Sunday, August 31, 2008

Thelma & Louise

Once you get over the laugh of some Christian using the name "Thelma & Louise" for the purpose of extolling Christian virtues (revenge, divorce, suicide), you then get to read this nonsense:

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For some reason I fear my comment won't be allowed to remain, so for my faithful readers:

Anton LaVey is dead, and therefore unable to dispure your assertions. However his Bible and Church live on and follow the WRITTEN DOGMA to the letter. That written dogma, made legitimate by the IRS, The First Amendment, The Army Chaplain's Handbook and virtually every religious encyclopedia states, clearly that genuine Satanists/Members of The Church of Satan are law-abiding, do not commit any literal sacrifice, and excommunicate those who do. Anton LaVey may have founded our Church, but our current High Priest is Peter Gilmore who has chosen the word "JUSTICE" as the watchword for this Satanic age.
You still have all kinds of good religious reasons to hate us Satanists.
We don't believe in your God or your Satan. We think anyone who bows before some invisible god is mentally deficient and inherently irresponsible. We support science and evolution, gay rights, and have no interest in what happens in the bedrooms of consenting adults. We are pro law and order and have no religious sense of mercy. We think The Holy Bible is genocidal, racist, bigoted, and woman hating. We think that all of the 7 deadly sins are cool, and that if you are so stupid to need a commandment from god to not murder others or steal, you really are too dumb to live. We don't believe in an afterlife, only this one , so we can't be spiritually extorted with threats of Hell and damnation.
So, be happy. You still have loads of good reasons to hate Satanists. You don't need to exaggerate things that happened decades ago, when the zeitgeist was very different and the Church of Satan was brand new.
Fact is, we're more influential now, more mainstream, and now at have at least the third generation of Satanists being born. You have all the time in the world to lie about us---you know, bearing false witness against your neighbor, there is no need to rush. We're obviously not going anywhere.


Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Ygraine’s Position on the word “Satanism” and it’s Religious Applications

Over and over again I am being challenged on my position that Satanism only means one thing, and that thing is the religion represented by The Satanic Bible as practiced by members of The Church of Satan.

The nature of blogging and the internet is such that those who disagree are given a voice, and as stated before , I cannot, nor can my church do anything about it. I have put my writings online and to expect not to be challenged on my opinion is , at best, naïve. Regardless, I will not change my mind. My rationale is valid, my logic is not flawed, and while I accept that others hold a different opinion, and show them the respect of allowing them to voice it on my personal blog, in no way implies that I view all opinions as equal.

Here is the pertinent fact: There has never, in the history of mankind, been a religion that has codified it’s dogma in a cohesive form, and titled it “Satanism.” You can name all the orders and sects you like--not one has ever codified it’s position and titled themselves Satanist. At best Satanism was a derogatory term used by Christians to describe heretics. Just as I do not give Judeo-Christianity the right to claim they have a monopoly on natural laws that they claim to be of their own creation (ie. The Ten Commandments) I see no reason to accept their definition of my religion. Prior to 1966 no organized religious group called themselves “Satanists.” Dr. LaVey alone enabled those who wish to use the title the opportunity to do so. One has to wonder what he would have thought about those who have taken the name and altered his creation….but the point is moot now.

Without a written dogma, without an organization who’s rules are clear and concise, there is no protection from the herd who insist that Satanism is dangerous or criminal. If anyone can claim they are a Satanist, and then do as they will (hence making them a Thelemite, not a Satanist,) there is no defense beyond personal testimony, easily disqualified as being opinion and not fact. By virtue of our Bible, our Satanic Rituals, our Satanic Scriptures, our written Laws Of The Earth and Our Satanic Sins, we have become a legally recognized religious organization ---we are legitimized. (* These dogmatic writings as practiced by our membership and those de facto Satanists who have opted not to join, allow us to clarify with precision a definition of Satanism that is exclusive to us.

Those who practice what they perceive as a different “type” of Satanism are practicing something else entirely, which is their right, but they shouldn’t expect us to accept and welcome it. We know from bitter experience that what they are actually doing is feeding into that derogatory Christian definition and diluting any strength and validity that we have been working for these past 40+ years. We cannot, and will not, pander to that in some namby pamby, new agey, “it’a all good” mentality.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

It Matters Because...again

Read this:

Satanism linked to suicides of two girls

MESSAGE: The note left by Ntombikayise Tshabalala.

Grieving mother

Parents of two schoolgirls who committed suicide in Soweto are worried after one of them left a note indicating she was involved with a satanic cult.

“I am tired of this satanism. I can’t leave them, so I am hanging myself,” the note left by Ntombikayise Tshabalala read.

The 17-year-old girl killed herself on Tuesday afternoon.

Yesterday her young neighbour Delisile Mbhadane, 12, also hanged herself.

She had asked her mother whether she had heard of Ntombikayise killing herself and about her note.

Her mother, Busisiwe Mbhadane, told Sowetan that her daughter asked her: “Mother, what would you do if I hanged myself?”

Mbhadane answered that she would give her a hiding.

The girls lived 20metres apart in Zola 2, Soweto.

Tshabalala was a Grade 10 pupil at Lavela Secondary School while Mbhadane was in Grade 5 at Zola Higher Primary School.

Nomakhosi Tshabalala, Ntombikayise’s mother, said: “I cannot explain what I am feeling. I am trying to be strong for my other two kids.

Ntombikayise has mentioned this satanism church before. We never took her seriously.

“She came home from school as usual on Tuesday and I sent her to the shops.

“When she came back she went straight to her room.”

Tshabalala said 20 minutes later when they checked she was hanging by her shoelaces from an electrical bar on the wall.

Mbhadane’s daughter was found hanging by a tie in a friend’s shack a few streets away from home.

“It baffles me. Delisile was a happy child. She loved playing and dancing,” she said.

The deaths of the two girls have caused a stir in the community and speculation is rife that a ring recruiting the youth to the cult is operating in the area.

Community members and Tshabalala said they know of people in this ring.

Police inspector Kay Makhubela said: “This is a serious concern to us.

“We don’t know why two youngsters would kill themselves within such a short space of time .

“We are investigating and an inquest docket has been opened,” Makhubela said.

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Another reason I am so against using the word "Satanism" to describe anything other than the codified religion founded by Anton LaVey is because it gives credence to the above.

If these teens had actually been exposed to The Satanic Bible or they would be aware that suicide is NOT Satanic, at all. "Life is the great indulgence, death is the great abstinence," is Satanic dogma. We have no patience for those who have allowed their lives to become so boring/damaged/mundane that they kill themselves.

Granted, these two were very young and, frankly, live in a place that is so backwards that my first thought upon reading this was "ah, well, two less savages in the world!"* Africa is so rife with superstitions and literal belief structures that from a religious standpoint they barely have philosophical running water.

Yet the suicides of these two girls will do nothing more than continue that savage tradition. The people there will continue to believe "Satanism" = "devil worship," and is dangerous. The tragedy is that these are the very people genuine Satanism would be helpful to. By accepting personal responsibility, getting off their knees, and striving for their personal best without expecting gods or devils to intercede, they could lift themselves out of the dark ages and feel the pride and power that comes with knowing they did it all themselves!

If there is one issue above all else that Satanists should work for--other than their own personal best interests, of course, it is NEVER letting devil worship/heresy/traditional or theistic "Satanism" be said/written/reported about without clarifying that it is not Satanism, at all. We must continually protect out good name so that we stop being the ultimate scapegoat for the weak!

*Please don't deluge me with accusations of racism. People who do this kind of stupid shit are savages, regardless of race.

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