Tuesday, January 25, 2011

I Hate Being Right All The Time...not.

Creepy, smelly, and unforgivably disappointing Stanton LaVey has gone and demonstrated why his Grandfather knew precisely who to trust his creation to. For years naysayers, wanna-be's and other assorted miscreants have attempted to champion Stanton as some sort of heir to the CoS administration. These twits were righteously met with the disdain and contempt such silliness is bound to evoke. Being a sociopath druggy does not a Magus make--regardless of DNA!

Still, with patience and grace usually only found in mothers of developmentally delayed children, the admin of the Church have repeatedly explained why Stanton and his ilk are not Satanists as per the Church of Satan, let alone suitable for leadership in this Church.

The CoS is rabidly and definitively anti-drug. Some feel that way for legal reasons, some for health, some for magical purposes. The reason doesn't really matter beyond the individual, but as an organization, well, Stanton is showing exactly why the Church of Satan will always hold an anti-drug canonical position: Because idiots like Stanton will forever link drug use and illegal, anti-social, reprehensible behavior with the religion of Satanism! Thanks, bunches, Stanton.

And then...sexual assault? Really?

No one knows better than I that the CoS reacts to sexual crime in a way that the Catholic Church and other Christian ministries would do well to emulate! The Church of Satan throws out anyone guilty of a sexual crime.

With great freedom comes great responsibility, and Satanism embraces the carnal nature of man. That said what kind of limp dick insecure piece of shit needs to sexually assault a stoner teen to get off? Sadly....I know the answer. Men who need to do this sort of thing are the weakest excuses for humans that exist. They deserve nothing less than being on the receiving end in prison. Those who wear the badge of "Satanist" have an even greater responsibility to display the positive aspects of sexual freedom as a religious tenet. Those who are slaves to their sexual pathologies would do well to face the fact that they no longer are Satanists, but merely hedonists waiting to cross the line and get arrested.

So...for the years when we were forced to explain why the CoS had no room for Mr. Stanton LaVey, we say "See?" It didn't take a psychic to see that Stanton's grasp on Satanism was pre-first phase and that he would have done nothing but give the Christian evangelists fodder for their pulpits.

High Priest Peter Gilmore has led this organization to a golden age, a veritable renaissance, and now we can prove categorically that any romantic notions of a Stanton LaVey regime would have done nothing more that provided the herd the very stereotype they wish for!


M.D. Roche said...

It seems that charges are not being filed:


Mister 47 said...

This guy is the bottom of the food chain for sure. He's lucky he's not being charged but that doesn't make him any less of a douchebag.

Cuproglobin said...

Granted, Stanton is no prince. But this alleged "assault" happened Wednesday night, and the girl waited until the following Saturday to report it. That, and the fact that charges have been dropped, set my BS radar off. I suspect this girl thought Stanton was worth something because of his surname. I don't have sympathy for anyone involved in this.

Magistra_Y said...

The point isn't whether Stanton is innocent or not. The point is that he is a walking PR disaster that can only bring shame to the organization his Grandfather established.

He wants to represent Satanism but the Satanism he wants t represent was precisely what his Grandfather hated as being stereotypical Christian devil worship.


Citizen Jonesy said...

I agree, Magistra. We have enough enemies to deal with...we don't need this kind of bad publicity dogging us.

GutterDandy said...

Let it come down upon their heads now, the pretenders of the Church of Satan who have besmirched His Name, grotesquely reduced Him
to a cop, a neo-Nazi, and a mere prude, all to serve their own pathetic, servile agendas.

Let it rain down upon them, as these final days for the Church of Satan take place. All of those who wish to restore the Name of Satan to its former glory will join together now to finish the work at hand.

Hail those who have bravely stood up and faced the wrath of the Church of Satan, whose roar
has now been reduced to a mere whimper. Hail Boyd Rice, Lord Egan / John Allee, Michael Aquino, Karla LaVey, Zeena LaVey, and all those who have refused to allow the Church of Satan's lies and
distortions to go unchallenged.

Satanism's glory days are about to commence!

Hail the destruction of the Church of Satan, the true enemies of Satan!

Hail Satan!

Magistra_Y said...

Gutter Dandy left several comments on this post saying the usual claptrap--all th CoS cast-offs are actually great, I am a wrong about everything because my children were criminally victimized (nevermind that the CoS and I reported and assisted in the conviction of the criminal), I should die like somene I knew 20 years ago, Boyd Rice's entire proclamation--like a link would not have been sufficient?
Well Gutter Dandy..since you are too chickenshit to reveal yourself I see no reason to give you a forum here. I have kindly told my readers your low opinion of me, if you want more come out sand play fair.

Lord Phallicon said...

Wow this was very educating as I'd been wondering about him for some time. It's really too bad too because I don't think his grandfather would be too pleased knowing this about him. Well, you never know, he may grow up one day and see the legacy that his grandfather left and will choose to be more self-respecting.

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