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Conservative /Right of Center Friends:
     Please do not read this.  This is the rant of a really fucking angry libtard American.  I ask my friends of the right political leaning to know that one on one/friends with friends, who gives a shit? A couple of cocktails and a hearty Hail, Satan will remind us of our love.  In the meantime, nothing I can say will convince you of my position and NOTHING you say will alter mine. Actually this rant is really for people who will never read it, not because I asked them not to, but because, evidently, the majority of Americans are positively too stupid to read anything at all.  See?  Something I know we all agree on.  Sadly that is going to end here.  Forewarned and all that.

     I have lived through a bunch of administrations.  Each time it is led someone I don't approve of I , naturally, think the president is nuts.  I have even thought, a few times, that whomever is in office may be the worst president ever.

     I didn't know nut…