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JUSTICE, at last! Harris Guilty! Satanism cleared!

Harris Convicted

Magus Gilmore, Priestess Graham, Citizen Wylie, and myself have been dealing with this issue for almost a year.

This is my standard letter to the press each and every time they used the word Satanism in regards to this crime:

Ever since Lawrence Harris committed the most heinous and repulsive of all crimes, Satanists have endured a continual assault against our religion, both in the media and within the courtroom. As a result, and to prevent another decade long Satanic panic Satanists are asking responsible journalists to do their jobs properly and research Satanism prior to printing/reporting any further misinformation.

From the moment this crime was committed the Church of Satan found itself in the unenviable position of wanting to deal with Harris Satanically---meaning we want justice with no forgiveness for his horrific crimes, while in no way wanting to validate Harris' defense.

We are thoroughly frustrated that the most basic information about our reli…

Love you, Grandpa!


Mona Magick and Me/Time Out

I trust you have all had a wonderful turn of the year.Sadly, my medical problems have forced me to take a bit of downtime, and next week I will be having surgery in the hopes that by the middle of February Caudell (my co-producer and co-host)and myself can get back to work to deliver The Culture Cauldron as promised.In the meantime, before I accept the boring necessity of bed rest I will be doing the following:

Mona Magick

'can't wait to be back and busy!Hail, Satan!Ygraine

New Years/Thanks for the memories...........

Happy New Year!

This is my Satanic New Years Post for my friends at Blogspot, Undercroft and Myspace. Yeah, I know, a few days late, but like all good Satanists, real life comes first, and with 5 kids, and 1 grandchild, including a New Years Day birthday, I have been up to my tits in holiday celebrations and get togethers, Yeah, that is right. This Satanic family sang songs about chestnuts and jingling bells, ate turkeys and pies, opened presents (one must do one’s part to stimulate the economy,) and took family photos beneath the tree.

Now, I am sure any Christians reading this, and I have been assured that some do, will either think I am lying or that it is some sort of blasphemy for a family like mine to celebrate Christmas. To them I’d likely be a poster child for the need to put CHRIST back in Christmas. The thought of brothers and sister, raised Satanically, along with ex-husbands and new in-laws, small children and members of the Church of Satan Magistrate all joyfully sh…