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Drum Roll, Please.............

The 4th Annual Wicked Witch of the Year Is......

Wherein the Wicked Witch Welcomes One of Her Favorite People to the Ranks of the Wickedest of Witches!
Hail, Troj Bruegel! Hail, Satan!

     I should not have to repeat that any of our finalists could easily be seen as an honorable mention.  Each of these women continue to inspire and provide yet another reason to feel pride in Church of Satan affiliation.      I am requesting those offering those lovely gifts contact Troj directly for sending info, and sending me a pic of them to put up on this blog.

Introducing The Wicked Witches

Wicked Witches of the YearWherein the Wicked Witch Confesses She Is In Such Awe She is Rendered Stupid

During this year's process, I monkeyed about with the format only to discover that in an attempt to make less work, I made more work. That is ok, 'live and learn. What hasn't changed, and in fact has only grown, is my admiration for the women in the Church of Satan . I have spent weeks trying to find a way to say what I really feel, which is that every single one of the women in this blog deserve to win this big pile of nothing but genuine respect and admiration. The next task, made more difficult by a recent crappy medical diagnosis (fuck you, Murphy, and everyone who looks like you!) was trying to make everything look "equal" despite the fact that I myself asked for essays long enough to convey the year's personal achievements credited to applied Satanism. Some are a line. Some are pages long. All are exquisite examples Satanic/Wicke…