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AnnouncementsWherein the Wicked Witch Confesses to an Uncomfortable Mix of Apathy & Outrage, with no Energy to be Found, Resulting in a List, Instead of Meaningful Writing.

1.  Surprising absolutely no one, I could not complete the years stated schedule for Radio Free Satan's Confessions of a Wicked Witch.  I want to thank a tornado and life threatening illnesses for that, although, fair disclosure, it probably would have gone tits up, anyway.  I make no promises, but I still may pull this off by years end, if I pull my head from my ass.
2.  Please use this list, as well as the items shared by members on social media to find unique gifts for the holidays:
3.  I am gearing up for the 6th Annual Wicked Witch of the Year Award, and will begin accepting nominations.  I remind all that nominees must be a member in good standing in the Church of Satan.  The nominee should have some demonstrable accomplishment, which she credits some part of, to h…