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Ygraine is Blasted For Dinner

My good friends at the Temple of Satan seem to have taken offense to my quest to corner the market on the word Satanism! Wooooo boy! Naturally I thought they'd embrace my idea with open, albeit pudgy, arms and perhaps even ask me to dinner. Not to eat or cook it, of course, but to be it. What with their spiritual bent they probably think like Injuns of old---if they eat me they'll swallow my soul and then! Wow! The ability to write a cohesive sentence won't be far behind.Here is what Tom , I mean, Grand MagisterBlackwood has to say:
"It is the Temples of Satan position to declare the Church of Satan as Pseudo Satanist’s and allows them to hold such an honor. Perhaps they can claim the title Modern Satanism, however not the title Satanism or Satanic it is a word owned by no one.The New Leader of Theistic Satanism Grand MagisterBlackwood continues to forward Satanism along with Diane Vera, and others and offers a look into Satanism that The Church of Satan could ne…