Friday, January 11, 2013

I Have Been A Really Bad Girl.....really,no really

     As my readers know I also write for  I was appointed way back in 2009-2010 as the examiner for alternative religions for Orlando and Central Florida.   Many of my articles from that site have wound up here, and vice versa.
    I was deeply affected by Sandy Hook due to memories and attachments to places and people involved.  I had then been outraged, like every decent human in the world that Westboro Baptist wasthreatening protests and funeral appearances, but....
     my article I wrote for pointed out the obvious:

  • Westboro Baptist Church have disgusting viewpoints.
  • Those viewpoints are completely Christian.
  • That Christians who are decent folks are always trying to pretend that the Bible is something it really isn't, NICE, HUMANE, KIND, LOVING, and all other positive things that Christians want to believe.
  • That Westboro Baptist is REAL Christianity:  Cruel, bigotted, vindictive and viscious.
  • That the Holy Bible makes plain it's hatred for gays and women and it makes no sense for gays and women to want to be Christian, it is masochistic.
  • That gays and women are lying to themselves anytime they pretend the Christian god loves or supports them.  The Bible makes it plain, he does not.
  • That Westboro Baptists belief that God causes atrocious acts are more in keepng with the Holy Bible than not.  
  • I quoted the Bible thoroughly to defend my position.
  • I implored all decent people to be proud of themselves and not accept the cultural norm that hates them, gays for who they love, and women for being curious and not be slaves.
     This got me fired.
This is the entirity of the explanation:

Upon reviewing your most recent article, our staff conducted a full review of your work.  Unfortunately, when taking into account your editorial direction, writing style (more appropriate for a personal blog) and writing quality, we can no longer consider you a good fit moving forward.
Thanks,Logan Lloyd | Sr. Manager of Content and Media Access
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So....hmmmmmmmm...naturally I could not allow these people to both censor me and have complete privacy while doing it, so visualize one well manicured middle finger pointing upwards, alone, while I pasted the above into this blog.  After all, he did say that was what my work was more suited to, right?

Get this, though, I do not have a single final draft of the offending article.  I am asking anyone who read it in the brief time before it was removed  to be kind enough to send it to me .

In the interim I am playing with the rough drafts until I get it right, or wrong....whatever.



Fly said...

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Magistra_Y said...

Thank you, kindly, but the most I have to do with the legal community is having been named an expert on the Occult and Alternative religions by the State Attorney General back in 1993. That has allowed me to teach/lecture/train those in law enforcement as to what is and what isn't authentic religious behavior and what is cause for criminal alarm. Additionally I am seen as a resource for the media as well as law enforcement to make determinations between Occult fact and fantasy.
While I considered making some nifty lawyer jokes as a response to your comment, your kindness made that sort of rudeness impossible. Thanks again.

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