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Vampires....The Only Ones Worth a Fuck

Very few locals here in Central Florida will ever be able to forget the crimes known as the Vampire Murders.  A group of teens led by an anti-social loser (raised by the kind of mother Casey Anthony might have emulated,) violently killed one of the kids’ parents.  Before, during and after, Rod Ferrell, brain trust extraordinaire, vapidly insisted he was a vampire and these bored kids from Eustis played along.       Last year another Florida Mensa candidate was in on a murder and again Vampirism was brought up.  Not only that, mind you.    Stephanie Pistey says she believes she's part vampire and part werewolf.    In all fairness I should probably mention the Florida Christian who murdered someone he thought was a vampire in 2004.      Long before Bram Stoker various cultures had adopted myths that involved blood drinking and those who do it.  Since Stoker you can’t swing an undead cat without hitting some human who has decided a love of Edwardian ruffles and nightlife make…