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Wicked Witch of the Year/2018Wherein the Wicked Witch asks female (or close enough for government work) Church of Satan Members if they are the Shit?...and admits she can never remember that whole Satanic A.S. datey thing
     Last year I began late.      This year we get this bitch up and running right about now.      As stated in previous blogs (that I'm sure you all read with immediate and rapt attention,) I am the Wicked Witch, this my contest and any demonstrations of democracy are purely coincidental.       There are some new rules because, hey, why the fuck not?  I'm going to list them now, probably because I am thinking about them now.      Nominations may be sent to Ygraine Osborn Mitchell  PM/Messenger via Facebook or email:     Nominations may be made between now and January 1, 2018.  The name of those who make nominations will be confidential.     Those who nominate and contestants must be members in good standing in the Church of Satan.     Nominate…

NOT me, too.

NOT me, too! Wherein the Wicked Witch is determined to be Pro-Rape Culture by the Over-Informed and the Under-Experienced

     Although I survived a brutal sexual assault in my teens, and I'm a third generation feminist, I have been watching the exponential revelations of sexual abuse with both overwhelming sympathy and a need for better solutions than mere outrage can effect.   I am concerned that this mob mentality has ramifications that are in conflict with actually solving the problem of sexual abuse.  Worse, the demand for new language, new stilted behaviors, is an assault on our cherished freedom of expression.  Why we can't just punish the living shit out of those who have committed crimes, and allow each individual respond to speech as they see fit, is beyond me.       I did not "me, too."  I have nothing but empathy and pride for the women who choose to take power in the act. I hope the trend creates some comfort.   I just found my power a different way.   …


AWAKE This Should Be a Podcast Wherein the Wicked Witch Confesses to...A Lot of Shit.For Warlock Robert 

     As a writer/speaker it is  one thing to procrastinate over your work because you have little or nothing to say.  It is rarely that simple, actually.  You'll start writing because something grabs you and then you read back a few paragraphs and the prevailing thought is "well, that is going nowhere fast."  The incomplete work is then resigned to an ever-expanding draft file.  You'll get back to it.  Or not. Or maybe.  Sorta. It is frustrating.      Yet, as I have recently discovered, it isn't half as frustrating as being unable to accomplish things because your head is so bloody chock full of crap that you are creatively constipated.  I owe apologies as well as marked admiration to my colleagues and friends at Radio Free Satan for allowing me to be me and not give me the well deserved kick in the ass I've been expecting.  Right now, however I am going t…
Fuck DemocracyWherein the Wicked Witch Confesses Volunteering for the Role of Kinda Benevolent Dictator

     This year Adam Campbell, of the wonderful Speak of the Devil podcast, presented us with the first Warlock of the Year Award.  He was kind enough to inquire of me whether this would effect me.  I appreciated his concern.  My Witch of the Year Award is about to celebrate it's fourth year, and he followed not a written protocol, but a civil one.  'gotta love that in a guy!  I voted for my choices.      Voted.        The last time I did that things didn't work so well, for like, everyone.  I am desperately trying to justify my previously epic support of representative democracy.  I always believed that straight democracy, one man one vote shit, was mob rule.  Considering the mob mentality prevailing  on every notch of the political/social spectrum--I'm not seeing much of a distinction.       This led me to wonder about my Wicked Witch Award.  I request nominations and s…

Support my "Rubbers for the Stupid" Charity

Conservative /Right of Center Friends:
     Please do not read this.  This is the rant of a really fucking angry libtard American.  I ask my friends of the right political leaning to know that one on one/friends with friends, who gives a shit? A couple of cocktails and a hearty Hail, Satan will remind us of our love.  In the meantime, nothing I can say will convince you of my position and NOTHING you say will alter mine. Actually this rant is really for people who will never read it, not because I asked them not to, but because, evidently, the majority of Americans are positively too stupid to read anything at all.  See?  Something I know we all agree on.  Sadly that is going to end here.  Forewarned and all that.

     I have lived through a bunch of administrations.  Each time it is led someone I don't approve of I , naturally, think the president is nuts.  I have even thought, a few times, that whomever is in office may be the worst president ever.

     I didn't know nut…

Just Because...(Blues sung from the middle of the road)

Recently a post has been making the rounds that reminds me of the old Egyptian negative confession, but is about what the person agreeing with it (myself included)states they  "will not work together" about.  You can find this all over, but I have a link to where I signed it under my mundane name

For me this isn't enough.  It states plainly what makes me angry and why I am upset, but it doesn't tell the whole story.

Lately whenever a liberal non-Trumpian makes a point against a Trump executive order there is a philosophical leap made that makes no fucking sense but somehow manages to justify the continued hatred of liberals.  I don't appreciate my well thought out positions being used to imply things I neither feel nor say.  So here is my contribution:

Just because.............

Just because I am against the executive order banning certain Muslim states from entering our country doesn't mean that …

And the winner is.........................

Hail Magistra Ruth Waytz Radio Free Satan's Confessions of a Wicked Witch Wicked Witch of the Year, 2016-2017

Last but Never Least

Those who know me know I have a special relartionship with guilt. I need to state that this year, this project, has pretty well left me overflowing with guilt. Did I miss any nominee?Can I do them justice?Will they hate me for writing this/not writing that?Will so and so be upset that hers is longer/shorter/funnier/dryer than other so and so?Is there anyway to do this so no feelings get hurt?      I'm about at the end of my rope.  These women are the saving grace.  These witches deserve a prize for just being 30,000 times more interesting than any other women alive.  I love them.  You will too.

Sara Josephine

I’m in tears right now.  It isn’t because I’m babysitting and my granddaughter is sick so I’m tired beyond measure, or because the arthritis in my ankle/foot is so bad that I can’t walk.  It isn’t because I am having a meltdown due to my political beliefs.  It isn’t even because my eldest daughter and her family have been devastated by a house fire that has destroyed almo…