RFS Presents: The Culture Cauldron with Lady Ygraine

Coming soon to Radio Free Satan:

One part eye of newt, two parts The Satanic Bible, a pinch of decadence and a dash of whimsy…bring to a boil, bubble, toil and trouble, then VIOLA! The Culture Cauldron with Lady Ygraine.. Join Church of Satan Magistra and infamous witch Lady Ygraine as she explores the Satanic lifestyle through travel, dining, music, film, fashion, media and all things that demonstrate the Satanic aesthetic in the day to day lives of today's Satanists. The Culture Cauldron brings discussions, reviews, interviews and useful information for Satanists to achieve and maintain their total environments, as well as exploring a veritable who is who in Satanism! Get ready faithful RFS listeners, because Ygraine is already in the kitchen, and it won't be long before the cauldron is up to a boil.........."


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