Friday, April 24, 2009

Ygraine is Blasted For Dinner

My good friends at the Temple of Satan seem to have taken offense to my quest to corner the market on the word Satanism! Wooooo boy! Naturally I thought they'd embrace my idea with open, albeit pudgy, arms and perhaps even ask me to dinner. Not to eat or cook it, of course, but to be it. What with their spiritual bent they probably think like Injuns of old---if they eat me they'll swallow my soul and then! Wow! The ability to write a cohesive sentence won't be far behind. Here is what Tom , I mean, Grand Magister Blackwood has to say:
"It is the Temples of Satan position to declare the Church of Satan as Pseudo Satanist’s and allows them to hold such an honor. Perhaps they can claim the title Modern Satanism, however not the title Satanism or Satanic it is a word owned by no one.

The New Leader of Theistic Satanism Grand Magister Blackwood continues to forward Satanism along with Diane Vera, and others and offers a look into Satanism that The Church of Satan could never comprehend. So this day The Temples of Satan and Church of Theistic Satanism, along with The Reformed Church of Satan and The Church of Satanism have declare they no longer recognize the Church of Satan as viable Church and deem them Pseudo Satanic, under correct verbiage of such a term.

Thanks and Hail Satan! Grand Magister Blackwood Magister Alexander Magistra C. Wood"
First, Diane Vera can hold her own with me without this asshole. I don't agree with a goddamn word the woman says but I respect her ability and experience to say it. Likewise Michael Aquino is more than able to go after my ass and actually do damage---good thing his institution is doing just great being SETIANS and having little or no use for this Satanism stuff. Allee...well the man hates me enough that even when I agree with him he then changes his position just so he can trash me. But again, in the intellect department he is Einstein in comparison to Blackwood, et al... What Tom is unable to comprehend is that he gives me a voice. His ilk and his loudness give me purpose. He has become the poster boy for why I think the distinction be made between Satanism and the devil worship he so admittedly practices but refuses to name it accordingly. He actually has a voice recording when you go to his blog that says that he continues his alignment with his "Lord and Master Satan," and that he wants to give us "guys" words of wisdom about "his cause, not my cause." Who the fuck wants a master? Who needs to be some one's flunky? Who wants to live on their knees in servitude? I know who. Christians. They want all that in promise for gifts to come after death. SATANISM means YOU give yourself the gifts NOW, while you are alive and capable of enjoying them. Satanism means never being on your knees again.

Now Tom and his ilk also fail to see the irony in them claiming no one can coin the Satanism definition, and then proceed themselves to do just that, but if not for irony they'd be completely uninteresting anyway, so thank goodness! Thank you Tom, for "blasting" me. 'gives a girl hope when she knows she is pissing off all the right people ;) Y~

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