Friday, January 23, 2009

Mona Magick and Me/Time Out

I trust you have all had a wonderful turn of the year. Sadly, my medical problems have forced me to take a bit of downtime, and next week I will be having surgery in the hopes that by the middle of February Caudell (my co-producer and co-host)and myself can get back to work to deliver The Culture Cauldron as promised. In the meantime, before I accept the boring necessity of bed rest I will be doing the following:

Mona Magick

'can't wait to be back and busy! Hail, Satan! Ygraine


TroyChambers said...

The "Satanaflipparoos"!! Oh thank you for that, that just made my night!!

Magistra_Y said...

Oh! Shit! I really did say that!!??! Whoooooopsie.

Thanks for listening, though ;)


JP said...

I wish you good luck and a speedy recovery!!!

Positive Kitchen said...

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