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     I need to apologize for these taking so long to post.  For a change neither my inherent ditziness or my laziness or even my crappy health is to blame.  The problem is how to do these amazing women justice in 3 or 4 paragraphs?  How can I make people who have never had the privilege of meeting even a single Satanic Witch, fully comprehend the many I am presenting as representative as a breed?
     I bothered the crap out of them.   I started with a questionnaire where I asked each one what had happened/what had they done in 2016 that they themselves felt was a witchy plus?  Then I  took 12 questions, divided them by four, and sent a grouping to an equal amount of nominees.  I was trying to get differentiation, not automation.  Then I put together all responses, as well as photos, and my own experiences with each nominee, or if I don't know them personally I spent a good amount of time reading their Facebook posts, and googling their name, so I could write about them.
I know you all will be as overwhelmed as I am!!!!

Misty Tyres

     I won't deny that I was thrilled to see Misty Tyres get both nominated and seconded.  I have been watching this young lady for a little while and she is exactly the kind of young woman who I'd want to see join the Church of Satan.  Sometimes when young people seek to join the CoS they have yet to make any strides in their real life existence.  In some cases they seem to want to make Satanism a career, although when asked they have no idea how.  These "kids" have nothing to bring to the table and refuse to understand that in one's 20's and early 30's CAREER is PRECISELY what should be motivating.  As Magistra Nadramia has said to a gazillion potential members "Wait until you are ready.  We will still be here."

     Misty is ready because  she is already a Satanic success.  She is doing well at what she loves.  Misty is only a little while out of school but already she is making a living styling hair.  Doing men's styling seems to be her specialty.  Hair isn't just a job to Misty, it looms large in all aspects of her life:
  • Satanism:  Doing hair as a job has " given me the amazing opportunity to experiment and perfect my usage of Lesser Magic on a daily basis." and "Lesser Magic is my passion and my career."
  • Competition:  In just over a year she has been asked to join the highest grossing stylists at her salon for a Redken conference.  Women reading this will know just how cool that is, but even better, when a barbershop opened close to her salon, looking to destroy their male business, it was Misty who had the male clientele to keep that business.
  • Responsibility:  " I have gone from a broke girl just out of hair school to being able to pay outright for my upcoming cruise and week of concert touring."
  • Inspiration:  She idolizes "Bertus and Leen Schorem Haarsnijder en Barbier in Rotterdam, Netherlands--well known avant guarde barbers in Europe  because "They have created a barbering empire for themselves while still maintaining a love for what they do."
  • Ambition:  "My biggest goal in the world is to eventually own and operate my own barbershop."
  Misty is very supportive of the LGBT community.  Above she is marching for a friend and below she was lucky enough to meet my favorite, singer of the wonderful Vagina Song, Willam Belli.

   If I had to end this introduction right here I believe Misty would look good.  However, as the voice on TV often says but wait!  There is more!
     I find younger people, those who were never without the internet, often are piss poor writers.  Hell, I have become a piss poor writer.  Not Misty.  Reading her answers made me think more of an English major than a Hair Stylist. Despite that, two things made me want to know Misty better, and they were based on the questionnaire where I asked certain nominees to plan a dinner party with , living or dead, one actor, one artist, one politician, and one musician.
    Misty chose Betty White as her actor and I was so delighted and surprised!  According to Misty "...she is absolutely adorable, but I love her foul mouth...we could ogle guys together!" 
     And then, just to make sure we are reminded that this woman is utterly unique, her politician of choice was the late Congressman Leo J. Ryan.  Holy Crap!  Was she even alive then?  (The mass suicides at Jonestown, Guyana) "...getting to speak to the person whose death signaled the final catastrophic end of so much would be incredibly fascinating."  Just like Misty.

Ruth Waytz

     I'm intimidated by Ruth Waytz.  I was intimidated by her before I even met her.  We knew many of the same people, and seemed to have quite a bit in common, but from the very beginning I was scared shitless about meeting her.  Then I meet her and she is warm, and fun and funny and engaging, and I forget all about my neurosis UNTIL the weeks leading up to the next time I am supposed to see her.  Then the same thing happens again.  We get along smashingly, and if she thinks I'm an ass she is keeping it to herself, and Ruth Waytz keeps very little to herself.

     Okay, every one of the nominees folded when I said I'd prefer to use my choices of photos, but they'd have final say.  15 women allowed me to do my thing. Not Ruth.  Nope.  She graciously reminded me that she loves me, and then politely told me exactly what I was allowed to use.  This is not being told to make Ruth look like a hard-ass, although I am sure she would agree that she is, but to show how this is one Witch who accepts no compromise when something matters to her AND utterly dismisses things that don't.

     Which makes Ruth Waytz incredibly interesting, but not particularly easy to write about.  Any pithy comments and bold statements based on her questionnaire are, well, impossible.  For example:

Q-Who is your personal idol/inspiration and why?
A- I am my personal idol and inspiration.

    While utterly fascinating, not to mention rare, it doesn't leave a lot of happy horseshit for me to oooh and aaah over.  It does remind me of why I am intimidated, though.  Here is a woman who just edited and put out Dr. Robert Johnson's The Satanic Warlock!  This book is Church of Satan CANON fer chrissakes!  In 2, 20, 200, 2000+ years it will be mandatory Satanic Reading, as PART of the religion itself, and Magister Johnson may written it (and lived it, no doubt), Magistra Ruth Waytz made it manifest.  I have a lousy silly word as my entire contribution to Satanism (Satanafliperoos or, for short fliperoos.  Meaning?  Any asshole who either says or thinks they are a Satanist but in actuality are Christian heretics, devil worshipers, or other forms of wanna-be,) but Magistra Ruth Waytz has CANON.   Maybe I am not intimidated but simply envious of such a talented and self-possessed woman.

<~~~~~Ruth with Magister Robert Johnson

     Ruth has always produced, but she has no need to impress with huge portions of past accomplishments.  In fact, last year Ruth rejected her nomination for Wicked Witch of the Year because she felt the year wasn't her best, but my oh my what a year can do.  While she admitted she "...deeply felt the loss of giants:  David Bowie and Prince.  Leonard Cohen and Mohammad Ali," Ruth turned her feelings of loss into personal power by stating "All their light and power will always surround me. But it still needs me to wield it."

 And wield it she has, because if producing Religious Canon isn't enough, in 2016 Ruth did an amazing job emceeing the 50th Anniversary Salon at the Conclave!  Oh, wait, she also went on NPR with our very own High Priest, Peter Gilmore.   Writer, editor, publisher, Ruth has a very simple, albeit intense,  sense of self  worth.  "I am educated, informed, and stimulated by others, but my accomplishments all come down to me.  My own attitude and efforts determine my success."  If that isn't a walking, talking, embodiment of Satanism, I'm not sure what is.


Evelyn Eve

Someone I respect beyond compare nominated Evelyn Eve and almost immediately another nomination (second nominations are considered seconds) came in.  I hardly knew her.  I had read various posts and seen pictures and even may have had small amounts of contact, but in real terms the various questionnaires and contact that is a result of this event has been an education.  I am saying that getting to know Evelyn through this procedure has been both enlightening and has left me wanting more.
  Evelyn is the second of our transgender nominees.  I have no idea what mix of letters Evelyn
identifies as, but for our purposes the woman is a Witch.  The only reason this is worth mentioning is because of what Eve believes to be one of her accomplishments, and I agree.
"I helped pave the way for other transgender veterans in the Yuba -Sutter area, which is  fairly conservative, by simply doing what I wanted to do:  go through the transition using the local VA.  I had to fight a minimal bit of conservative bigotry, but all in all tenacity and lesser magic won the day.  If anything, that is my "crowning achievement", as it actually had a small (but important) impact in society itself."                Although only active as a member since 2015 Evelyn has used "...witchcraft, lesser magic, and playing the synthesizer clock to my advantage, I managed to be reunited with my children after a divorce that was (on paper) stacked against me..."
     That isn't all she did in 2016, and here is where I should mention that this Witch is disabled.  This is actually a huge deal.  I, too, am technically "disabled," and I have the license plate to prove it, and when you can no longer do whatever you used to do due to a disability, life can kind of suck.  Evelyn has decided not to let it suck too much"Seeing as to how two years ago I was on the verge of suicide, pulling myself up by my bootstraps  has been the best thing I ever did for myself,"

   Taking care of her health and her body( Evelyn's list of problems is extensive) by dealing with the VA is more than just a solution for her and an idea for other people.  Eve wants a Veterans to remember   that  "You serve, you've done it honorably, you should get what was promised .  Veterans, these are NOT handouts.  You've earned them.  Keep that (counterproductive) pride in check, ladies and gents."  Evelyn prefers  the "patriotic mercenary" over the "nationalist martyr" mentality, and keeping the promises made by the military to gain members is something she is very passionate about.   

    She is also passionate about writing and 2016 saw her work in the Ladies and Gentlemen of Horror :  Annual Anthology.  I get the distinct impression we will be seeing much more in the creative department from Evelyn.


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