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5th Annual Wicked Witch of the Year Awards

The Nominees5th AnnualWicked Witch of the Year
Cimminnee Holt Hydra M. Starr Heather Height/H. Nytes Josie Gallows Karen Steuer Lauren Hippensteil Little Nikki/Jeze Belle Shiva Rodriguez Tiberia Nine/Kindra J. Ruth Waytz

16 Years Later

16 Years LaterWherein the Wicked Witch Makes Her Most Humiliating Confession of All
At the bottom of this post is a myspace post older than some readers.  It reared its head when I attacked a Catholic on twitter.  I maintain that anyone, at this point, who provides a nickel to the Catholic Church, until they do a complete, this century, overhaul, is complicit in the sexual and physical (and to me emotional & spiritual) abuse of children.  Suffice to say someone noticed that I have maintained my married name and then, with no fact checking whatsoever, determined that my position of Magistra means that a member of the clergy was covering up for a sex abuser, therefore the Church of Satan does.  I cannot allow that to stand.
In the summer of 2002 I was told by the victim of record that she and another victim had been a abused by my then husband.  I did not know until that moment, but I should have.  In that moment a thousand incidents, images, feelings and thoughts flash-bombed in my h…