Saturday, January 31, 2009

JUSTICE, at last! Harris Guilty! Satanism cleared!

Harris Convicted

Magus Gilmore, Priestess Graham, Citizen Wylie, and myself have been dealing with this issue for almost a year.

This is my standard letter to the press each and every time they used the word Satanism in regards to this crime:

Ever since Lawrence Harris committed the most heinous and repulsive of all crimes, Satanists have endured a continual assault against our religion, both in the media and within the courtroom. As a result, and to prevent another decade long Satanic panic Satanists are asking responsible journalists to do their jobs properly and research Satanism prior to printing/reporting any further misinformation.

From the moment this crime was committed the Church of Satan found itself in the unenviable position of wanting to deal with Harris Satanically---meaning we want justice with no forgiveness for his horrific crimes, while in no way wanting to validate Harris' defense.

We are thoroughly frustrated that the most basic information about our religion and this case specifically is being ignored! The following are verifiable facts that have been ignored, either intentionally for the purpose of sensationalism, or through the ignorance and laziness of those reporting:

1. Harris was never a member of the Church of Satan.
2. Harris was not a Satanist.
3. There are no rituals in The Satanic Bible that require or even imply any form of living sacrifice.
4. There are no rituals/ceremonies in the entire canon of Satanic dogma that requires or even implies living sacrifice.
5. Satanism prohibits the harming of children and animals.
6. The Church of Satan does not endorse, and will terminate the membership of those who commit, criminal activity.

After 43 years as a legal, growing religion there are hundreds of other quotes and samples of our dogma that could be used here to substantiate our point, but surely these examples would seem worthy of mention when reporters are writing about this case. There certainly has been no shortage falsehoods printed as if they were fact!

Twenty years ago Satanists were forced to hide and were persecuted because a cottage industry sprung up where evangelists, unethical therapists, notoriety hungry authors and dubious journalists created a myth about sacrifices, breeders, and other completely untrue crimes attributed to Satanists/Satanism. The end result was thousands of NON_Satanists had their lives destroyed and many Satanists were forced underground. When the smoke cleared, with the FBI's Lanning Report, one would have thought humanity would have learned something. Instead journalists are swallowing the same lies with the same disregard for truth. We can only hope their refusal to do the most perfunctory research, won't again, destroy the lives of the innocent.

The Church of Satan's High Priest, Magus Peter Gilmore ushered in the age of Justice after 9/11. In that spirit the membership of the Church of Satan wants nothing more than to see Lawrence Harris pay dearly and brutally for his heinous and repugnant crime. One fact about the religion of Satanism that might be of interest is that Satanists do not do forgiveness, and Harris is worthy of no mercy. The same harshness however is not deserved by the many legally practicing Satanists who are being slandered and libeled each and every day.

The information is available and it is free. Surely it isn't too much to ask professional journalists to look at it before making statements that hurt the innocent.


Magistra Ygraine Mitchell

This is the addendum to that release:


  1. The Church of Satan is relieved to know that the false and derogatory defense Mr. Harris attempted to use to avoid his responsibility for his vicious crimes was met with sanity as evidenced by his rapid conviction.
  2. The Church of Satan's name has been dragged through the mud by both sides in this adversarial process, when all we wanted was justice our religion demands for the children our religion reveres.
  3. It is indeed sad that Mr. Harris cannot legally meet his end in the same way he forced those two innocent children to, but perhaps one day, in a Satanic world.............

Does it ever help? I don't know. For 28 years I have been essentially saying the same thing and yet there is always some new idiot or greedy televangelist who is dependent on Satanism as a scapegoat.

Thanks to all those who thought this mattered enough to get involved! I wish you could see the brilliant writing in the Affidavits that Magus Gilmore sent--it would make you proud of being in an organization that has such brilliance at the very top.

Magda Graham kept the entire hierarchy of the Church of Satan informed.

Citizen Dino/Wylie did so much research that I always wished he was prosecuting the case. He found information that shed an entirely different light on the case and would have, if the real prosecutor wasn't a lazy bigot, negated the need for Satanism to even be mentioned.

Anyway, friends, I am home from my surgery and while nowhere near 100% it feels damn good to sit in my grandfather's chair and speak to/with/for you all.


Friday, January 23, 2009

Mona Magick and Me/Time Out

I trust you have all had a wonderful turn of the year. Sadly, my medical problems have forced me to take a bit of downtime, and next week I will be having surgery in the hopes that by the middle of February Caudell (my co-producer and co-host)and myself can get back to work to deliver The Culture Cauldron as promised. In the meantime, before I accept the boring necessity of bed rest I will be doing the following:

Mona Magick

'can't wait to be back and busy! Hail, Satan! Ygraine

Saturday, January 3, 2009

New Years/Thanks for the memories...........

Happy New Year!

This is my Satanic New Years Post for my friends at Blogspot, Undercroft and Myspace. Yeah, I know, a few days late, but like all good Satanists, real life comes first, and with 5 kids, and 1 grandchild, including a New Years Day birthday, I have been up to my tits in holiday celebrations and get togethers, Yeah, that is right. This Satanic family sang songs about chestnuts and jingling bells, ate turkeys and pies, opened presents (one must do one’s part to stimulate the economy,) and took family photos beneath the tree.

Now, I am sure any Christians reading this, and I have been assured that some do, will either think I am lying or that it is some sort of blasphemy for a family like mine to celebrate Christmas. To them I’d likely be a poster child for the need to put CHRIST back in Christmas. The thought of brothers and sister, raised Satanically, along with ex-husbands and new in-laws, small children and members of the Church of Satan Magistrate all joyfully sharing in each others company under the banner of a Christian myth must seriously confuse and enrage some Christians to the point of distraction.

Likewise devil worshipers and the theists/spirituals/traditionals would feel I am somehow less Satanic for celebrating these Christian traditions, which is ironic because their very existence is dependent on Christian mythology.. Yet, their need for rebellion would allow them to view anyone who celebrates this holiday with contempt and disdain. They would rather deny themselves the pleasures of the season and bitch and moan, instead of embracing the truly Satanic theme of indulgence and eat some kick-ass pie! ‘sad. ‘So very sad.

However, the season has not been totally without work. I have spent quite a lot of time creating a chart that explains the differences between Satanism, Christianity and the assorted heretics who attempt to fly the Satanic colors. The chart started as an attempt at satire and instead has turned into a genuinely interesting and educational model that could explain a lot in a very small amount of time to those who know nothing about the differences between Satanism and what Heretics practice. I intend to publish it here and also use it in future training of both Satanists and secular students alike. It would probably be done were it not for the continued stupidity of the Heretics. Every time I think it is finished one of these insipid groups post/publish some new epic stupidity that must be addressed. I suppose I owe them a debt of thanks for making me useful

Finally, I have some people to thank for helping get me through the past year. These people may not know how much help they’ve been, be it literal or inspirational, but I have no doubt that without them I’d be in a rubber room, swimming in a sea of xanax, thinking I am Napoleon or something.

P&P., David H., Lex, Rob-n-Di, Matt,Bruja, Witch Nine, Col. Akula, Kenaz, Phineas (who checks on my medical condition more regularly than my neurosurgeon!) Caudell, Daark, frankly---all the active membership of the Church of Satan---Intentional or not, you have all given me strength and inspired me. When I was under attack you all stood by and reminded me that I have friends, support and that the CoS has my back. I wish you all knew how much I adore you.

In the Christian world one is supposed to love God above all else, and then love our neighbors equally. That is such bullshit. Nothing comes before my kids and God can take one right in the rear! I have the greatest kids in the world, and while every mom thinks that, I can back up my claim. If the Neitzchean adage about that which doesn’t kill you has any value, my kids are walking proof of strength. Throw my son-in-law and my grandson in the mix and there is a veritable wall that no one can come through or go around. When we stand together we cannot be beaten. We have proved this time and time again, and all my gratitude goes to the three witches and two wizards, who make every day magical.

My mundane life would have fallen apart were it not for B & L, the kindest most generous friends a witch could have.

Ozma saved the day more than once, as she always has and never understands how grateful I am to her, for everything.

Lastly-all my love to-my Jim.. He is my home.


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