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The Holidays for non-Christians or How I Keep From Shoving a Bell up the Salvation Army Dudes A.....

Deaf yet from walking in and out of Wal-Mart and being confronted by a seeming epileptic bell ringer over the little red pot? Buns of steel from walking from the back forty to the door of the grocery store? Feeling the guilt of knowing the odds of you being flush enough to buy little Susie what she wants, unless they sell it at Dollar Tree, are nil? Zip. Zilch. Nada. Yes, it is that time of year. And as bad as it can get for the average American it gets truly awful for those in non-traditional religions. The Neopagans have determined that Christmas was ripped off from the earlier celebrations like Yule based on the Winter Solstice., In scientific terms a solstice is "an astronomical event that happens twice each year, when the tilt of the Earth's axis is most inclined toward or away from the Sun, causing the Sun's apparent position in the sky to rea…

Halloween is secular, dummy! Satanism has lost it's monopoly on a nifty holiday, but that is ok.

The following is an article written for the Examiner website for Orlando's Alternative Religions page.
Many of you will be surprised/disgusted/dubious of the touchy-feely joy joy PC-ness of the piece. You might think I do not mean what I am writing. I do, however. I may not agree with the liberal/white light view of diversity but as a pragmatist I realize diversity IS. I cannot stop or change it, so I might as well find a way to make it palatable. I believe various religions can share their secular portions of their faiths in order to find common ground and create a more harmonious existence for all. I cannot stop the influences around me, but I can find a way to incorporate them in a way that brings me personal joy. Anyway:
Halloween for Christians, Christmas for Satanists, and peace for AmericansAlternative Religions ExaminerYgraine Gidney-Mitchell We are a diverse people, we like to say. We a multicultural, multiracial, multi and trans gendered and....well, you get it. …

Satanic Friends in Low Places

This story is just disgusting all the way around.

First, this:

The story of a fucked up kid killing a fucked up man and a fucked up newspaper supporting fucked up friends and allowing our religion to get shit on for it.



As a previous Brooklyn resident, a native New Yorker, and a spokesperson for the Church of Satan I disturbed that you'd use the headline chosen to tell the story of a viscious and disturbed teenager and the death of a perverted junkie pederast.
Given all that tawdry proven information one must wonder why you'd choose "Satanism" as an angle to draw readers.? Are your readers so jaded that pedophilia, internet seduction, drug abuse and brutal murder aren't quite interesting enough?
As a teenager Katehis was ineligable to join the Church of Satan. His actions further demonstrate that he was not considered a Satanist by any current legitmate or academic or phi…

News From Ygraine Land

Two things in particular.

First, my articles, some reproduced here, continue:

Avalon Bookstore's Faery Fair/Ygraine on the town

And my part representing the Church of Satan on:

52 Religions in 52 Weeks

I hope these meet with your approval and enjoyment.............

Today kinda sucks........

Okay, first I have to deal with the stuff below---essentially the first CoS member I have ever met who doesn't appreciate what I do and that I do it for them, and then, get this, I am called anti-climatic!

As my beloved Jim would say Jesus Fucking Kneival! Did I wake up in FuckYgraine Town again?

Ok, so after I get shit on by Member X, I go to the website of my latest interview. I was asked By High Priest Gilmore to do this podcast of a guy who is interviewing/reporting on 52 religions in 52 weeks.

Now I know Mr. Hummel. the interviewer, meant it as a compliment, but regardless being called anti-climatic is not flattering. He no doubt was revealling how normal the Satanic witch was. He was trying to surprise his audience with my lack of black apparel (the interview was outside, ok? It was a gazillion degrees in the shade. It was a wonder I was wearing clothes at all!,) my deep and abiding love for Starbucks (I downed two white mochas with extra espresso during the taping, whi…

A Critique

Ladies & Gents,

Often the Church of Satan is accused of being a great big organization where members must never question the hierarchy. This is not true. I recently received a letter from a loyal member who disagrees with me and just to prove we are open to criticism I will post that letter here. Of course while he is welcome to voice his views, I, too, am welcome to voice my responses.

Now, I am about to slam this member. This is not normal. Generally when a member comes to me to question something I did or has even a disagreement with me I respond with kindness. I love our members, truly. They are part of the reason I do what I do and I feel a loyalty and devotion towards them that I cannot explain. When they need me I want them to know I am there, 100%.

In this case, however, the member in question choose to lie, to be rude, and to be arrogant and to think by flattering me I would simply fold. 'not my style.

However, I will not publish his name because I am a benevo…

Those Cute Little Christians! or: Ain't It Fun To Use Child Abuse to Justify Our Prejudice?!?

To those who write the things to stir up hatred and fear of those who are American enough to embrace religious freedom and fight for the rights of others, I give you me....the Satanic Grandmother aka She Who Calls Out The Flipparoos.

In this shot you see Magistra Ygraine demonstrating that despite The Wizard of Oz, water does not make a witch melt, even the wicked kind!

I am becoming a bit nervous. I keep hearing echoes of the Satanic Panic. While my rational mind tells me those days are over, each day I see more posts from, granted, stupid people who seem to need to hurt others but justify that infliction of pain with lies designed to stir up the common folk.

As I have written before, ad nauseum, it does not help that there are genuine devil worshipers/Christian Heretics running about calling themselves Satanists--but as embarrassing as these people are only a very few are actually dangerous. They are, luckily, so obvious however, that law enforcement can stick the proverbial fork in…