Saturday, July 23, 2011

The Last Year or So

Greetings, Faithful Friends & Readers,
Some of you have noticed my rare appearances on the web and the attached lack of posts and other displays of life. For a year or so, and especially the last six months much has been going on in my real life, and this world, the internet world, just hasn't seemed in the least bit important. I take that as a sign of real mental health on my part.
However, I miss so many of you and must face the fact that if I do not reach out from time to time others are equally likely to remain silent and that simply won't do. So...catch up time, then. I suppose two things in particular have had the biggest effect on my life of late----
First, my divorce finally came through last December after fighting for it for 9 years. To the poor guy in the wheelchair at the courthouse, the one whom I screamed "I'm divorced motherfucker!" directly into his face, I owe an apology. To those folks on the streets of Bartow Florida back in December who heard some crazy lady screaming out the car window--that was me. 'sorry if I scared you, and I promise, I am sure you are not actually motherfuckers.
And next, I went back to school to study psychology, and ended up becoming interested in primatology and behaviorism and the connection between the evolution of hominids and primate behavior. We'll see where I go with this but I will keep going to school because it fills me up.
As the mom of five there are all sorts of other things but they are the basis of everyday life, even if they are unusual for others. Suffice to say the one thing that looms large is the impending release of a certain inmate we know and the desire that justice would somehow actually be just.
In Satanic terms I want to say that without the things I have learned through the practice of Satanism, my life would feel significantly less than it does. Satanism allows me to take all positive credit as well as all negative blame for the actions I take. That certainty demands a degree of responsibility that others who spend time on their knees simply cannot comprehend.
This becomes evident when I spend time in a self-help group I attend. As oxymoronic as it sounds many of those attending seek the Higher Power method/12 steps to deal with their issues. Their constant need to assign responsibility to God continually fails. Worse still, they blame themselves for failure and give God kudos for their successes. 'no wonder they are so irresponsible and empty to boot??!! I'll kick or kiss my own ass, thanks.
So, again, all thanks to the CoS and The Satanic Bible for doing everything from giving me great friends and a kick ass fiancee to allowing me to utilize my inherent knowledge to support my chosen lifestyle and my sense of justice.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

I Hate Being Right All The Time...not.

Creepy, smelly, and unforgivably disappointing Stanton LaVey has gone and demonstrated why his Grandfather knew precisely who to trust his creation to. For years naysayers, wanna-be's and other assorted miscreants have attempted to champion Stanton as some sort of heir to the CoS administration. These twits were righteously met with the disdain and contempt such silliness is bound to evoke. Being a sociopath druggy does not a Magus make--regardless of DNA!

Still, with patience and grace usually only found in mothers of developmentally delayed children, the admin of the Church have repeatedly explained why Stanton and his ilk are not Satanists as per the Church of Satan, let alone suitable for leadership in this Church.

The CoS is rabidly and definitively anti-drug. Some feel that way for legal reasons, some for health, some for magical purposes. The reason doesn't really matter beyond the individual, but as an organization, well, Stanton is showing exactly why the Church of Satan will always hold an anti-drug canonical position: Because idiots like Stanton will forever link drug use and illegal, anti-social, reprehensible behavior with the religion of Satanism! Thanks, bunches, Stanton.

And then...sexual assault? Really?

No one knows better than I that the CoS reacts to sexual crime in a way that the Catholic Church and other Christian ministries would do well to emulate! The Church of Satan throws out anyone guilty of a sexual crime.

With great freedom comes great responsibility, and Satanism embraces the carnal nature of man. That said what kind of limp dick insecure piece of shit needs to sexually assault a stoner teen to get off? Sadly....I know the answer. Men who need to do this sort of thing are the weakest excuses for humans that exist. They deserve nothing less than being on the receiving end in prison. Those who wear the badge of "Satanist" have an even greater responsibility to display the positive aspects of sexual freedom as a religious tenet. Those who are slaves to their sexual pathologies would do well to face the fact that they no longer are Satanists, but merely hedonists waiting to cross the line and get arrested.

So...for the years when we were forced to explain why the CoS had no room for Mr. Stanton LaVey, we say "See?" It didn't take a psychic to see that Stanton's grasp on Satanism was pre-first phase and that he would have done nothing but give the Christian evangelists fodder for their pulpits.

High Priest Peter Gilmore has led this organization to a golden age, a veritable renaissance, and now we can prove categorically that any romantic notions of a Stanton LaVey regime would have done nothing more that provided the herd the very stereotype they wish for!

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