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More, more, more

I need to apologize for these taking so long to post.  For a change neither my inherent ditziness or my laziness or even my crappy health is to blame.  The problem is how to do these amazing women justice in 3 or 4 paragraphs?  How can I make people who have never had the privilege of meeting even a single Satanic Witch, fully comprehend the many I am presenting as representative as a breed?
     I bothered the crap out of them.   I started with a questionnaire where I asked each one what had happened/what had they done in 2016 that they themselves felt was a witchy plus?  Then I  took 12 questions, divided them by four, and sent a grouping to an equal amount of nominees.  I was trying to get differentiation, not automation.  Then I put together all responses, as well as photos, and my own experiences with each nominee, or if I don't know them personally I spent a good amount of time reading their Facebook posts, and googling their name, so I could write about them.
I know yo…

Are You Ready to Meet the Witches?

What good is a bunch of names and a picture or two?  Well, kind of a lot BUT this time I really wanted to celebrate the Church of Satan's Witches.  Many people see all witches as either nasty hags, unshaven Pagans who worship Jesus with Tits, varying breeds of Wiccans-many of whom have determined that ONLY Wiccans have the right to label themselves Witches, and the real nut bags who see Witches as "Brides of Satan" who do all sorts of evil deeds. The Satanic Witch by Anton Szandor LaVey  defines Satanic Witchery and gives important lessons in both greater and lesser magic.  The Church of Satan deems women members who have attained the Second Degree as Witches, and uses the term to describe female members in general.  Satanic Witches accept the tenets of The Satanic Bible, and practice witchCRAFT.  There are all kinds of "Craft" performed by witches.         As both a Satanic and a Wicked Witch, I want to support the Witches who support the Church of Satan,…

2017 Wicked Witch of the Year Nominees

This is the third year I have had the great pleasure to get to know the witches who are members of the Church of Satan.  Naturally this sampling is almost ludicrously small because of the method by which nominations are made.
      On Facebook, and when the timing works properly, on Radio Free Satan's Confessions of a Wicked Witch podcast I announce the contest .  Anyone who is a member of the CoS is free to nominate any other member.  If a nominated Witch gets a second nomination, or is literally seconded, I investigate her appropriateness to represent my show in particular, and Satanic Witchdom in general.  I prefer to confirm she is a member in good standing.  If all that checks out I okay the nomination, send the witch the questionnaire, and await responses.
     In the previous two years I then chose the single winner based on the answers given on the questionnaire, and my own standards.  This year I have asked the two previous winners to assist me with what will essent…