Monday, February 23, 2009

New Article on KNOL

Hey, guys.

I want to provide thie following link from the "Knol" website and ask that, if you enjoy it, you leave a comment there. And here, if you want...and anywhere........

I often forget that sometimes my audience is new and hasn't anybackground in Satanism. This article was written for those just starting their journey.


Feedback is welcome.

Hail, Satan!

Ygraine pic----what do ya'll think of the glasses?


TroyChambers said...

Magistra I LOVED that piece! I read it to my boyfriend, who still tends to be a little dense when it comes to defining Satanism, no matter how well I explain it, or how many essays by others I read to him. I think this one finally chipped through his thick head and left a slight indent of sense. Thanks.

And the glasses are great too.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Glasses look smart and sexy.

kestrel9000 said...

Thanks for posting at the Free Speech Zone.
I have responded to your comment with a couple of questions.
Like you, I'm kind of an "evolved wiccan" and I get just what you mean by the unfortunate de evolution of the wiccan community.
Not a satanist, I: I kind of gravitate to CAW/SISL.

never thirst

Magistra_Y said...

Glad to have you visit kestrel! Thanks for dropping by. 'always happy to answer questions for polite and productive people. 'see you soon!

kestrel9000 said...

That was a kick ASS response to my FSZ comment.
What i'm gonna do tonight is use that exchange to create a new diary. Hate to waste cool shit like that on a dead thread.
Other than Daily Kos, that Free Speech zone is my favorite blog. I love the "anything goes" attitude and lack of tightassery.
Man, I SWEAR I seem to recall the Jesus with Tits dustup.
I used to read Circle Network News frequently, also Mezlim and NMR, and (of course) was a subscriber to Green Egg.
Is there a place I can read the original piece?

h20 2u

Magistra_Y said...

Circle? OMIGOD!

1990---They give me an award for civil rights work.

1992---After I publish a piece actually titled "Jesus with Tits" --as well asnother called "Apology: A Wiccan Asks for Forgiveness," and they are placed in the Davidson Library of Religion at UC Santa Barbara bu Gordon Melton....let's put it this way--all my party invitations got lost in the mail! ;)

kestrel9000 said...

Here's my biggest memory of Circle:

I met this girl there.

She was 18, I was 27.

I fell absolutely batshit head over heels in love. Just flat fucking insensenate nuts.

I would have not only drank her bathwater, I'd have bottled it and stamped it with the year.

Pagan guy with pagan grrl. You know the drill. Renfairs, that "Burning Times" movie in a Berkeley theatre, sex magick, circles with a couple different know the drill.

I used to WASH this girl, head to toe. I fucking ADORED her. I was a goner.

Her mom hated me, because I was nine years older, a radio disc jockey, and had a child by a relationship four years back.

Now Sara's previous relationship, she claimed, was a guy who was a hired killer. He got paid by someone or other to off IRA members.

She used to constantly rail about what murdering bastards the IRA were.

The ghost of this guy was always there. She used to always tell me how much beter I was horzontally than him, but..if I had anything else on the guy, besides being a hardcore wiccan and EFsymp, I don't know what that might have been.

Anywayu, betwen that, and her mom, she ended up leaving me...for a GIRL, which somehow blunted the immediatwe heartbreak just a bit..that and I had to fare that it wasn't working anyway.

So a couple thre years go by. HJust when I'd gotten past thinking about her every day, I pick up her town's newspaper, and there's a leter to the editor from her. She's tacked another name onto her maiden name, and now she's praising the valiant IRA for their brave struggle against the colonial occupiers.


Magistra_Y said...

IRA Terrorist? Unmemorable girl? Guy who can tell a story like that?

Her loss. Trust me.

Aura said...

I think i'm kinda diggin the glasses!
Wow its been quite a while since i have senn you! i miss you (truly) but gave up asking about you because.... well it's port st. lunacy. lol
BB old friend,
Aura (Tanya Payne)

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