Thursday, October 27, 2011

Occult Counselor and Magical Practitioner - Classified Ad

Occult Counselor and Magical Practitioner - Classified Ad


Jv13 said...

I am a teen, nd I read ur blog on Joy of Satan. I am a Spirtual Satanist nd believe what this site says. Ive bin having faith problems lately with this religion. Please dont call me stupid for my beliefs, I am lost and need help. What is true satanism. The more I read the site my faith crumbles, please help me find true satanism. joS was the first type of satanism I went to, before that I belived in the stereotypical beliefs that they cut them selfs, put circles on the floor, etc. Im guessing I took the wrong path in satanism. what are ur beliefs? Please help me

GL said...

dear, Jv13
Their are diffident roots of Satanism. I believe if you understand them you can find the right sect or path that does not cause you conflict. Asking what the "True" Satanism is shows me a great deal where you conflict comes from.
I understand what you looking for i believe, BUT i feel i cannot divulge what I wish to say on this websight.
please, send me a E-mail if you wish. (

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