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"Myths About Satanism" By Some Vindictive Bitch

Hey, all. I found this on the blogsite of Witch Hex---who I do not know, but I suspect is a Wiccan of some sort. I have no problem with her, anyway, but she had this "Myths About Satanism--not written by me" thing. I have no idea why she posted something not written by her, or what her position actually is. Nor do i have a clue who actually wrote it, as Witch Hex doesn't say. Anyway, I thought it might be fun to dissect her...I mean it...whoopsie.

Myths About Satanism
(Author Unknown but Sounds Like a Pissy Woman to Me)

Myth 1. Religion and pleasure automatically exclude each other.
LaVey paints a one-dimensional picture of religion as solely being a bleak life of asceticism and denial, with never any happiness or joy. Apparently only people who crave misery become Christians, according to LaVey. Accepting this myth is actually the first step to becoming a Satanist. The truth is, Christians can have very happy productive and fulfilling lives - - because they're Christians, not in spite of it.

I wonder where LaVey ever got that idea?

Whoever loves pleasure will be a poor man;
he who loves wine and oil will not be rich. Proverbs 21:1

Regardless, the statement that Christians are happy because they are Christian, not in spite of it, can't be quantified in any real way. Maybe some are. Maybe the fellowship and commonality of purpose makes them happy.

In any event a life that is lived in pursuit of what will happen after death, ie. ascension to Heaven or descending to Hell is no life for a responsible, reasonable human. It devalues life here and now.

Myth 2. Man is naturally violent, and therefore, being violent is natural.

This advice appeals to juvenile delinquent teens, anti-social misfit types, and psychotics - - all who want to lash out at the world. It's no surprise then that LaVey was a wife beater and part time pimp that abused his own animals! LaVey says Satanists should lash out at anyone who gives them a problem. Rather than see aggression as a result of frustration, LaVey instead encourages readers to act upon it. Frustrated young people learn a dangerous lesson: hostility is normal and should be acted upon. LaVey is teaching people "hostility and helplessness", rather than giving them a reason to work out their problems. If you follow LaVey's advice, you'll eventually wind up in jail. The fact of the matter is, man is not born violent, but learns it. Man enters the world with cooperative tendencies and has to be taught violent ones. Psychologist Anthony Moriarity in his book The Psychology of Adolescent Satanism: A Guide for Parents, Counselors, Clergy, and Teachers sites studies done by anthropologists to back this up, namely Monatgu (1950) Bandura(1973) Baron (1985) It makes sense if you think about it, because children raised in violent homes often grow up to be violent themselves, whereas children from non-violent homes usually do not. Since it's actually unnatural to be violent, Satanism is therefore unnatural too.

Let us begin with facts--something our Christian friend here would do well to try--as in not bearing false witness against her dead and defenseless neighbor. 1. Anton LaVey was never arrested, let alone convicted of any crime involving violence against his wife or anyone or anything (animal) else. 2. These worn out accusations have come solely from those who have started competing religious organizations or wanted money earned by the very philosophy they either wanted to steal or conversely, denigrate. 'just a bit hypocritical, eh? 3. All citations are pre-1985, happily ignoring the FBI's Lanning Report of 1992 disproving every single statement made by this lying bitch. Now, I will attempt to avoid the obvious irony of a Christian denying the violent nature of man--considering that until recently Christians have held the gold standard in violently forcing those who don't believe their way into utter submission. I will however remind all readers that Satanists have not flown planes into packed buildings. Have not allowed Children to burn to death for God's grace. Have not burned people at stakes. Have not beheaded women for being raped. Nope, these were all monotheistic believers in Heaven, Hell, Retribution and Grace. But, man isn't violent, huh? LaVey didn't ENDORSE violence, per se, he called a spade a spade, and directed his members not to get lost in the should be, rather than the is. In fact, in keeping with giving unto Caesar, The Church of Satan demands all members be law-abiding, and terminates the memberships of those found to be guilty of violent crimes against persons. Catholics move pedophiles. Protestants preach forgiveness of criminals, even murderers. ONLY Satanists take swift and complete action against violent law breaking members.
As for Satanism appealing to a) Juvenile Delinquents--We don't accept members under 18.
b) anti-social misfits---By the Christian definition, probably true. By a psychological definition, not even close.

Myth 3. Good and evil are reversed.
This is the way sociopaths and psychopaths think, more or less. LaVey believed religion couldn't meet the needs for today's people, and furthermore what it teaches is wrong. LaVey had a very bigoted and narrow-minded view of religion, and failed to see the many positive aspects religious institutions create (e.g., hospitals, orphanages, universities, disaster relief, great works of art, etc.,). Moriarty notes concerning LaVey's role reversal, "Through the manipulation of psychological factors, LaVey exploits the powerful learning process of negative reinforcement to his advantage. In effect, if the reader is not persuaded by the merits of Satanism, he or she will find in it a consolation from escaping the intolerable alternative - - religion as described by LaVey." LaVey builds up a straw man...bleak religion where everyone is miserable...then tears it down, winning converts to his religion.

This is the most common misconception people have about Satanism--that good and evil are somehow reversed. Nothing could be further from the truth. Satanists love. In fact their love is even more meaningful than the Christian variety because it isn't doled out to every neighbor on the planet. Satanists also hate, but they do not feel that hate is in and of itself evil. Should we not hate the 9/11 terrorists? If not why are we waging war against those we love? Should we not hate those who seek to harm us---is that evil? The point here is that good vs. evil is an antiquated notion with no real meaning.

God/Religion didn't create the natural laws that helped primates climb out of the trees. Early man learned that killing without sound reason only created more killing, likewise stealing, etc...those rules didn't come on stone tablets, but from the early hominid's collective experience allowing them to develop into later hominids. Words like good and evil, when bandied about simplistically, become fodder for relativism.

Law is for the common good and allows the individual the freedom to pursue his goals in relative peace. That is good.

Evil--to the Satanist, would be a lack of law that enables the individual responsible freedom.

As for winning converts, it should seem obvious that had LaVey wished to win them, he wouldn't have claimed that "Satanists are born, not made," he wouldn't have demanded a no proselytizing rule for his religion, and he wouldn't have charged a relatively large membership cost.

Next--on charity. LaVey shunned altruism because he knew it wasn't altruistic. Creating ways to keep suffering people alive only gives them the ability to breed more suffering people. Conversely I don't know a Satanist alive who doesn't have some pet cause or charity that they support. The difference is they aren't doing it for brownie points from god, but out of genuine caring. I often wonder how much good Christians would do if there were no ticket to Heaven attached?

As for sociopaths---talk about denial! Christians give folks a god to thank and a devil to blame. Satanists put the responsibility on the individual. Logic (not to mention experience and statistics) dictates that giving people a constant scapegoat will reduce their awareness of self-responsibility, and that lack of awareness will increase criminal behavior.

Myth 4. Satanism will make one strong.
Young people especially ( and ones who don't fit in with others in particular) are lured by this myth. Young people want to be strong, and since LaVey tells them "white light" religions like Christianity will make them weak, he makes it appear there is no choice but Satanism if they want to be strong. Christianity in fact, gives people inner strength, and bravery. For instance, it takes guts to hide Jews in your house from the Nazis like Corrie Ten Boom and her family did. From the point of physical self-defense, very few Christians think Jesus meant to allow themselves to be beaten and not defend themselves. There are even Christian martial arts associations and Christian strong man groups. Christianity teaches things should be done in balance and in proper perspective. Like proverbs says, there's a time to sow, a time to reap, a time to gather stones, and a time not to, a time to make war, a time to make peace. Even Jesus chased the money changers out of the Temple with a cat-o-nine tails on two separate occasions, showing there was a time to use physical violence if for the right reason. The money changers were crooks who cheated people. What Jesus meant when he said to turn the other cheek was to not hold grudges and feel a need to strike back at every offense, but to forgive. Furthermore, Satanists are not strong individuals who "stand on their own two feet" anyway. They all belong to a personality cult centered around Anton LaVey, and are actually quite weak from that stand point. Labeling themselves as Satanists only makes people not take them seriously, rather than have an actual advantage, and only weakening their overall personal image.

Satanism does not make you anything. It never says that it does. In fact, a Satanic adage is about reality--The strong rule the weak, and the cunning rule over all. Again, this is how the world IS, not how it should be.

However, I will live and die secure in the knowledge that FAITH is a weakness. It serves only those who lack the courage to face reality and KNOW something. I am standing on my own two feet, not kneeling before some imaginary papa figure, begging for forgiveness. My strength comes from inner divinity, that no matter what else, I alone am responsible for my achievements and my mistakes. I can thank no god, and I can blame no devil.

And while I owe a debt of gratitude to Anton LaVey for putting my inherent feelings into the written word, for codifying it and giving it a name, for creating a religious organization that allows me fellowship with others who think the same, I do not worship him.

Evidently I need to worship a lot less than the bitch who wrote this clap trap needs to vilify.

Moreover, if Satanism could claim to make someone something it would seem counter-productive for it to say that Satanists are born, not made.

And here we see what all Christians do when faced with a dichotomy in their precious Bible---they simply re-interpret it:

From the point of physical self-defense, very few Christians think Jesus meant to allow themselves to be beaten and not defend themselves---then what is that whole offering the other cheek thing about? What Jesus meant when he said to turn the other cheek was to not hold grudges and feel a need to strike back at every offense, but to forgive--Before or after I defend myself? Fucksakes! You'd think the Messiah could be a tad less cryptic, huh?

I am starting to believe that the Holy Bible is the ultimate book on hedging one's bets and that the contradictory nature of it may just be intentional.

Myth 5. "Live for the here and now". This one is such a clusterfuck that it needs to be dealt with from concept to concept:

LaVey mocks Christianity's belief in an afterlife, and said people should only live for the here and now. This is another myth that hooks young people, since many of them act on impulses and have little concern for life in the years ahead.

Which concept is more likely to make someone act on impulse:
A) There is only one life so make the best of it, or
B) This life is only dress rehearsal for the afterlife. Provided you ask for forgiveness and believe in Jesus Heaven awaits, regardless of your actions?


All the world's religions, not just Christianity, have rules which benefit people in the here and now by transcending the individual and benefiting the group as a whole. Rules such as not murdering, not stealing, not committing sexual immorality, lying, etc., benefit everyone.

I touched on this above. It galls me the way Christians, in fact most religions, take credit for natural laws that predate their sorry churches by thousands of years! I don't need a fucking scroll or a threat of eternal damnation to tell me not to kill my neighbor! I worry about the people who do!

Religion isn't simply about what happens after one dies, as LaVey thought.

No, it is more about relinquishing personal responsibility for the way one lives.

By making people feel as though they should act on every impulse, LaVey is teaching those young readers who might not deal constructively with their problems (and are most likely to act on impulsive behavior) a dangerous thing, and could lead them into trouble.

I have never read a single Satanic work by LaVey that tells anyone to act on every impulse. This is the problem with Christian propaganda--either they lie, or they can't read.

Furthermore, in the next decade after LaVey wrote the Satanic Bible, there were numerous cases of people who were clinically dead that experienced glimpses of life after death, many of which could not simply be written off as hallucination. There are both cases of people who saw Heaven and those who saw Hell. Such things should be investigated thoroughly before leaving it up to a high school dropout like LaVey to decide if there's no afterlife.

OMIFUCKINGGOSHDARN! Are you kidding? There are equal amounts of people who'll tell you they didn't see jackshit. I'm rooting for the people who weren't brain-washed by years in the pews. Imagine the poor Christian who dies for 5 minutes and saw or felt you think for a nanosecond he'll want to admit that? Even to himself?

'seems to me this would be the one thing that God would do well to clarify.

Myth 6. Satanism will make one powerful.
This myth appeals to people who feel powerless in their own lives. For some people, dressing in black and wearing a Baphomet pendant when they go to the mall can scare people, perhaps giving them a false sense of power from the fear they generate. All they're really doing is participating in anti-social behavior. Some Satanists do believe the spells in the Satanic Bible least at first until they try them enough times to realize they don't. While LaVey claims his occult system is unique, the promise of quick and undeserved power is something every occult system promises. What Satanists don't realize is this appeal for power is a symptom of masking the helplessness in their own lives. Satanism is simply a way of running away from their problems instead of trying to solve them.

Once more, with feeling, Satanism is unique in that makes no promises at all. It doesn't make you powerful, only you can do that.

However, the one place where I feel all religions, even Satanism, meet up, is in the magic department. For the Christians it is called prayer--but really, reading out of a book while wishing for a desired result, I dunno, sounds like magic to me.

*Every spell works.. It doesn't matter who wrote it, or where it came from.. All that matters is the belief that it wll work. -Witch Hex

The above line shows the Wiccan viewpoint, using self-psychology to enable personal change.

For the Satanist, the only difference is the honest acceptance that there is no spirit or god or external to do the bidding. Ritual psychodrama allows the Satanist to re-set or re-boot the mind to shift its energies and get on with the task at hand.

Myth 7. A person has to chose between sex or religion. (No, just GOOD sex and religion...ok, just kidding)
There's no way to have both. Another straw man LaVey builds is that it is impossible to be a Christian and enjoy sex. What LaVey is doing is forcing young readers (who don't know as much about life or sex as they would like to think) to choose sex over religion, when they can actually have both. LaVey's bull is very effective on adolescents, because they're coming into their sexual identity, and when they read sexual feelings, emotions and angst, are part of being a Satanist (as though no one else had such feelings!) they feel therefore they too must be Satanists. Christians enjoy sex just as much as anyone else does. Like all religions, Christians believe sex is sacred and should be between a man and wife, and monogamous relationships prove to be better in an era of STDs. Simply thinking you can sleep with whomever and whenever you want, doesn't actually happen in reality. LaVey claims that Christianity forbids masturbation, but this is not what the Bible actually says. Some people think that Genesis 38 prohibits masturbation, but it does not. God's displeasure with Onan in Genesis 38 is based on Onan's disobedience to the old law which required him to father a child by his dead brother's wife. It has nothing to do with masturbation. Emission of semen, however, was unclean under the law, and a man needed to make an offering for it. (See Leviticus 15.) It was a minor offense, comparable to accidentally soiling your undergarments. However, the law regarding clean and unclean things was repealed by God in Peter's vision, as described in Acts 10. So emission of semen became clean theoretically, just as eating of pork became clean. This idea is confirmed by Romans 14:14, where Paul says, "I know and am persuaded in the Lord that nothing is unclean in itself; but it is unclean for anyone who thinks it is unclean." Masturbation isn't listed anywhere as an "abomination," or anywhere among the various lists of prohibited sexual practices. (See Leviticus 18.) Adultery is prohibited; rape is prohibited; incest is prohibited; homosexual sex is prohibited; sex with animals is prohibited, (and all these acts are banned in all the other religions of the world as well). But masturbation is not even mentioned.

But whoring your daughters out to an angry mob to save some angels is alrighty.
Impregnating 15 year old girls is ok, too.
Polygamy is more than ok.
And, if incest is forbidden, who were Cain & Abel fucking?
Marrying is better than having dirty thoughts....

I could go on and on.

The Bible is dirty book, and I am not talking about the fun Songs of Soloman parts, either.

This recent Christian phenomena to reduce the Bible's anti-sex stance in order to finally accept the human need for intimacy is probably a good thing, but it is a lie, nonetheless.

LaVey's stance on sex was simple and needs little explanation. What goes on between consenting adults is all good.

If Christianity is so worried about the carnal nature of man luring them into Satanism because of that, they can blame their god for creating such horny people.

Myth 8. Satanism embraces science.
Obviously, science is at odds with magic, and The Satanic Bible clearly states that magic can work, even though some Satanists are now trying to pretend it doesn't say it. The Satanic Bible is based on the idea that magic can effect people's minds if done at the time of the night when they are in their "dream state", indicating the idea was derived from the theory of ESP. ESP has never actually been proven in any laboratory at any time. The military even invested millions of dollars in "remote viewing" experiments in the 80's (supposedly Michael Aquino was involved in the project) and discovered it didn't work. LaVey also believed heavily in the ideas of Dr. Wilhelm Reich, who is dismissed by all Psychiatrists as a fraud and a quack. Even if you define Satanism as some kind of "applied psychology" (which it isn't), it could only be considered quackery. Plenty of Christians believe in Evolution and The Big Bang, and several Christian denominations have issued formal statements endorsing them (The Roman Catholic Church, The Anglican Church, The Lutheran Church, etc.). The idea that the Creation account in Genesis had to be taken literally was not the original view(click here). Luther for instance, criticized St. Augustine because he thought the Creation account was a metaphor.

Satanism embraces science.
Satanism embraces applied psychology.
The same bitch arguing the point just tried to pass off an afterlife, and is about to validate demonic possession.

Myth 9. The Christian Church invented the idea of the Devil just to frighten people into joining the Church because it couldn't exist without him.
Every religion on earth believes in the existence of evil spirits and devils. Pre-Christian religions teach a belief in demons (e.g., Hinduism, Shintosm, & Zoroastrianism to name just 3). Even The Satanic Bible mentions the names of pre-Christian Pagan devils such as Loki, Lilith, and Kali. LaVey claimed a Voodoo cult in New Orleans was part of the lineage of the Church of Satan. Voodooists believe in evil spirits as well as good spirits, and know there is a distinct difference between the two. The idea that Christians re-named Pagan deities as devils is an outdated theory that arose out of bad scholarship in the 19th century. One of the biggest proponents of that idea was Margaret Murray, the grandmother of Wicca...the very kind of person Satanism is supposed to balk at. Her books were discredited by her peers practically as soon as the ink dried in them. There have been documented cases of demonic possession which can not be explained as mental illness. The case of a Maryland boy in 1949 that the novel The Exorcist was based on is just one example. Human tradition in every culture on earth believes demons are evil beings that wish us harm. It isn't simply a "Christian thing."

*The statement that Loki, Lilith, and Kali are pagans devils is incorrect..-Witch Hex

Yeah--but none of them made quite the sack of money on the concept than the Christians did.

And, truthfully, we're dealing with primarily Western Culture, here, but regardless, today's Satanist finds a belief in ANY literal external entity equally bullshit.

Myth 10. Everything new, different, and innovative is "Satanic" and original thinkers are "Natural Satanists".
What LaVey did was try to change the definition of the terms "Satanic" and "Satanism". This is the same thing Wiccans do when they try to claim "witchcraft" is an ancient pagan religion and the word "witch" meant "wise one". In reality, these two things have nefarious meanings in every culture. LaVey, ironically, used to chide the "white witches" for doing this, when he was basically doing the same thing. For instance, he claimed Duisenberg automobiles were "Satanic" in their design. Just because something is eye-catching or different doesn't make it Satanic. A grisly slaying is Satanic, not a cherry car. LaVey simply tried to change the meaning of a word. Likewise, people who think outside the box aren't Satanists. LaVey thought Tiny Tim was a natural Satanist because he was had the only vaudeville act in the 1960's. Tiny Tim was in fact a Christian! He read the Bible everyday, made public confessions of his faith in his later years (such as on the WTMV Richard Shanks Show in the late 80's as just one example), was polite to everyone, and friends say he was quite serious about his religion. He would have been offended for being called a Satanist,
Just to demonstrate that we are not a LaVey cult will it surprise the writer of this twaddle that I've never gotten the Tiny Tim thing?

The writer just keeps ignoring the most pertinent fact about Satanism: It is a religion of INDIVIDUALS, with differents tastes and dislikes, with a shared dogma, but a variety of ways of expressing it. However, she is making the appropriate point about Satanists/Satanism while attempting to discredit it--that throughout history those who were different in their sense of self, in their independent spirit and were continually villified by the culture's status quo. They were demonized for being unique, and for standing up on their own two feet while others cowered on their knees begging to a non-existant god for salvation.

Myth 11. People will take you seriously as a Satanist.
People are going to think you're a nut, weirdo, and loser when you tell them you're a Satanist. Don't expect to ever have a good paying job, be elected to office, or have normal people think you're not a flake when you tell them you're a Satanist. They're no different from wiccans who insist on being called witches who then act hurt and claim "persecution" when people get scared of them. If negative attention is all you want, being a Satanist will do it. If you seriously think you're going to be the "Alien Elite" you'd better do a reality

Wow. It is rare to see someone so proud of being a prejudiced bigot and attempting to validate ignoring the First Amendment with such glee. Thumbs up!

Here is a little clue--each and every one knows a Satanist. Oh, yes--they really do. The 80's taught us a thing or two about keeping our mouths shut. I know Satanic doctors, lawyers, nurses, mechanics, computer programmers, teachers, etc.....they many not tell you, because telling would allow people like this snarling cunt prevent them from enjoying this one life, but everyone does know one or maybe two. They probably like them.

You see, the days of dressing all in black are over. It became passe and dull once all the silly goth kids got a hold of it.

The days of screaming protests and demanding equal rights went away, too, when, on the whole, we discovered we could get what we want by becoming what we were accused of---secretive.

Me? I am an anomaly--a holdover from the past. I did too much media and stuff to pretend to be anything than what I am, so I am the public side of Satanism. I exist so that thousands of others of my kind can quietly enjoy all this wonderful world has to offer, without fear and discriminiation.

The fact is that Christians need not fear sacrifices, or murders or any of that silly bullshit Satanists have been accused of for years. It wasn't true before and it isn't true now. What they should fear is what we really are---responsible people who will never relinquish that power to a god. We are the polar opposite of faith and belief, and as we quietly grow, our influence grows without even trying.

So don't worry about the black wearing malcontent coming from our religion to shoot up your schools---we've rejected him. He has gotten all his info on Satanism from the pews and people like this writer. The one absolute truth in the Holy Bible is you reap what you sow, and Christianity has created the kind of heretic they claimed we are.


Saturday, September 20, 2008

Crazy Blond YouTube Chick:Proof there is no devil, or this bitch would be dead

*Please note that I may have confused two different people and amalgamated them into one prior to the first posting of this blog. For my mistake I am completely to blame and completely sorry. I deserve to be trashed for not doing all the proper research prior to posting this. However, any vitriol is explained by these parasites living off the LaVeyan name and allowing people to think The Satanic Bible encourages any sort of spirituality. My confusion simply proves the point of all these rants---If I, who has read the works and lives by them, can be confused, imagine what a newcomer to Satanism would think?

*****Note: Venus Satanas link has been removed as she was NOT the offensive blonde crazy I was writing about. I had promised I would remove it and forgot and that makes me DEAD WRONG, and despite our religious disagreements, I had no right to forget her fair request. I am sorry, Venus.

Why am I so against theistic horseshit?

You mean aside from the validation of sacrifices, murder, irresponsibility, and just plain old being an embarrassment to real Satanists? Check out these links. Don't do it before you eat or you'll lose your appetite. Don't do it after you eat or you'll puke. In fact, plan this for when you're fasting, or attempting bulimia or something.

This disgusting cunt, this advertisement for mandatory abortion has the fucking nerve to label her insane youTube videos as Anton LaVey: From the Grave. Aside from the sheer craziness of that, and the manipulation she is attempting by using the name of a someone to get people to watch a nobody--I think of his son, his longtime companion, and his many friends that are friends of mine who do not deserve to have LaVey's name bandied about by this bus station skank! To paraphrase Lloyd Bentson, "I knew Anton LaVey, you inept whore, and you're no Anton LaVey!"

Check out this schitzoid's website---she actually spells magic with a "k." Apparently the reincarnation of our beloved founder forgot his own position---although I have no doubt that were he still alive he would again remind us that "Those who spell magic with a k, aren't," while using her picture to explain why.

Look folks, and I am sorry for the maybe 3 theistics I have known who weren't total pieces of shit, this has got to stop. When I guested on my dear friend David's Satanism Today show last week we discussed the problems in South Africa, Russia, and right here in our backyard. I am sorry if folks can't see the logical conclusion that worshiping, that even believing in such nonsense is not only absurd and un-Satanic, but genuinely dangerous.

Let's examine the logic.

What does belief in an external deity do?
1. It means that someone other than self has the ultimate control.
2. It means your actions will either please or anger said deity.
3. It means there is a reward/punishment motif throughout life that determines behavior.

What does having an external deity having ultimate control mean to people?
1. It means that the self can take no pride, not take any blame for their actions.
2. It means that irresponsibility can be happily utilized by the lazy and the criminal because if a deity is present and all powerful, surely he can stop or change human action to suit his needs, and the human becomes blameless.
3. It means life is cheap, as the deity has a gazillion little toys (humans) to play with and the individual is nothing more than another doll.

What about reward/punishment?
1. Either "karma" comes into play, and deity becomes a cosmic scorekeeper, cheerfully waiting for the individual to fuck up to thrash him while alive, or.....
2. There is a Heaven and Hell, or some other afterlife making, again, life cheap and meaningless as those who follow the deity are waiting to die to earn their reward, or accept that they are shit, figure they are going to Hell anyway, and continue to sin, or.....
3. They believe in reincarnation, whereby the individual either gets a new life (so why bother with the previous one?,) or regresses to whatever lesser life form the deity wants---like a mosquito or something.

The point, obviously, is that the Satanist KNOWS this is their one life. It is beautiful and valuable because it is unique and there is no more!

The point is there is no time to beg some external deity for favors, because the Satanist is too busy making things happen giving their individual life meaningful for them, to get on their knees and beg!

The point is the Satanist cannot murder or sacrifice, because their is nothing to sacrifice to, no deity to judge them, and life is too valuable to chance running afoul of the laws of man and losing freedom.

We Satanists are a stoic bunch. It is against our nature to give too much credence to these theists because we don't like to waste our personal precious energy on them. BUT we're going to have to.

Their existence is an affront to our philosophy, and by not challenging them, by pretending they don't exist, we are allowing them to use our name, and the name of our beloved and DEAD founder--legitimizing them to the casual human viewer. If you think I am over-estimating their danger to us, think of the stories I have linked on this blog. Every one of these crimes is attributed to "Satanists," and now, with the internet, and freaks and assholes like this walking venereal disease Venus Satanas, the herd can type in that word and find hundreds of these theistic pseudo-Satanic organizations , and only ONE of ours--the ONLY real Satanic church, The Church of Satan

Challenge them at every opportunity. Show them, especially this Marshall Appelwhite in drag, what a little real Satanic magic can do. Self-divinity is our strength and our power. Crush them all with it!


Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Satanism Getting the Blame for Stupid Christian Heretics, Again!

I am getting just a wee bit tired of checking out the news and seeing more and more stories of Satanism being blamed for garden variety stupidity. You'd think it was 1989 again, what with the stories listed below as just a random sampling of what pops up when Satanism is the search term in Google News.

I may be tired, but sad to say, I am not all that surprised. The original Satanic Panic happened when the economy was in the crapper, billions were being spent on ineffective military pursuits*, and people were more and more being forced to choose between a divisive demonstration of left vs. right politically. Under these same circumstances, today, the herd once again is looking for a convenient scapegoat for all the ills of the world. Enter Satanism.

The surprising part, however, is that in 20 years, no lessons were learned. Oh sure, the intelligent and informed know all about false memories and evangelical con-men. They know that there was no verifiable baby sacrifices or breeders. They know that a cottage industry was created--books, revivals, lectures and good old fashioned Christian greed, that allowed many innocent people to have their lives destroyed, in the name of stamping out something that essentially didn't exist.

Yet they never bothered to check out what DID exist. The never bothered to read The Satanic Bible and learn why baby killing and sacrifices were un-Satanic. Very few colleges, while open to lectures and classes in Wicca and neo-Paganism, decided to teach the philosophy of Satanism. Outside of some cable-access, no shows were created to demonstrate the Satanic way of life--a highly MORAL and undeniably psychologically profound life-affirming philosophy! It was like the world tucked Satanism away like an old gun, ready in an instant to be drawn out again, if times got too rough and a scapegoat was needed in a hurry.

And now we are seeing the result of that voluntary ignorance.

A new generation has been infected with "theistic satanism," courtesy of weak willed occultists, the pervasive nature of the Internet, and bored sexually repressed Christians still begging for a literal devil to blames life's miseries on, while they get a vicarious thrill by making up stories of blood and sex. Unsupervised teens are hearing bullshit in the pews and intrigued, they search "Satanism" online and instead of finding only the legal, cohesive, moral and ethical religion of Satanism, they are being inundated with lies, imaginary demons and devils, and the wishful thinking of irresponsible Christians who refuse to accept their own part in the creation of the very stereotype they claim to fear.

I really can't get all that upset at what happens in South Africa. While I am not usually a big adherent of letting people suffer, in order to prevent the creation of more people to suffer, I am ready to allow Darwin to have his way with these people. Truly, if you are that stupid, why bother living at all? I guess it may be more interesting to die by sacrifice than of HIV, but who knows? I, again, blame Christian missionaries for the suffering there. The lack of sexual responsibility in the form of condoms and education, in order to appease a vicious and hypocritical god, is the same irresponsibility that blames devils for what people do. It comes as little surprise that with Christianity comes heresy.

I am a bit more concerned by what has happened in Russia, and this I do blame on the theistics/traditionalists. Why is it so hard to grasp that if you believe in a literal entity you'll want to impress/appease/sacrifice to said entity? In fact, what is the point of worshiping something if not to get some promised bounty that comes with that adoration? ONLY atheistic Satanism, real Satanism (I hate the term, but LaVeyan Satanism) guarantees that there is no requirement to sacrifice anything to anyone for any reason! The only "type" of Satanism that demands self-responsibility, in fact, the only religion on Earth, that demands complete human accountability is Satanism as per The Church of Satan and The Satanic Bible.

And yet, thanks to these reverse Christians, co-opting our name, Satanists are forced to fight on two fronts. It is a given that Christians will hate us. Our name strikes fear in their hearts, and it should, but not for the reasons they think. They may want to believe in baby killing and orgies, but in their heart of hearts they feel our real power against them: No God to thank, no Devil to blame--you and you alone are responsible for you. They don't want to get off their knees and face up to the challenges of this one life on Earth. Our power, our magic, is our self-divinity, and deep down that sort of true self accountability is terrifying to them, so they make up lies and stories to justify their fear.

But now we have to deal with these theistic devil worshipers who call themselves Satanists, and there are thousands of them. Unlike real Satanists, they do proselytize and recruit. Unlike the ten to twenty genuine Satanic websites run by Church of Satan members there are hundreds of these internet fan clubs, all blood drenched and gothy, all stereotype and designed to truly piss off a parent. They are Christians in blackface, talking about the dark Lord and developing lame-ass rituals to gain his favor. Again, they abandon personal responsibility in the hopes of gaining favor from some external entity that is just plain evil..........bwahahahaha......

'makes this witch hope she never hears Carmina Burana again.

We Satanists can handle the Christians. Between our 5 Point Pentagonal Revisionism, our Rules of the Earth and good old common sense we have learned to utilize the masses for what they are---sheep. They are the infrastructure that allows day to day living. We have adapted to their imaginary rule, and we appreciate their predictability . Every now and then we are forced to correct their misconceptions, but on the whole we have had a decade or two of detente.

Smashing the theistics to bits is going to take some time and careful manipulation. Their histrionics and crimes effect us negatively, and they hurt those who do not deserve it. We must find a way to prevent them from using our name to commit their crimes and damage our reputation. It shouldn't be that difficult, though, because the one thing all true Satanists know--there is nothing weaker than one who believes in any deity above the self.

*Ineffective military pursuits as opposed to EFFECTIVE ones. I support a kick ass, cutting edge fighting force. I do not support the deaths of loyal soldiers, the billions wasted on inoperative hardware, etc....

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

And now for something completely different.......

Tomorrow would be my grandfather's 107th birthday.

One would hope that many people have fond memories of their grandfathers, but I was particularly lucky in that department. My grandpa was "America's Chekhov." the playwright and screen-writer, Paul Osborn.

I am not usually one for undue sentiment, and normally this date would pass without much in the way of nostalgia, but Grandpa's chair broke--a seeming non-sequitor, but beyond meaningful for me. The chair I speak of is a substantial part of my memories of him. Back when he bought it, perhaps the early 50's, it would have been considered modern. A horrible gray color of unknown material that spun about on a metal base, I cannot conjure up a memory that doesn't involve running into his den in the Park Avenue apartment and seeing him sitting in it, at the typewriter, a freakishly huge cat sitting on his lap.

Anyway, when Grandpa died in 1988 I wanted just a few things. Not the Picassos or Bemelmans, not the Hirshfelds or the coin collection he had started as a child. The heavy wooden furniture would have demanded a more stable life than I had at that point. The photographs of Marilyn Monroe and Arthur Miller hiding out at the Connecticut summer house, or the snapshots of my mom swimming before she could walk had not, as yet, made their value, sentimental and financial, known to me. I had no need for the gazillion books (although, in retrospect....,) or his clothes and the cufflinks he wore on his dinner jacket, that he allowed me to put on him as a little girl before going to some soiree---I, regret now, fell to some other family member.

I wanted two things. His awards and his chair.

The awards are prized possessions. I have his two Oscar Nominations, his Screenwriter's Guild Box Office Awards, his Laurel Award--there are more than a dozen of these tributes to a quiet mid-westerner who's love of words he shared with the world.

I have his Tony Award, which is even more meaningful because Tony herself, Antionette Perry, was Grandpa's patron who paid him to stop being an engineer on the Long Island Railroad, and allowed him to write full time. I wish she could have been alive to have seen her namesake award given to someone who's talent she obviously believed in. That is the sort of magic I have come to have complete faith in.

But his chair---It isn't irrevocably broken. I am confident that a trip to Home Depot will do it, but the sadness I feel at looking at it, laying on the floor so no one actually sits on it by accident and ends up having it fall and kill a dog (little dogs, chihuahuas and chins,) has brought me to tears. This year, probably for the first time since his death, I won't be sitting in his chair on Grandpa's birthday.

I sit on that silly chair every time I am at the computer, be it ranting on about some religious injustice or slight, or to type up a note to excuse an absence for one of my kids in school. I sit in that chair and feel secure, and strong, and ever so special because that great man loved me.

I can't suddenly forget who I am and pretend that Grandpa is looking down on me from Heaven. I owe him too much to be that dishonest. I can't abandon all I know to be true about this being the only life I'll ever have, and that when Grandpa died he was completely over and out.

What I can do, what I try to do, is make my life as meaningful and eternal as he did. As of now, when I am gone, my children will carry parts of me with them, but beyond that there isn't much for the ages.

Yet a day doesn't pass when South Pacific or East of Eden isn't on cable. A month doesn't pass when I don't get a check for some little town's production of On Borrowed Time or, the play that is my family's history, Morning's At Seven. Grandpa will never be forgotten because his work lives on.

So, I will repair that chair, and I will sit on it, and I will do everything in my power to channel that magic, and find my own way to live forever--just like Grandpa.

Happy Birthday.

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