Thursday, November 27, 2008

Christians Against Cartoon: Agreement Across the Aisle

I came across this:

This is possibly the best stuff from evangelicals since Ted Haggard.

It certainly is more of the same sort of paranoia associated with the D & D freak-out/satanic panic of the 80's.

But what I am guessing is that the providers/writers of this page don't know is how much I, as a Satanic Mom, agree with their ultimate position---that a lot of these cartoons are horrible for children and sending messages that are against my religion.

Can you imagine?

Of course it is the utter lack of understanding of Satanism that fuels the web site's contention. Because Christians are generally low on imagination they assume anything bad is Satanic, anything they disagree with, likewise. Therefore they equate Communism as Satanic.

While the Church of Satan purposely takes no position on politics, the Satanic philosophy of individualism, self-divinity, self-responsibility, and meritocracy pretty much negates any communist leanings.

Regarding Dora The Explorer the Christians against Cartoons write this:

Not only does this disc promote SATANISM and PAGANISM but it also propagates THE NEW COMMUNISM as an Unholy Trinity.....Dora then tells the children to march like these RED ANTS OF COMMUNISM to a sick little tune that proclaims: “We're the marching ants and we won't let you past 'til you dance our dance.”

Now, any Satanist would be sickened by this. 'marching to one's own tune is the epitome of Satanism.

Of course a religion like Christianity that demands blind faith and complete obedience should probably be pleased that this sort of programming is, um, being programmed, into their kids' heads.

The CaC (isn't that cute?) also has an absolute kitten over Dora's goat.

This goat that bears the sins of all of the Children of Israel is Azazel Goat, The Goat of Mendes, The Devil Himself! There is no doubt that the creators of “Dora The Explorer” included this Goat as a reference to the Lord of the Suphur Pit to put our Children at ease with the demonic in much the same manner as the creators of “Monsters Inc.” and “Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends” that we have discussed earlier.

The bit about making kids comfortable with the demonic is insane, of course. At no point does anyone explain why anyone would want to make kids comfy with the demonic. Evidently the Christian theory is that all creative people in Hollywood are either pawns of or in league with the literal devil. As a Satanist who has sat through any number of movies, TV shows, etc....I can assure them they are wrong. If there were a devil he'd have more taste.

What is offensive to me about Dora's goat is that he IS NOT used to promote the Satanic ideals we use the Baphomet for in Satanism. My kids called all goats Baphomets their whole childhoods. I used the image of baphomet and trips to the petting zoo as opportunities to teach all manner of life lessons, all of which are good and solid and psychologically empowering. Dora's goat does not show man to be just another beast, not does he demonstrate the need to reject spiritual trinities. What he is used for is to promote the ideal of cultural relativism.

First, Dora, a force for the false belief in cultural relativism and the rejection of GOD’S TRUTH disguised as educational television, is accompanied in her adventures by a TALKING GOAT during her adventures on this DVD.

As I wrote in the previous blog, I am way over cultural relativism beyond it's ability to explain. While I am a firm proponent of gray, as in not everything is black and white, there are some shades in between, like my CaC friends here, I find using Cultural Relativism to mitigate things that are considered an abomination here in the West, to be unacceptable. See...the Satanist and the Christians are once again in agreement!

And again! I hate Sponge Bob. I don't get it. It is a badly animated, ugly cartoon, about a friggin' sponge, for chrissakes. My reasoning may vary, but I will agree with the CaC when they say this:

Then the scene cuts to their father in the bathtub with a sponge on his head proclaiming he is “Sponge Bob No Pants.” This ad is wholly inappropriate any way you look at it...This heedless commercial that they have combined to produce is an Abomination of the Earth!!!

Anything as ugly as Sponge Bob is an abomination. More important, I was grossed out when I saw the commercial CaC is referring to. In a day and age where we are trying to protect kids from abuse, using nude parents to sell Happy Meals is pretty inappropriate., I picked through a bunch of things to show that there is common ground.

But who am I fooling?

The only real common ground, and the Christians will never admit it, is that Satanists and Christians and Muslims and Jews and Pagans and everyone wants what is best for their kids. Everyone. What is different is what constitutes best.

The rest of this site is absolutely insane. Really. The fear of homosexuality makes you believe that the entire thing was written by some closeted latent homo who lives each moment terrified that he'll see a guy and get a hard-on. The writer is evidently convinced that TV or any entertainment makes people gay:

The reason is plainly obvious. By this combination of words, Cartoon Network is likening its block of nightly programming to the Turkish bath or Roman orgy of old or the modern day gay bathhouse of San
Francisco. It is a place where men take unto men, women take unto women and outrageous acts of adultery, sodomy and bestiality are engaged in with no regard for the WORD OF GOD and Cartoon Network is putting all of this into a form with mass appeal to our children.

the show “Harvey Birdman: Attorney at Law” (a part of this tasteless programming block), the characters of Race and Dr. Quest from the demonized cartoon “Johnny Quest” wage a gay custody battle! To the
worldly this is just comedy. Just light entertainment. But the Christian must always be vigilant against the assault on THE TRUTH taking the form of deceitful distractions. First the Sodomite conspiracy gets the masses of Americans to LAUGH at the homosexual, which results in a TRIVIALIZING OF SIN, which then results in TOLERANCE and ACCEPTANCE of all manner of UNLAWFUL ACTS!

Sodomite conspiracy?


Unless there is money to made by turning everyone gay--and seeing as you'd create substantially less consumers that would appear to be counter-productive, I have a real hard time buying into the notion of a sodomite conspiracy. Moreover more and more homosexuals are steering clear of organized gay Rights movements---To Brother Cletus (I shit you not!) I suggest reading :

Androphilia: Rejecting the Gay Identity, Reclaiming Masculinity

written by Church of Satan Priest and all around great guy, Jack Malebranche. (His blog is listed in my link section, as well.) Brother Cletus might find out one day that he can be gay and not be faggy, and even more, that it will not effect a single hetero couple's marriage if other folks are allowed to get married, too.

Recently I prohibited most cartoon from our household. I find anime to be the worst. I am convinced this is Japan's revenge for Hiroshima. They are planning to turn our kids into automatons with big eyes, reduced vocabularies, and a conviction that bottle caps or "ballz" are effective weapons in a crisis.

Much as I enjoy The Family Guy, The Simpsons, and South Park, plainly there are parents who are too stupid to know that just because something is a cartoon does not make it appropriate for kids. The sexuality and the lack of respect towards elders is not a lesson one wants to instill in pre-teens.

The super hero cartoons are just too redundant and liberally based for me to feel good about. It is a sad state of affairs when I think Dexter would be a better role model than Spiderman!

There is one thing I am certain of. These Christians want to take away the freedom of parents to choose. For those who are so against communism and socialism they seem to want an awful lot of government intervention/baby sitting.

(The WB thinks kids should wrestle at school. I caught my little ones putting on masks and punching each other while watching this one... a violent and repulsive cartoon!)

Caught them, Huh? How did it get that far?

It is our responsibility as parents to utilize all the wonderful tools available: TV Guide. Parental Controls/Channel Blocks. Rating Systems. Computer reviews.

There is no excuse for "catching" them. No matter what your religious leaning is no one but you can control what your child watches.


Anonymous said...

My favourite was their hatred of Hello Kitty, and comparing her to Sekhmet (whom they claim is a Sun Goddess of Destruction!). *smirk*

Anonymous said...

Well, I happen to like Sponge Bob for its sheer nuttiness, and I know a very strict Catholic mother who doesn't mind her kids watching the show since it's so obviously RIDICULOUS. Only a complete moron in the making (and I understand there are an overabundance) would be swayed to attempting the sort of slapstick violence akin to old WB/Hanna Barbera cartoons, and those, quite frankly, are spotted a mile away and usually avoided by smart kids. Said mother does have a problem with Dora and the MANY other cartoons currently pimping collectivist/relativist messages, which cracks me up since she's training her kids to be little Popeist automatons. Conflicted in the extreme. So, thumbs up to Spongebob and Bugs Bunny, and a big "fuck you" to all the animated propagandists.
The manga stuff just bewilders me, along with the fact that anyone over the age of five would find it intrigueing. Then again, provocative portrayals of underage schoolgirls seem to be quite popular and culturally acceptable in Japan.

I tip my hat to you, Lady Ygraine. You're doing something I haven't the stomach for: raising children.

Anonymous said...

As an amusing aside- the word verification I typed in to post my last comment was: "abort". Many prospective parents should do society such a favor.

Maqlu said...

Thanks for the link, that site is hilarious! I think the "Beestiality" entry took the cake.

If I was more naive about the depths of human stupidity, I'd think the whole site was a hoax, but of course I think we've all met a few people who really do think like that.

S.M. Elliott said...

Representative as it is of how some people think, this site is definitely some very clever satire. Check out the "Gods and Gays" link in the takes you to a hilarious interview with Jesus.

That said, I know a few Christian parents will see the site and think "Hmmm, excellent point."

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