Friday, July 24, 2009

News From Ygraine Land

Two things in particular.

First, my articles, some reproduced here, continue:

Avalon Bookstore's Faery Fair/Ygraine on the town

And my part representing the Church of Satan on:

52 Religions in 52 Weeks

I hope these meet with your approval and enjoyment.............


TroyChambers said...

Regarding the last two paragraphs in the "52" article- wouldn't the very fact that Satanists DON'T come anywhere near any of the other religions be enough to classify us as the oddest? One would think that if all of the religions he's been dealing with have one essential over-arching thread that the one without it would be something a little bit more standy-outy.

Magistra_Y said...

I truly believe he was doing his level best to be kind and to demonstrate to the mainstream that we are not dangerous, which, to him because he is a pretty cool guy, makes us okay BUT he is evidently unaware that being considered "okay" by the majority of the mainstream is kind of insulting in itself.
However as a Satanist who excels at lesser magic as a necessity I feel like I can at least accept this positive impression as evidence of my own prowess in that regard. I mean, he didn't even see the Cheshire Cat linen or Fred the Gargoyle in the front yard.

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