Sunday, November 16, 2008

Jeez, Louise!

I used to be really big on cultural relativity. I mean it seemed perfectly reasonable that different places and cultures would have different values and that it was presumptuous of us nasty Westerners to expect others to be like us.

I have grown up.

In many ways, food, know, shit that doesn't really matter, relativity is cool. It is also cool as an explanation, if not so cool for an excuse.

BUT JEEZ LOUISE! What is wrong with people??!!

Jamaica and South Africa obviously need to get a fucking Barnes & Noble and get with the reading!

Look, we don't need to educate people about Satanism in that goody-goody. kumbaya sort of way so that we Satanists are understood. We need to educate Christian clergy to stop creating Devil Worshipers!

I am completely serious. If these articles are any indication it seems that heavy metal, or Marilyn Manson is not to blame, here. It is these traditional ministers and politicians who are living in 1989 and are playing John Lithgow in Footloose! Not surprisingly kids, malcontents, anyone breathing must find their stories of Satanism ten times more interesting than anything else these people could possibly have to say. Then, BINGO! Devil worshipers.

I wrote to the Jamaica dude:

What you are describing is not Satanism, but actually Christian Heresy, a form of Devil Worship wherein the offender believes in the Holy Bible/Jesus/God/The Devil, but is disenchanted and opts to support the anti-hero.

This particular form of Heresy is born when Christian clergy, through ignorance and fear, refuse to become properly educated about Satanism, and then tell their followers these urban myths about what they think Satanism is. To the angry, the bored, these tales are much more exciting than traditional Christianity--and, in the real world, what Satanism actually is.

The Satanic Bible prohibits sacrifice of any kind. There is no ritual in legitimate Satanism that demands blood, ever. The Church of Satan does not allow minors to join or attend rituals, and the Church of Satan does not actively recruit. Satanism demands study, not worship. Satanism is atheism, using the figure of Satan as a metaphor.

In other words, Jamaica would be a safer place if more people were aware that Satanism in reality is far different from the thing their clergy people are attempting to frighten their followers over. If they knew the truth much fewer would be interested: Most people are not ready for the personal responsibility that comes with rejecting all notions of gods and devils. Most people long to thank God, and blame the devil for all things, instead of facing life with the complete knowledge that they alone are responsible for their own lives.

There are not all that many genuine Satanists in the world. The Church of Satan is proud to have been their home for over 44 years. However, every day Christian clergy create more devil worshiping heretics with their ignorance, their tall tales, and their lack of familiarity with the truth.

Magistra Ygraine
Church of Satan*****************************************

I'd like to think "Well! I told them," but I am sure if they could have been rational already, they would have been.

Sometimes it is hard to remember we even share the same planet.


Anonymous said...

Very little info. is given on the murders mentioned in the S.A. link, is the police chief trying to say the murders are being performed by satanists, or that satanists are the "secret societies" who supposedly use "their people" to kill other "people"? I don't quite get it.

The Jamaican blog post reads like every outlandish devil-worshipping "incident" to ever grace the U.S. during the panic lumped together. If you note the repeated references to Haitians, the real problem is pretty evident: turf wars.

I would hazard a guess that the majority of the crime is drug-related, and if the missing-person stats are accurate they're probably a mix of drug-related killings where bodies are hidden or shipped off, or perhaps kidnappings for the slave trade.

It's a fucking island, and it's pretty much run with drug money. Not very hard to figure out, but apparently not good enough copy for the Jamaicans. Easier to blame sex demons and "inappropriate clothes" than the lazy and corrupt police, politicians, and, yes, citizens.

And on that note...Hail Satan.

Itzcoliuhqui said...

A fantastic response!

They probably would find Satanism to be disappointing, seeing as how it doesn't have sex demons, blood drinking or bulletproof tattoos and all.
But thats ok! They could just go back to their churches and gaze at a scantily clad man on a cross and read about rape, incest, sacrifice and all that in their own bibles there.

"Matanzima blamed Satanism."

*Dramatic music*

I'd love to see their "proof". But maybe they just mispelled 'belief', apparently it's easy enough to do these days.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry Magistra,
when i wrote that meaning I did not write thinking of satanists in a bad way!
i'm sorry it came out wrong, i have changed it, i hope it seems more correct.
i never meant any "harm" to ur people!
i did research on satanism so i could say what i say, i have nothing agaisnt u guys!!!
its a bit difficult to find info about satanism, but the little i got did not make me feel against u like the christians were to the witches...
its natural for a humam to make a mistake, just like u did in ur comment u left for me:
u said christians hunted down the wiccans... but they didnt... wicca is NEO pagan religion, its new... the christians hunted the witches... thats a better way of sayin it...
but i did not take it wrong, bcoz i know we are humans and do make mistakes...
thats why im writing here, just to let u know that i did make a mistake, that i am sorry, and that i have changed it.
thank u for lettin me know i didnt realize what i wrote...
just a little observation, it takes me hours to write what i write and makin mistakes is normal speacilly bcoz english is my 3rd fluent language, i have 5 languages playin with my brain. so im sorry!!!
blessed be

Christopher said...

hey i just discovered your blog and am a fan
misinformation is a motherfucker
keep up the good work
ave satanas

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