Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Satanism Getting the Blame for Stupid Christian Heretics, Again!

I am getting just a wee bit tired of checking out the news and seeing more and more stories of Satanism being blamed for garden variety stupidity. You'd think it was 1989 again, what with the stories listed below as just a random sampling of what pops up when Satanism is the search term in Google News.

I may be tired, but sad to say, I am not all that surprised. The original Satanic Panic happened when the economy was in the crapper, billions were being spent on ineffective military pursuits*, and people were more and more being forced to choose between a divisive demonstration of left vs. right politically. Under these same circumstances, today, the herd once again is looking for a convenient scapegoat for all the ills of the world. Enter Satanism.

The surprising part, however, is that in 20 years, no lessons were learned. Oh sure, the intelligent and informed know all about false memories and evangelical con-men. They know that there was no verifiable baby sacrifices or breeders. They know that a cottage industry was created--books, revivals, lectures and good old fashioned Christian greed, that allowed many innocent people to have their lives destroyed, in the name of stamping out something that essentially didn't exist.

Yet they never bothered to check out what DID exist. The never bothered to read The Satanic Bible and learn why baby killing and sacrifices were un-Satanic. Very few colleges, while open to lectures and classes in Wicca and neo-Paganism, decided to teach the philosophy of Satanism. Outside of some cable-access, no shows were created to demonstrate the Satanic way of life--a highly MORAL and undeniably psychologically profound life-affirming philosophy! It was like the world tucked Satanism away like an old gun, ready in an instant to be drawn out again, if times got too rough and a scapegoat was needed in a hurry.

And now we are seeing the result of that voluntary ignorance.

A new generation has been infected with "theistic satanism," courtesy of weak willed occultists, the pervasive nature of the Internet, and bored sexually repressed Christians still begging for a literal devil to blames life's miseries on, while they get a vicarious thrill by making up stories of blood and sex. Unsupervised teens are hearing bullshit in the pews and intrigued, they search "Satanism" online and instead of finding only the legal, cohesive, moral and ethical religion of Satanism, they are being inundated with lies, imaginary demons and devils, and the wishful thinking of irresponsible Christians who refuse to accept their own part in the creation of the very stereotype they claim to fear.

I really can't get all that upset at what happens in South Africa. While I am not usually a big adherent of letting people suffer, in order to prevent the creation of more people to suffer, I am ready to allow Darwin to have his way with these people. Truly, if you are that stupid, why bother living at all? I guess it may be more interesting to die by sacrifice than of HIV, but who knows? I, again, blame Christian missionaries for the suffering there. The lack of sexual responsibility in the form of condoms and education, in order to appease a vicious and hypocritical god, is the same irresponsibility that blames devils for what people do. It comes as little surprise that with Christianity comes heresy.

I am a bit more concerned by what has happened in Russia, and this I do blame on the theistics/traditionalists. Why is it so hard to grasp that if you believe in a literal entity you'll want to impress/appease/sacrifice to said entity? In fact, what is the point of worshiping something if not to get some promised bounty that comes with that adoration? ONLY atheistic Satanism, real Satanism (I hate the term, but LaVeyan Satanism) guarantees that there is no requirement to sacrifice anything to anyone for any reason! The only "type" of Satanism that demands self-responsibility, in fact, the only religion on Earth, that demands complete human accountability is Satanism as per The Church of Satan and The Satanic Bible.

And yet, thanks to these reverse Christians, co-opting our name, Satanists are forced to fight on two fronts. It is a given that Christians will hate us. Our name strikes fear in their hearts, and it should, but not for the reasons they think. They may want to believe in baby killing and orgies, but in their heart of hearts they feel our real power against them: No God to thank, no Devil to blame--you and you alone are responsible for you. They don't want to get off their knees and face up to the challenges of this one life on Earth. Our power, our magic, is our self-divinity, and deep down that sort of true self accountability is terrifying to them, so they make up lies and stories to justify their fear.

But now we have to deal with these theistic devil worshipers who call themselves Satanists, and there are thousands of them. Unlike real Satanists, they do proselytize and recruit. Unlike the ten to twenty genuine Satanic websites run by Church of Satan members there are hundreds of these internet fan clubs, all blood drenched and gothy, all stereotype and designed to truly piss off a parent. They are Christians in blackface, talking about the dark Lord and developing lame-ass rituals to gain his favor. Again, they abandon personal responsibility in the hopes of gaining favor from some external entity that is just plain evil..........bwahahahaha......

'makes this witch hope she never hears Carmina Burana again.

We Satanists can handle the Christians. Between our 5 Point Pentagonal Revisionism, our Rules of the Earth and good old common sense we have learned to utilize the masses for what they are---sheep. They are the infrastructure that allows day to day living. We have adapted to their imaginary rule, and we appreciate their predictability . Every now and then we are forced to correct their misconceptions, but on the whole we have had a decade or two of detente.

Smashing the theistics to bits is going to take some time and careful manipulation. Their histrionics and crimes effect us negatively, and they hurt those who do not deserve it. We must find a way to prevent them from using our name to commit their crimes and damage our reputation. It shouldn't be that difficult, though, because the one thing all true Satanists know--there is nothing weaker than one who believes in any deity above the self.




*Ineffective military pursuits as opposed to EFFECTIVE ones. I support a kick ass, cutting edge fighting force. I do not support the deaths of loyal soldiers, the billions wasted on inoperative hardware, etc....


Jeremy said...

Hi Ygraine!

I'm not even going to rise to the bait on this one, so I'll just discuss the stupidity of those Russians...

I read the article this morning, it was linked on the Drudge Report of all places, and I don't have the liberty of opening the link to re-read it, so this is all from memory:

They stabbed their victims 666 time?! Two things come to mind, 1) That must have taken forever, been tiring and difficult to count, 2) Who counted this? The coroner? Can you really ever count 666 seperate stab wounds on a human body? I think someone made that one up

And they ate the bodies? Ok, cannabalism aside, they are easier ways to cook up meat (human or otherwise) than on a fire in the woods. If they really did stab the victims 666 times then I imagine the meat was at great risks to being infected with the intestinal waste leaking out everywhere...

As a theistic Satanist, I've never been asked by Satan to sacrific anyone or anything. As a matter of fact, the last time we spoke he asked me to say hi to you next time we spoke, so... Hi, from Satan!

Magistra_Y said...

Jeremy, dammit!

Would you stop making me think not all of you guys are bad!??? Give up this silly deity shit and embrace the real dark side ;)

Perhaps you can listen to me on satanismtoday.net @ 9:00 pm


Jeremy said...


by the time I saw your post it was 30 minutes into the show and by the time I managed to get everything working to listen to it, it was another 20 minutes... I guess I could have just said I caught the last 10 minutes!

It was right in the middle of my youngests bed time, so I didn't catch the whole last 10 minutes but I did catch enough to draw this conclusion:

You misunderstand what theistic satanism really it, so here is a link to a post I made about it:


I do agree with what you two were talking about in concern to the AIDS pandemic in Africa. I'm going to see if I can listen to more broadcasts, old ones and new

Magistra_Y said...

My position on theism, regardless of deity, will always be the same:
Belief in deity undermines personal responsibility. The more fervent the belief the more dangerous, granted. Any form of worship, by definition, means homage must be paid to--that homage demands some measure of sacrifice. In my book sacrifice of any kind is inherently bad as it implies one must seek help from outside rather than inside. It leads to demands upon people that take away from their energy to pursue and control their own destiny. It isn't just theistic Satanists--but they are my focus because of the pride I have in being part of the first organized religion that called itself Satanic and abolished any spiritual component, embraced self-divinity, and acknowledged man's psychological need for ritual and dogma.
Face one small thing--if only "LaVeyan" Satanism was known as the only Satanism throughout the world, would we be seeing real people sacrificing anything to Satan?
Nope. There is no point in sacrificing to a god/devil that isn't there.



I'll read your link in the am--least I can do as you've been so kind and open.

Jeremy said...

Hi Ygraine!

Seems I've overlooked this during my busy 4 day weekend. Did you do anything special for the Equinox?


Anytime someone does not hold themselves accountable for their own actions then they are undermining their own personal responsibility. Yes, belief in a deity can be a crutch for someone to not feel accountable BUT so does having a vice (any vice, coffee and nicotine included), being in a relationship, being a member of a group (citizenship of a country included). My point is, anyone can use anything to undermine their personal responsiblities not just exclusively a belief in a deity.

There is no diffence in treating people like shit in the morning because you have not have your coffee than treating them like shit because your god demands it for a few hours.

I will concede to you that if 'LaVeyan' Satanism (and I know you don't like that phrase) was the only Satanism known then it would be easier to defend it from the stupid.


Satanism is defined by society at large as the worship of Satan, and by that definition I am a Satanist and you are not. Now, I would never deny you or the CoS the use of that descriptor (not that it would do me any good), and I will defend the right of the CoS and its members to call themselves satanists (not that they really need my help!). This might be a bit cheeky but wouldn't it be easier for the CoS to change their name than to change society?!

I acknowledge that the CoS was the first legally recognized organization to call themselves satanists in the USA or any other country; but, that does not mean that it was the first organization to call themselves satanists ever. Granted, I can't point to an older organization at this time and say that they predate the CoS. But as a wiseman once said, absence of proof does not mean proof of absense.

Okay, I think I covered all my points, this 'leave your comment' box really is too small...

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