spirits',
- Shes full of garbage and she is probably Schitzo with multiple personalities. I cant stand her, what a nutball.

Magistra_Y said...

Ok, so we can find some common ground--which is reassuring and refreshing. We also have some ideas that won't bend. Regardless, I feel we've both presented our thoughts as far they can go, and further dispute between us will only be flaming.



Anonymous said...

Nice to see you’re still a bloviating twat, Gabriella (her real name). Tell Jimmy I still consider him a thieving asshole.

So Bill’s in jail for child molestation, eh? I remember you in ’94 saying the best way to get rid of a guy is to accuse him of just such a crime...

Then there’s that fake assault on you that you mention in the pathetic “War Against God”.

Tell your parents they failed.

Anonymous said...

By the way? That photo is hideous. Jesus...

Magistra_Y said...

Hi Paul,

I knew in the long run I'd keep my promise not to ever bother you publicly if you'd do the same for me. I don't trash your little youTube life, you're imaginary children, your would-be church....I let you go on your merry way-even demonstrated care regarding the idiocy of putting kids on the internet.

'still too juicy a target, huh? It's cool, Paul. You can only be what you are.

And, if you think I have the power to get an innocent man to plead guily and gain a conviction for a capitol crime on my say so, well, you're, for once, vastly over-estimating my abilities.

Again, Paul--this has nothing to do with you. Your shit may be exceedingly lame, but it isn't dangerous and therefore, not on my radar. You wisely tell your followers not to commit crimes in the name of external deities. Even the name of your church is so far away from ours that I have no complaints.

That must really piss you off, for you to break your promise and drag your lackeys here.

And Jim doesn't need me to defend him from the likes of your K-Mart ass.

Tell your testicles, all one of them, it failed as well.'ve shown my readers that you're clever. I am leaving your post up because you don't effect me in any way, and you have no place in this debate---your relevance ended with the 90's. It is a shame that marriage to a decent woman, a secure middle-class existence with real family and friends wasn't enough for you---but, hey, all sociopaths need the drama of imaginary crisis.


Magistra_Y said...

"By the way? That photo is hideous. Jesus..."

Hey, I am a 45 year old woman who chain smokes and lives on coffee. Being good looking was never my forte'.

Thanks for the input, though.


Anonymous said...

Fuck the haters, Magistra, regardless of anyone's preconceived notions of beauty, I personally find your dedication, intelligence, loyalty, and your wit to be far more sexy than mere surface looks.

Hail Satan, Magistra Ygraine

Magistra_Y said...

I was an asshole and forgot to remove Venus's name and link from this diatribe.

I owe her an apolgy.

We disagree on everything but she did not deserve to be promised something and then me not do it.

I repeat: I was an asshole about this!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am truly sorry and I would happily walk Venus's dog or make her lunch or some secular chore to make up for my stupidity.


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