Monday, November 27, 2017


Wicked Witch of the Year/2018

Wherein the Wicked Witch asks female (or close enough for government work) Church of Satan Members if they are the Shit?

...and admits she can never remember that whole Satanic A.S. datey thing

     Last year I began late.
     This year we get this bitch up and running right about now.
     As stated in previous blogs (that I'm sure you all read with immediate and rapt attention,) I am the Wicked Witch, this my contest and any demonstrations of democracy are purely coincidental.
      There are some new rules because, hey, why the fuck not?  I'm going to list them now, probably because I am thinking about them now.
  •      Nominations may be sent to Ygraine Osborn Mitchell  PM/Messenger via Facebook or email:
  •      Nominations may be made between now and January 1, 2018.  The name of those who make nominations will be confidential.
  •      Those who nominate and contestants must be members in good standing in the Church of Satan.
  •      Nominate no more than 2 witches.
  •      Only when a witch is nominated twice will she be put on the roster (considered a nomination and a seconding.)
  •      Donations for the winner of the Witch of the Year are welcomed.  Prizes, gifts, services, etc...are to be sent to the winner by the donating member/shop/creator once the winner is announced.
  •      The winner will be interviewed on Confessions of a Wicked Witch and the prizes she has received will be promoted at that time.  Additionally those who pledge prizes may provide an ad/graphic to be placed on this blog.
  •      Once vetted all contestants will be evaluated by myself and the three previous winners, and we will pick the 13 we feel best represent Wicked Witchery.
  •      The 13 finalists will be announced in early January.
  •      They will be  expected to fill out a questionnaire, provide 3 pictures, and be open to further contact with the Wicked Witch, as well as agreeing to be written about and be on the podcast.
  •      Once the finalists are announced, a brief bio based on the questionnaire responses will be posted here, as well as photos.
  •      This year I will welcome letters of support from any CoS member regarding the finalists.  The writer will need to let me know who they are but they can be granted anonymity should any part of their letter be posted. 
  •       The winner will be announced before the end of January.

What is a Wicked Witch
How to Evaluate if one of them are Worthy of the Title of
Wicked Witch of the Year

     To get the full understanding of what makes a Wicked Witch you'll need to read my book Confessions of a Wicked Witch coming out when I get the fuck around to finishing it.  For our purposes and the purpose of an annual contest a Wicked Witch is a Satanist who uses her abilities, all of them, to create the world she wants.  This is about accomplishing goals within the last year.  The goals are those set by the witch herself.  I'll be much more impressed by the woman who CHOSE to be a garbage collector, and got the job and is doing it well, than I would the woman who married well and now runs her husband's business, hating each day that she sacrificed her dreams for the sake of convention.  Of course if she loves her man's business and improves it by her own work, fuck, yeah!  The question I would ask before nominating would be "What did this witch do, in 2017, to improve her quality of life using the tenets of Satanism?"

     A word about gender issues:  There can be no fewer fucks given than I have for what a person's reproductive junk is.  If a person identifies as a WITCH, is a member in good standing, and gets the requisite two nominations they will be entered.  'nuff said.

     Now, let's have some fun and get to know some seriously cool women.

Hail, Satan!

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