Sunday, July 19, 2009

Today kinda sucks........

Okay, first I have to deal with the stuff below---essentially the first CoS member I have ever met who doesn't appreciate what I do and that I do it for them, and then, get this, I am called anti-climatic!

As my beloved Jim would say Jesus Fucking Kneival! Did I wake up in FuckYgraine Town again?

Ok, so after I get shit on by Member X, I go to the website of my latest interview. I was asked By High Priest Gilmore to do this podcast of a guy who is interviewing/reporting on 52 religions in 52 weeks.

Now I know Mr. Hummel. the interviewer, meant it as a compliment, but regardless being called anti-climatic is not flattering. He no doubt was revealling how normal the Satanic witch was. He was trying to surprise his audience with my lack of black apparel (the interview was outside, ok? It was a gazillion degrees in the shade. It was a wonder I was wearing clothes at all!,) my deep and abiding love for Starbucks (I downed two white mochas with extra espresso during the taping, while the poor man spilled his frap,) and that I kept checking my cell to make sure my teenagers hadn't actually killed each other while I was out. I am not sure but he may have seen me pull up in my white minivan. Surely that would make any Satanist seem anti-climatic.

But damn.

Two slams in one day.

This witch needs some cursing time.


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