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"Myths About Satanism" By Some Vindictive Bitch

Hey, all.I found this on the blogsite of Witch Hex---who I do not know, but I suspect is a Wiccan of some sort. I have no problem with her, anyway, but she had this "Myths About Satanism--not written by me" thing. I have no idea why she posted something not written by her, or what her position actually is. Nor do i have a clue who actually wrote it, as Witch Hex doesn't say. Anyway, I thought it might be fun to dissect her...I mean it...whoopsie.

Myths About Satanism
(Author Unknown but Sounds Like a Pissy Woman to Me)

Myth 1. Religion and pleasure automatically exclude each other.
LaVey paints a one-dimensional picture of religion as solely being a bleak life of asceticism and denial, with never any happiness or joy. Apparently only people who crave misery become Christians, according to LaVey. Accepting this myth is actually the first step to becoming a Satanist. The truth is, Christians can have very happy productive and fulfilling lives - - because they're Christ…

Crazy Blond YouTube Chick:Proof there is no devil, or this bitch would be dead

*Please note that I may have confused two different people and amalgamated them into one prior to the first posting of this blog. For my mistake I am completely to blame and completely sorry. I deserve to be trashed for not doing all the proper research prior to posting this. However, any vitriol is explained by these parasites living off the LaVeyan name and allowing people to think The Satanic Bible encouragesany sort of spirituality. My confusion simply proves the point of all these rants---If I, who has read the works and lives by them, can be confused, imagine what a newcomer to Satanism would think?

*****Note: Venus Satanas link has been removed as she was NOT the offensive blonde crazy I was writing about. I had promised I would remove it and forgot and that makes me DEAD WRONG, and despite our religious disagreements, I had no right to forget her …

Satanism Getting the Blame for Stupid Christian Heretics, Again!

I am getting just a wee bit tired of checking out the news and seeing more and more stories of Satanism being blamed for garden variety stupidity. You'd think it was 1989 again, what with the stories listed below as just a random sampling of what pops up when Satanism is the search term in Google News.

I may be tired, but sad to say, I am not all that surprised. The original Satanic Panic happened when the economy was in the crapper, billions were being spent on ineffective military pursuits*, and people were more and more being forced to choose between a divisive demonstration of left vs. right politically. Under these same circumstances, today, the herd once again is looking for a convenient scapegoat for all the ills of the world. Enter Satanism.

The surprising part, however, is that in 20 years, no lessons were learned. Oh sure, the intelligent and informed know all about false memories and evangelical con-men. They know that there was no verifiable baby sacrifices or bree…

And now for something completely different.......

Tomorrow would be my grandfather's 107th birthday.

One would hope that many people have fond memories of their grandfathers, but I was particularly lucky in that department. My grandpa was "America's Chekhov." the playwright and screen-writer, Paul Osborn.

I am not usually one for undue sentiment, and normally this date would pass without much in the way of nostalgia, but Grandpa's chair broke--a seeming non-sequitor, but beyond meaningful for me. The chair I speak of is a substantial part of my memories of him. Back when he bought it, perhaps the early 50's, it would have been considered modern. A horrible gray color of unknown material that spun about on a metal base, I cannot conjure up a memory that doesn't involve running into his den in the Park Avenue apartment and seeing him sitting in it, at the typewriter, a freakishly huge cat sitting on his lap.

Anyway, when Grandpa died in 1988 I wanted just a few things. Not the Picassos or Bemelmans, n…