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Thelma & Louise

Once you get over the laugh of some Christian using the name "Thelma & Louise" for the purpose of extolling Christian virtues (revenge, divorce, suicide), you then get to read this nonsense:

Link removed

For some reason I fear my comment won't be allowed to remain, so for my faithful readers:

Anton LaVey is dead, and therefore unable to dispure your assertions. However his Bible and Church live on and follow the WRITTEN DOGMA to the letter. That written dogma, made legitimate by the IRS, The First Amendment, The Army Chaplain's Handbook and virtually every religious encyclopedia states, clearly that genuine Satanists/Members of The Church of Satan are law-abiding, do not commit any literal sacrifice, and excommunicate those who do. Anton LaVey may have founded our Church, but our current High Priest is Peter Gilmore who has chosen the word "JUSTICE" as the watchword for this Satanic age.
You still have all kinds of good religious reasons to hate us Satanists.
We don't believe in your God or your Satan. We think anyone who bows before some invisible god is mentally deficient and inherently irresponsible. We support science and evolution, gay rights, and have no interest in what happens in the bedrooms of consenting adults. We are pro law and order and have no religious sense of mercy. We think The Holy Bible is genocidal, racist, bigoted, and woman hating. We think that all of the 7 deadly sins are cool, and that if you are so stupid to need a commandment from god to not murder others or steal, you really are too dumb to live. We don't believe in an afterlife, only this one , so we can't be spiritually extorted with threats of Hell and damnation.
So, be happy. You still have loads of good reasons to hate Satanists. You don't need to exaggerate things that happened decades ago, when the zeitgeist was very different and the Church of Satan was brand new.
Fact is, we're more influential now, more mainstream, and now at have at least the third generation of Satanists being born. You have all the time in the world to lie about us---you know, bearing false witness against your neighbor, there is no need to rush. We're obviously not going anywhere.



Jeremy said...

I don't 'bow before', but I do worship an 'invisible god' so I must be 'mentally deficient and inherently irresponsible' by your standards, but I'll have my say anyway. Especially since you have showed me the respect of allowing me to voice my opinion, regardless of how unequal it is to yours, on your personal blog...

Anywho... I always find it very amusing when someone uses their own, or their churches, writings to 'prove' a point. Thelma & Louise uses some choice quotes from her (guessing here, it might be a he) bible to prove that her point is valid somehow.

That is akin to me writing down 'you're a stupid head' on a note pad and point to it during an arguement as proof of your heads stupidity. Can anyone else see the fallacy here?!

Magistra_Y said...

As I have said before, manners go a long way with me--and, frankly, if I refused to deal with all those I find mentally deficient I'd have a really rough time navigating life.

Thelma & Louise, they claim, are two separate people who post on one blog. Either they are two people who are polar opposites or are one person who is seriously bi-polar.

I am going to take down the link to their blog post because I see no reason for me to promote that which I know to be false. Yet, I know that my response is valid:

It is time for Satanists (by my/CoS definition) to cease defending someone who neither needs defense, nor has an active part in our organization.

My whole point has been that as a legitimate religion we have written dogma that ALONE should stand for us. We have the ability to define ourselves (Church of Satan Satanists) by that written dogma.


Jeremy said...

I made my last comment based after I read the posting and after reading your response. I've since read all the comments on their blog (as of a few hours ago) and I have to say that my first thought was that there were two different people. The person who posts as 'T' is an idiot who can't seem to structure a sentence.

Who do you want to cease defending? LeVay? Satan?

I completely agree that the CoS has the right to define themselves how they wish... I just posted about that a few hours ago:

A.C. Fisher Aldag said...

I think you are missing the point. Both Thelma and Louise are friends of Charles Manson. They created their blog for fun, rock'n'roll, politics, and to comment upon all the crap written on other blogs centered around the Tate-LaBianca murders.

The articles to which you are referring are attempting to link Susan Atkins to Anton LaVey. The original article quotes Atkins, purportedly a born-again Xian, as being a former disciple of LaVey, and then Manson. Atkins has now supposedly experienced a religious conversion. So OF COURSE, the article is anti-Satanic.

But Thelma didn't write the article... she got it offline. It is one of many articles periferally related to the case. It was posted for commentary, not to either promote or refute any particular point of view.

Jeremy, please remember when you criticize Thelma's writing style, that she is of the pre-computerized generation. Also recall that folks of Manson's circle experimented with A LOT of substances.

Jeremy said...

a.c. fisher aldag,

I'll be sure to remember that, but I'm not going to excuse. There are plenty of people are from the 'pre-computerized' generation that can seem to manage to put a sentence together.

As for the willfull destruction of her body/mind with illegal substances as an excuse for her in-ability to write: well that just confirms her idiocy in my eyes.

Magistra_Y said...

Wow! AC!
It never would have occured to me that they were Mansonites--somehow the connection between born-agains and anti-hippy-hippiesque gurus was lost on me.

I am aware of where they got their info--again, it was why I was surprised.

Thanks so much for the info--it all becomes much clearer.


Magistra_Y said...

"Whoops, my delete.

First of all: For more information about the Satanic Panic of the 1990s, read Kerr Cuhullain's articles on The Witches Voice. He's spent many years researching the subject
and debunking the myths.

Second of all: Another question for the Magistra -- howcome youse guys also borrow so much from OUR mythology? like the names Ygrainne, LaVey, etc. all come from the Cymraeg legends of the Arthurian cycle."

September 1, 2008 12:36 PM

I am removing myself from the Thelma & Louise stuff because it serves as a distraction from my other intentions.

I chose the name in Ygraine back in the late 70's while I was a practicing Wiccan. I have been an Anglophile my whole life, I am a mother of 5, and I am of Welsh Irish extraction. Sorry, not meaning to be rude, but mythologies belong to cultures, not religions. I am genetically allowed.

Why LaVey chose to anglicize his given name was his business/choice, but I never care about that sort of thing.

I appreciate what you told me about T & L and I see no reason to be less than civil and friendly.


A.C. Fisher Aldag said...

Jeremy: I happen to concur on your assessment of drug abuse. But forty-some years ago, LSD was legal, and no one was aware of its long term effects.

Thank you for your reply in regard to the names, Magistra. As you prolly know, being of Cymri (Welsh) descent, it's a culture as well as encompassing a nature religion. Was just wonderin'.

The T & L article on Susan and her connection to Mr. LaVey was also likely prompted by something that recently occurred... Kind of a long story, so please skip it if you couldn't care less.

As you may know, Susan Atkins is purportedly on her deathbed. Susan sent a letter to Thelma via an intermediary, "forgiving" Charles Manson. It contained a few Xian platitudes. I mailed a copy of her letter to him. The California Department of Corrections rules forbid Susan and Charles to communicate directly. So some of us will pass messages between the various inmates.

Charles replied, echoing Susan's sentiment, but also requesting that Susan retract her testimony, especially her accusations that he masterminded the murders, hypnotized her into killing people, and controled her and the other conspirators. Those of us who know him, realize that Charles is incapable of planning a tea party, let alone plotting several grisly murders and the subsequent social engineering of which the prosecutor accused him. And while he's a fairly powerful Shaman, he cannot & will not control anyone. Anyway. If Susan retracted her testimony, there is a chance that Charles could be exonerated of conspiracy to commit murder.

I sent along a polite letter containing wishes for Susan's health, expressing hope for her compassionate release, and offering some nice pictures Charles had of her as a young woman. His letter was respectful in tone. I transcribed part of it, since his writing is rather hard to read, and his spelling is atrocious.

Susan's husband, James Whitehouse, crumpled up the letters and pictures, and returned them to me, along with a hateful, nasty letter to me, full of curse words, invectives against both me and Charles, and other very uncalled-for rude remarks. It was on the letterhead stationery of his law office, and was designed to be intimidating. This is the man who oversees Susan's prison ministry, who claims to be a born-again Christian. There was no hint of the famed tolerance, forgiveness, and philosophy of loving one's enemies which Xians commonly espouse. I doubt Susan even saw either letter.

I tried again, this time sending an e-mail through Thelma to Susan's longtime friend, asking her to pass it along to Susan. Same result, although to the friend's credit, she didn't cuss at me. I was called "cruel" to Susan for attempting to "bother" her with this "trivial" request. Namely, for Susan to grant a deathbed exoneration to a 73-year-old man who was falsely imprisoned for 40 years because of Atkins's deal with the prosecutor and her scurrilous lies in court, while under oath. Again, no hint of the much-ballyhooed Christian forgiveness.

So then, I had to go and explain this to Charles. :-(

So, as kind of a consolation prize, Thelma printed the discussion of Susan and LaVey, mostly for fellow blog readers' amusement. Because, like, we make fun of everyone. And also, it is periferal to the case, and something that other Tate-LaBianca sites are unlikely to publish.

Hope that makes everything more clear, or at least made an intersting story.

Magistra_Y said...

Dear A.C.,
First off, I enjoy your writing, very much.

I suppose it wouldn't surprise you to know that many Satanists find Manson tres interessant--although I do not count myself one of them.

The interest is based in the (obviously not exclusively) Satanic dogma of personal responsibility. We do not believe that merely making requests or sharing thoughts is the same thing as actually doing illegal things. In other words Manson is paying for actions he did not actively commit.

Another Satanic dictum is "Stupidity should be painful," hence we have nothing but contempt for the Manson girls and Watson who actively committed horrible crimes and deserve every inch of misery the state can throw at them.

Atkins makes me sick, even more now due to her alleged conversion. I will do a little happy dance if she dies in prison--never receiving the mercy she denied Sharon Tate. That would almost make me return to a belief in karma!

Thanks again for providing so much information, and doing it in a witty and frank way.


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